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Re: Control Candida in Two Weeks
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Control Candida in Two Weeks

There are a few reasons why I disagree with parts of the content. As for the raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. Those are fine... the herbal formulas, these are questionable in thier application. I also dont like things like rejuvelac, or some fo the other stuff thier toting. I think thier success is in the raw diet.

What they are trying to do is kill the candida. I have come to the conclusion that this is not a good idea, and secondly does not work.

Here is a bit of an example...

My buddy had this aquarium he neglected during his days of manic depression, brought on by his own self indulgences and 3 different types of anti-depressants. Anyway he liked to sleep on the couch some nights infront of the aquarium, but did not like the sound of the water because it kept him awake... so he turned off the external filter/pump. So after about a week all the fish died, and it began to smell. The water was stagnant... so my buddy being the kind of guy he is... decided to pour some bleach in there. All it did was make it stink and smell like bleach at the same time. Next he put inside some pinesol. Same thing... except now it smelled like pinesol, bleach, and rotting plants/fish.

Anyway he had to leave town for 3 weeks and asked me to watch his place. I did, and being the aquarium enthusiast I am I could not believe the state of affairs in the aquarium. I thought it was disgusting... but I knew nature could take care of this. So what I did was clean the pump out, and turn it on. I also made sure the water was splashing down on to the surface of the water to get oxygen into the water. Aswell I brought some air pumps from home. This aquarium was 55 gallons, not small... but not huge. Anyway the aquarium began to stink really bad... I mean really bad. It was in an anaerobic state. The methane gas produced was incredible, but I knew that as long as I added nothing to the aquarium the bacteria inside would take care of everything. At its worst the water was a dark brown, and had methane bubbles coming out from everywhere. The whole house smelled. I made sure to keep a couple windows open to make sure fresh air got in the house, cause who knows if the methane gas woulda caught fire.

After about 3 weeks the water was clear... and there was no smell what so ever in the aquarium. None of the rotting, none of the bleach or pinesol. Just that earthy smell in the aquarium.

The whole cycle needed to happen... the issue wasnt the bacteria causing the smell. The issue was all the dead debris in the tank that happened all at once. The context of conditions that existed in the aquarium caused a break out of anaerobic bacteria. Not to mention that since the water wasnt circulating, because the pump was off, it just stagnated. But once things got moving, the smell and tank color got way worse for a couple weeks. The pumps, circulating the water and adding oxygen just sped up the process.... kinda like when we detox. The process seems to happen all at once. Its bad for a couple weeks, then gets a bit better. Then the next healing crisis happens.... so on and so fourth.

So in my opinion we should not be trying to kill the candida. The candida is actually doing its job... it is eating all the dead rotting debris in our bodies. This is like a purification process... but every time we add more dead debris in our body, we prolong the cycle... and possibly make it worse. Clogging up our bodies, and lowering its oxygen.

Now even if a person has beaten candida... using raw foods and herbs. The body still needs time to recouperate. Saying that the body can be healed in 2 weeks is doubtful. Perhaps the symptoms could be gone, but I highly doubt the body will be cured unless by miracle. Aswell they do not address things like parasites, gall stones, lymph issues, or kidney issues. I also do not believe in pro-biotics. Because when the conditions are right for yeast, yeast will thrive... taking bacteria wont do a thing. But when the candida is gone, and everything is right for the bacteria to live.... then it might be alright to take probiotics. But even then I still question thier usefullness. Because we are always eating bacteria, and breathing it in. 80 percent of our bodies are technically not human, made up of other organisms. It could be possible that our bodies will just place what ever bacteria we need where we need it.

In my opinion and experience... overcoming candida isnt a battle or a fight. Its a process needs to let happen. A person eating raw fruits and veggies will pass all thier food through thier bowels in under 24 hours. Not to mention only eating until the stomach is full, and not past it. And trying to eat only between the hours of 12 and 6... maximizing the time where there is nothing in the bowels. Next the goal is to promote circulation... this should be done through the use of herbs that definitly promote circulation. Aswell there should be efforts made to cleanse the different organs, so that they operate efficiently. Not to mention parasite cleansing. Fasting while taking herbs that help circulation really speed up the process.

When the body is clean of dead debris, and everything is flowing the healing process will happen even faster.

Now there is more to healing than just diet... there is fresh air, sun, emotional cleansing. I would say that most of us eat poorly because we are comforted by those foods. We all have our own opinions though.

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