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Re: urgent update-skin regrowth-soaked off- used shea butter which burned my lips
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: urgent update-skin regrowth-soaked off- used shea butter which burned my lips

hey sweetie,


i'm Sooo sorry that EC has had such a negative impact on your life. i do understand your pain; been suffering with this madness off & on for almost 12 years now, with the last 5 being the Worst. i have a self-deprecating humour about all my ailments, and i want so much to have fun, that i say to EC: F**k that sh*t, i'm going out & partying regardless! beauty is in your head, heart & soul. don't let EC rob you of your zest for life, girl!

anyhoo, PLEASE lay off on the vaseline, aquaphor, anything petroleum-based. BAD for you. also, stay away from parabens, any benzene compounds, really (toluene, etc). even some organic stuff are pretty nasty to our bodies, so read up & be aware of what you're slathering on yourself, k?

that said, i Highly recommend FLORASONE. it is Not a cure, but it has been the only thing that has actually eased the inflammation (oozing, peeling, redness, cracking, oozing-like-a-maniac) for me. and trust me, i'm Uber-sensitive! my only beef is that its efficacy waned for me after about 4 weeks. by try it! i doubt you're as sensitive as i am.

my lips used to be my best feature--red, full, smooth--and now i see 75-year-olds with Way Better lips than mine. and i'm only 30! i laughed at your "accordion lips" bit; my lips, if i don't moisturize all the time, look like TWO scrunched up, Oozing accordions that have been soaking for a week in lemon juice, plus covered with gray flecks of dead skin. picture that! (actually, i'll upload some pics later to make you feel better. ;-)

i also suggest taking a patch allergy test. i did last month, and it turns out, i'm Severely Allergic to PPD in hair dye (which is a whole other nightmare!), chemicals in Antibiotics , Corticosteroids, Fragrances (i've got a Loooong-Ass list of chemicals to avoid just for fragrance mixes, which includes plant-based chemicals!), Lanolin & other wool alcohols, synthetic flavourings, including cinnamon oil & vanilla, etc., etc., ETC..

sadly my dear, i'm allergic even to corticosteroids, and none of those eczema creams, anti-fungal or Antibiotics will work for me now since i've developed sensitivities to all. i'm even irritated by the beeswax from my 99% organic ECO lip balm (which only contains vit e & a, and jojoba oil aside from the beeswax). oh, and i get chemical burns from ingredients in sunscreen, as well. oh, my poor, Poor skin! what's a girl to do? Sigh...

well, i've seen an immunologist, who told me there's nothing in the medical field that shows they can reverse (or reset) my immune system back to the way it was before i developed all these sensitivities. (these are all adult-onset allergies, btw.) i'm waiting to get my all-over physical exam next month, during which i'll ask about my cortisol levels and all kinds of hormone-related Qs. at this point, i will give my doctor urine, stool, dna, and my favourite prada purse to get to the bottom of this madness. anyhoo, standby for my report on that!

so, my fabulous morningdove, please get an allergy test, avoid those chemicals you're allergic to, use FLORASONE to Alleviate the symptoms (not cure), and eat healthy! don't use lipsticks for now (yes, it breaks my heart too, since i'm Sooo vain!), eat high quality yoghurt (watch out for the Sugar & sodium content--nasty stuff!), exercise, meditate, do yoga, and eat only good food. Real food, with no fake preservatives , food colourings or fake flavourings.

education & information is key! and remember, you are beautiful!

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