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Lichen Sclerosis Miracle Oil...easily found anywhere.

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Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
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Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
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kathryn101 Views: 58,727
Published: 13 years ago

Lichen Sclerosis Miracle Oil...easily found anywhere.

I just had to post about the miracle oil I have just recently found for Lichen
Sclerosis...and I'll tell you right up's Emu Oil.

I was just reading natural healing testimonials on another website about 3 weeks
ago...and one just happened to be about Lichen Sclerosis. I was really surprised
because you just don't hear much about Lichen Sclerosis, period.
But I was diagnosed with it in the mid 90's after a hysterectomy and was told at
Vanderbilt in Nashville...that it is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance
after menopause...but 'can' occur at any time from teens on.
All I know for sure is that it can be one of the most miserable and painful afflictions to affect a woman.

When I went to Vanderbilt in the 90's..we went there on our own because we live only
3 hours away & here I was told there was nothing that could be done, no hope of even
remission...and that I'd just have to learn to live with the pain. Not one to look
at things in a negative fashion...and being desperate for relief...we called and
got me in with the Gynecology Division of Vanderbilt. The doctor there told me
I had one of the worst cases he had ever seen...but it was NOT impossible to turn
it around. He prescribed a steriod cream...told me I would be in good shape within
2 weeks...but I'd have to use the steriod cream for the rest of my life.

Well...I 'was' totally cleared up within 2 weeks...but the doctor had also told me
that the cream would eventually cause a thinning of the skin in that area and pain
may come back from easy tears or whatever. I was about 50 at the In the
last couple of years...I had begun to notice a thinning of the skin in that area...
and a very slight burn that was there often...I thought "Oh my goodness...I just
can't even begin to imagine going through that pain again."

About 3 weeks ago I was just reading those testimonials...just really piddling on
a very rainy day...and noticed a testimonial about a Lichen Sclerosis 'cure'.
I couldn't click on it fast enough. The poster was telling how she had used Emu
Oil to just completely cure her Lichen Sclerosis and do it within days.
So I typed in Lichen Sclerosis + Emu Oil and found other testimonials stating the
same thing.

I remembered having a tiny bottle of Emu Oil that we had had for about 10 years.
Never even used the stuff. Just saw it and got it. So I dug it out...wondering if
after 10 years it had lost it's potency. I used it every hour for the rest of the
day. Within 24 hours...all burning was totally gone. Within 3 days...the 'toad type skin' that develops after years of Lichen Sclerosis began to peel away. Within
another couple of days...all the toad skin was gone...and the area is as slick and
normal as a baby's bottom. Now those of you who have had Lichen Sclerosis long enough to develop that 'toad skin'...know...that that is a miracle in itself. I
was just absolutely shocked beyond words when that toad skin started peeling away
after just 3 days...and was gone in another couple.

I had Purple Emu Oil...and I have since ordered a huge bottle of it. I never ever
want to be without the stuff. I read other testimonials about it for wrinkles, etc...and started using it on the backs of my hands...(I'm 61 and a little wrinkly
on my hands)...I couldn't believe what it did for my hands in just a couple of days.
I have virtually no wrinkles on my face but used it there anyway...and the texture
of my face is even smoother and healthier looking than it was before...and I was
always getting compliments on my skin...but it is remarkably even better now.

We have an elderly lady at our church that had been complaining of a diabetic sore
on her ankle for a couple of years. She said the doctor has tried about 4 or 5
'salves' :-) on it but nothing will heal it. I took her a little bit in one of
those little white plastic pill boxes that are about the size of a quarter and asked
her to use it every hour all day long. She has had me order more for 'her'...she
said it started healing by the end of the first day...she was absolutely amazed and couldn't thank me enough.

There are many Emu Oil products out there...and maybe they're all good...but I'm
sticking with the Purple Emu Oil...and it is 100% refined with nothing else in it.

Hope all of you suffering from this dreaded and very dibilitating affliction will
call today and get your Emu Oil...on the way. (from any reliable company)

At our little country church...I'm always in charge of Mother's Day gifts, etc for
all occasions. So I've ordered enough to give each mother a little container of
the Emu really works that fast and that good...that just a little dab...
used a few times within 24 hours...will show you a big difference.

The web site I've ordered from is

I have no affiliation with this company at all...but I am stocking up on this stuff
like there is no tomorrow. And all of you who suffer from Lichen Sclerosis will
totally understand why I say that.

I haven't posted in months...just never even read on curezone any more...but I knew
there was a Lichen Sclerosis forum and I just had to tell you all about the Emu Oil.
I'll watch for a few days to see if anyone else has already tried it.

Miracles happen for those who believe....yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I KNEW there had to be a remedy out there that would turn this horrible condition
totally around and there was!!!

Love and Blessings to all,

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