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Re: Humble tried to address Bruce's concerns
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Humble tried to address Bruce's concerns


Nice to see you around. I was afraid you weren't coming back to this site.

Anyway, your response was sadly quite familiar to me because I have gotten several like that from you before. Your response did not address my direct questions to Mr. Humble," but it seems you, instead, addressed how YOU think YOU'VE proven the idea of "linear continuous basis" with regards to ClO2. I wonder why you think I should have to prove something that those people marketing Miracle-Mineral-Supplement can't prove. Not even you. Are you trying to change the subject? Does anyone have any credible research by Mr. Humble or anybody?

From Mr, Humble:
"Sodium chlorite has a particular characteristic that makes it very useful. When it’s alkaline level is brought to an acid condition it begins to release chlorine dioxide, but not all at once when using citric acid . It releases it on a linear continuous basis for some time depending upon the amount of acid added. This doesn’t happen when you add enough HCl full strength to release all of the Chlorine dioxide immediately."

I have not found any published data about how effective or ineffective citric and acetic acids are in creating ClO2. I would guess not very efficient since in industrial processes, they seem to use acids like hydrochloric. Maybe you have this information.

Since you did take the time to share your theory, I'm happy to respond to it. You wrote:

"The continuous release of ClO2 from a chlorous acid solution is easily verifiable through testing. You can run a test where you use up the free ClO2 in the solution and see if any more is generated."

My response to the above statement is: I didn't ask about whether or not there is a release of ClO2 from a chlorous acid solution.

"...Chlorine dioxide can be generated either subsequent to the generation of chlorous acid or simultaneously with the generation of chlorous acid."

In other words, NaClO2 and acid go through two different chemical reactions in order to create ClO2. The first reaction produces chlorous acid and a sodium compound depending on the acid used. The second reaction which occurs between those two molecules are what produces ClO2. I have no idea why you are so interested in chlorous acid since it is not ClO2. It is a precursor and it's part of the whole process.

According to the above site, in industrial production, there is a way to stop NaClO2 and acid at the point that they have become chlorus acid or the reaction can continue and ClO2 will be created.

I believe you are trying to say that in the chlorous acid state, after one of two chemical reactions which must occur in order to make ClO2, you can measure the amount of ClO2 being produced. I don't know about your personal experiments and how you measure, but that should be a given. This is an expected outcome.

In order to find your claims compelling, I would have to make an assumption that this latest homework you've assigned me would actually measure what you claim. I don't think it proves that the chemical process which creates ClO2 is or isn't linear, but rather that you know how to stop and start the process with a sorbic acid , better known as vitimin C.

In other words, unless you have better information, your experiment proves that YOU can cause a linear reaction. I have no clue whether the creation of ClO2 is in fact a linear reaction when not manipulated by an outside contaminent and process.

You wrote:
"Ascorbic acid is a powerful anti oxidant. It will react first with the free ClO2, and by limiting the amount added, it will have little effect on the chlorous acid. In a period of time, ClO2 will continue to be released and the concentration of free ClO2 will increase."

What does that mean? You added a limited amount, whatever that means (not exactly precise language reflecting precise measurement), of vitimin C in the middle of the second part of the chemical reaction that creates ClO2.

Since the ClO2 molecule contains a free radical, not generally considered to be of health benefit to us, it pairs with the vitimin C. Thus, the chlorous acid is not available to bond with the salt molecule that was created during the first part of the reaction. The solution trying to become ClO2 becomes neutral when adding the "right" amount of vitimin C. When the vitimin C has all been paired with the existing free radicals and are all now stable molecules, the vitimin C no longer interferes with the chemical reaction and the rest of the solution continues on. That's chemistry, it's not proof that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is beneficial to sick people. Where's the "bio" part of biochemistry?

I would like to know how you measure the ClO2 accurately. It is my understanding that ClO2 becomes a gas at room temperature and is no longer in your beeker to measure. How are you measuring the exiting gas? Now, don't tell me you capture it in your frying pan....

I sure would like to see those test results of Mr. Humble's written up and duplicated, because that's what scientists do. That's what's needed to see if Miracle-Mineral-Supplement should be ingested by living things and to find out if it has any provable health benefit.

It's not organic but we are. I hope everyone is being careful enough.

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