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--Probiotics, do "WE" need them?--
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Published: 11 years ago

--Probiotics, do "WE" need them?--

Hi Ya'll,

Just what are Probiotics and were do they come from?

And do "WE" need them?

Probiotics are a form of Digestive Bacteria and or Enzymnes, which enable our Gut to be able to Break down the foods "WE" eat !

In other words they may be the Digestors in our Gut !

Probiotics are everywhere in the Natural world of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and are a Natural part of the Life cycles of Nature !

Thus they may "NOT" be in Sterilized Commercial foods grown in Sterile Soils Lacking in Living Soil Life !

Thus when "WE" choose to eat Commercial foods grown in Dead Soils with Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides and Fungicides and then Micro-waved in the shipping process to supposed Kill any remaining Life, what do "WE" expect from Dead Foods?

This reminds me of years ago, that many Dairy farmers were having problems with keeping their New Born calves alive and they didn't know "WHY", because of the Poor Quality feeds they were feeding their Cows and the Too High Protein Diets, which would Kill off the needed Probiotics in the Cows Gut, thus the cows could not pass on the needed Digestive bacteria to their Calves, but would pass on milk too High in Funny Protein Milk, which would "Kill" the calves !

Of course the problem has gotten Worse today, but they aren't willing to ask someone who knows "WHY" , so they are paying the Price for their Stupidity !

Anyway, all they need to do is feed their Cows Top Quality feed and problem is Solved !

But, when they are not doing this they can take the milk and let it set and sour for a day before feeding it to the baby calves, which allows the Probiotics from the Air to start the break down of the milk, which as the milk goes thru this process the Funny Proteins(NPN) are used up and the baby calf then does not Die from too much NPN !

Too much NPN Causes a Lack of needed Oxygen !

How long can "YOU" Live without "Oxygen"?

So, when "WE" choose to eat Junk foods, Lacking in Natural Probiotics it may be in our Best interest to supplement with a good probiotic to help keep the needed Digestive Flora in our Gut, so that our Gut can Digest what "WE" eat !

Todays Poor Quality Fruits and Vegetables of Poor Brix readings are too High in NPN and may easily "Kill' these freindly probiotics "WE" need for our Gut to do it's job !

So, this adds another thing "WE" may need to spend our hard earned cash for, when "WE" "Fail" to find Top Quality Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in season to eat !

When "WE" pass foods thru our Gut and out our bottom end that still look like when they went in our mouth, they have not been Digested, meaning "WE" did not get a Release of needed Electro-magnetic Energy from these foods !

So, "WHY" spend the time eating them in the 1st place, if "WE" are not getting the needed Energy release because of Poor Digestion ?

When "WE need to use Probiotics to help us out of the Ditch we have Fallen into, we should find a good Probiotics with both Acidophilus & Bifidus of a High Billion count to take !

If you want to know more about how and what to do, Please do a search using the search engine in the forum and type in the Key words you are interested in and read past posts about the subject !

Smile Tis your choice.


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