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8th liver flush, GREAT results!
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Published: 11 years ago
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8th liver flush, GREAT results!

I posted this on the liver forum, but feel it's so important to those with candida.

I did my 8th Liver Flush Friday night. I hadn't eaten since 8 am that day. Had a massage at 1 pm and was out of there at 2:30, so I didn't eat, as you are supposed to stop eating at 2 pm. I was really, really hungry, but thought the flush might be more effective if I didn't eat. Did the 2 Epsom Salt mixtures and the evoo/lemon juice as directed. Had a difficult time sleeping this time, but that's not all that unusual for me, (sleeping that is). Yesterday, I passed alot of stones, chaff and throughout the day keep passing what looked similar to lemon pulp, but stringier. I believe this was candida, but not sure. This happened several times. I felt pretty awful for the first half of the day. I think the massage got alot of toxins moving, then not eating, plus the flush and not sleeping, so I felt pretty rough until later in the day, but was liking the flush results.

I did 2 p&b shakes with 3 ground up tablets in each of an antifungal(Fungal Defense) that previously I could only tolerate 1/2 tablet of. Did one shake around 4 pm and the other before bed, wanting to continue eliminating candida, stones, etc. This morning I passed about 1/2 cup of mucoid plaque.

I know Liver Flushes aren't for everyone, but nothing else I've done has given me the results that Liver Flushing has. In the 8 flushes, I would say I've passed probably 4-5 cups of "gunk".. stones, plaque, candida, chaff, etc that I never would have without the flushes. I don't see how my body could rid itself of candida with this stuff in me, feeding it.

I feel I'm really on my way to knocking this stuff out and am feeling no die off from the antifungals. Previously, I would have had hives, even if I took antihistamines.

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