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i am thankful
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Published: 14 years ago
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i am thankful

same thing going on here since i left the last time, it's been 2 or 3 months and the same old thing is still going on... strange.

well, from what i gathered in my interactions and correspondence, i do not feel that bruce or humble are deliberately trying to deceive anyone. i think they are both convinced of their point---they both REALLY beleive that what they know is the right position. they both feel they are trying to help others from sickness or dying.they both believe they are doing the right thing.

bruce is saying do not take mms or you will get poisoned and or die

and jim humble is saying take mms so you will not be sick or die from disease.

--kinda odd, isnt it?.

i truly feel both are trying to help and save others from the way they see chlorine dioxide.

i will not pick sides and argue--- but i do have my own view b/c of my personal experience with said mms --- ---for me, mms has given me my health back to a degree that i can take care of my children in a way i have not been able to in years!!! --- i have never had anything work this well in such a short period of time. so for me, mms is a great gift and blessing to my entire family.

i find it very sad to think that this kind of gift can be taken away from some other family with a sick mother --( someone else with a situation like me) with mms being reported to officials, and trying to stop it, etc. that would just be sad . so i am grateful i found it when i did.

i did not get sicker, i got better!

also, i have not had a herpes break out since jan. 08-- almost 4 months-- where before i had 2 or 3 breakouts a month! and this cannot be a placebo! mms did that for me (and my husband)!!

i am indebted to jim humble for my new found health. i would have paid 100,000 dollars (or more if i had it)for that bottle of mms--- you cannot put a price tag on freedom from herpes and freedom from debilitating fatigue---

so i actually hope jim humble is getting some monetary gain from sharing his experience with mms! why shouldnt he? i am indebted to him for without his book and the mms i would still be fighting with herpes and debilitating fatigue!

i am so greatful i found mms. if i didnt take mms myself, i would be very confused about it after reading everything on the web (both pro and con) -- i probably would have been scared away from trying it too. so i am very glad i started it before all this craziness.

so in summary, if there is one thing i cannot argue with, it is my own direct experience.


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