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Angular Cheilitis Cure

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BohemiaTom Views: 94,322
Published: 15 years ago

Angular Cheilitis Cure

A person and his associates who have been calling themselves the Angular Chelitis (spelled incorrectly intentionally) Foundation have been selling a little ebook on how to solve this problem. I bought this book some time ago and it wiped out my mouth sores very fast after suffering for 2 months. So I thought the money I paid was worth it and so out of gratitude I haven't revealed the info in any discussion groups. However, they've been selling this home remedy for about five years now and I think that's enough time to make their money. So in my own words, with some modifications, I'm going to reveal the solution here. (This is the internet so it had to come out sooner or later.)

You'll need *concentrated* dish washing soap (i.e., Palmolive), a new jar of white petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline), and paper towels. You'll also need two washing bowels. I bought some plastic ones from Safeway.

1. Floss and brush your teeth. Clean out your mouth.

2. Disinfect your hands especially under your finger nails with the soap.

3. Disinfect your wash area, whether it's your kitchen or your bathroom counter. You could use a disinfectant cleaner or the soap you bought.

4. Disinfect your wash bowels with the soap and then fill both of them with *warm* water.

5. Get a small clean plate and pour a little soap on it and put it next to one of the wash bowels.

6. Disinfect your hands again (see above).

7. Go to the first wash bowel and wipe some water over your lips, especially the cuts for a few seconds.

8. Take the soap from the plate and gently rub the soap into the cuts and around the mouth for about a minute. Close your mouth tight because soap obviously shouldn't get inside your mouth. You shouldn't swallow soap. If it gets in your mouth, no problem, just rinse your mouth and begin anew.

9. Go to the second bowel and clean the soap off.

10. Take the paper towels and dry your mouth. Every time you dab your mouth, use one towel at a time. BTW, if you have to rinse your mouth, go ahead.

11. Let your sores dry (five/ten minutes or longer). A little warning, when you look in the mirror, your sores are going to be red and wide open so it's not going to look too pretty. Don't worry about this for now.

12. Take the unused jar of white petroleum jelly and and wipe it around on the cuts and around your lips, under the nose, and on your chin. Although white petroleum jelly wasn't made to be eaten, it's okay if it gets in your mouth and tiny bit gets swallowed. Remember petroleum is already a major ingredient in lip protectors such as Vaseline Lip Therapy.

13. Two hours later, wipe off the jelly with paper towels. *Wash the jelly off by using the steps above.*

14. Let dry for 10 to 20 minutes and see if the sores shrink. If they do, you're on the road to recovery. By the time you wake up next morning, the inflammation should be down as the normal healing process will take over. **If your sores haven't shrunk, reapply the jelly and wait an hour or two and remove it again.**

Explanations. The formulator of this remedy (his son had Angular Cheilitis for 3 years) found out through his research in medical journals that fungal bacterias cannot live in dry conditions. It needs moisture to survive. (This is true, I myself checked abstracts through Google Scholar.) The soap kills and dries the infection in the wound. The jelly, a water repellent, which is placed over the dry wound, traps the bacteria in dry prison thus extinguishing it.

The originator of this home remedy suggests for hard luck cases, you may need to this multiple times such as once a day for a few days or four times in one day. Work what's best for you.

For myself, scar tissue/new skin started to form over my wounds which lasted a week. I continued to be careful how I ate your food. I cut my food into little pieces, avoided acid-like foods such as tomatoes and oranges, consumed smoothies with a straw.

If this works for you, forward this information to anyone who needs help.

EDIT: One person who tried this said that although the treatment did rid her infection, new skin inside the lesion was slow to form. So she used 1% hydrocortisone cream and everything was healed in three days -- even though the cream was useless when she first used it to treat her cuts. However, I suspect it's a matter of timing. Hydrocortisone cream increases blood circulation in the skin to help heal the wound (less blood flow prevents healing). But the cream isn't what you need when the infection is the main problem. Eliminate the infection first then use hydrocortisone. Note: don't use hydrocortisone cream on open cuts. Let some skin tissue form over it first.

SECOND EDITS: I think it was a mistake to mention that after the treatment I didn't apply ointment or lubricant to my lips. (I've deleted this remark.) A person who wrote me said his lips became cracked when he did this. Actually it's probably best to regularly clean (especially after each meal) the cuts with water and hydrogen peroxide and then apply Neosporin to the cuts. Use pure petroleum jelly (you can also buy them in small tubes instead of a jar) for the rest of the lips. When the cuts are healed, apply to entire lip with the jelly for about a month because drying out the mouth could rip open the cuts again.

Another person who wrote me said he went further and actually applied Band Aids to his cuts when he was sleeping. He said this accelerated the healing. I would suggest being careful about how long in leaving the band aid on your face because the adhesive could leave a rash. I would suggest using the "Sheer" Band Aids.

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