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Published: 16 years ago


Hi All.

First to you Moreless this person is Dutch speaking but he lives in Belgium.

This person is active in a broad naturophatic field he is an herbalist, fytotherapist,and much more.

His idees are based on the work of A.G Gurwitsch, Fritz Albert Popp and R Schneider
the inventor of the lecherantenna this device measures the electro-magnetic waves and its frequency.
F.A Popp he proved the existence of bio-photons and developed instruments to measure the quantity of bio-photons in herbs fruit vegetables and so on.
With a lecherantenna one measures the quality of the bio-photons.
This Belgium person invented something that together with the lecherantenna measures the amplitude of the frequency.
This is what he claims, that every organ has it own frequency and that a sick organ still has this frequency but with a lower amplitude.
He claims also that man cannot absorb the invisible and the visible full spectrum colors that make up the electro-magnetic waves from the sun, photons they are too big, but that plants can break a photon up in bio-photons. Like the scientific world he is puzzled by the electro-magnetic waves behaving like particles,possible they are, the last word has not been spoken about this subject.
Alas let`s go back to plants as sunlight collectors, through the process of photosynthese the plant transforms sun-energy into chemical energy bound in organical structures. Through this process the photon is reduced by a trillion. Congealed light! The cell has also a suncollector the chlorophyl and chloroplasts stores bio-photons in the DNA of the cell nucleus this is called free energy. These bio-photons contain all the charistics and healing properties of the plant or herb in different frequency`s with different amplitudes.
With his device this person measures the light intensity from the free energy bio-photon from the cell of a herb that matches the frequency of human cell tissue or organ of the human body. For example the camonille flower has according to his measurements 16 different frequency`s, one frequency matches the frequency of the eyes, so when you have a eye disease it means that the amplitude is low. Make some camonille tea and the boiling water soaks out all the free energy bio-photons and especially the specific frequency with a high amplitude will supply the eye with electro magnetic energy=electricity in order to raise the amplitude and restore health to the eyes.The other 15 frequencies will benefit other organs but to a lesser extend.

I hope I gave a fair impression.

Greetings, Givati.

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