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O/T Re: cats & sushi = parasites?
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Published: 13 years ago
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O/T Re: cats & sushi = parasites?

Hi Bella Lucia,

Your comment " was just reading some of the discussions below and noticed an alarming remark, something along the lines of having eaten sushi in the past or having owned a cat means you might have parasites??? " came from my post.

My post stated below:

"3. I know I have candida from external issues and the result of some eliminations. Having cats and eaten sushi in the past and traveled worked in Africa probably have parasites.

I was planning on doing a series of cleanses but not sure where to start right now. Some say start with Liver Flush since that is where my symptoms are.

Any recommendations for cleansing protocols at this point???"

My posting was not meant to alarm, but in my situation , it was a fact that my cats got parasites. How did this happen, well they are indoor, however, they were boarded while out of town, and when I came back they were dropping worms and eggs or something to that effect. So they got it from the boarding house. Secondly, I adopted a couple of street cats and was told I had to treat them for parasites by the vet based on the fecal matter examination. I never saw worms in the latter.

When I was pregnant , we were advised not to consume raw meat or fish because of the possibility of parasites and other health hazards. That advice came from a MD.

I have previously traveled to many third world countries. Sometimes I was not in the most sanitary of conditions. In Africa we would sometimes be without water for days and using a stream to wash clothes and the like. Other times our food in some places would come from unknown or sometimes not so sanitary environments, mud huts with a burner and chickens and cows walking in and out of the room. Back then we felt we were invincible eventhough there was a civil war around us, but our hearts adn service were in the right place. I came out of the situations intact considering I had to take malaria pills , live beneath a mosquito net, and clean water was hard to find in some places.

Last year we picked up ticks from the neighbors dog or perhaps the woods. The deer tick is responsible for lyme disease and that is a real pain to treat but we caught it early.

So in essence , life does have risk, but we take our chances. Two of our cats passed this last year and we miss them dearly, we had each one for 17 years. To have them back , even with parasites, I would not have to think about it. They had beautiful souls and gave unconditional love. They were members of the family. I am less inclined to eat sushi but I like vegetarian sushi ie. with avocado carrot and the like. My husband thoroughly enjoys sushi in all forms and is willing to take the risk.

In my travels steak tartar was a delicacy in some countries as well as raw pork/undercooked. Both of which carried significant risk of parasites in those places, but knowing that the locals still engaged in the practice, it was the custom etc.

The best defense is wisdom and good hygiene. I admire you for working at a humane society, those beautiful animals would be lost without the support of people like you. Simple advice, wear gloves or wash hands often, use a kleenax to wipe or scratch your body surface until you are able to wash hands thoroughly. Always wash hands well after cleaning litter boxes, or cleaning up body fluids of the animal. A healthy alkaline raw diet makes you less susceptible to pathogen risk.

Even when one goes to the restaurant, in the US, there are reports of Ecoli outbreaks, and some restaurant or fast food workers who have passed hepatitis A to the patrons. Groceries in the US had huge beef recalls and spinach ( spinach recall related to Ecoli ), and then there was a peanut butter recall ( related to salmonella outbreak in the peanut butter due to some form of contamination at the factory site).

Life is full of risk. But if one uses good judgment risk is very low.So enjoy life.

Should you do a parasite cleanse? That question might be best answered by the parasite or cleansing forums. But I believe there is a symptom list some people use to address whether they may have them. I think you are in good health and that is not really a factor , but from what I have read on the humaworm and other parasite boards, some people believe it is just a given in life. Go to those forums and ask some of the visitors and Q's and see what responses you get. Most certainly Water Fasting would help if it is a problem. Depending on which forum's protocols or philosophies are most in line with yours and your particular health issues or exposure to certain environments they will be likely to advise you better.


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