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Published: 11 years ago
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This is very frustrating seeing posts like yours.If people tell you that you dont smell and you dont believe them then how are you ever going to know if you really smell and if you really smell how are you going to know when you dont smell.Dont tell me from peoples reaction, that is the least reliable way of telling if you smell.Putting out statements about peoples reactions re enforces peoples paranoia that are reading these posts.Im starting to think that there is more people then we really realize with ol factory or a phobia problem.I bet you more than 90 % of the people on this forum have not even had a direct verbal confirmation that they smell and they are really hurting the poor unfortunate 10% than have a real odor issue.
Im going to issue a challenge, there should be a sub forum set up for only the people that has someone that confirms their odor regulary.
next step is finding out if you have tmau.its easier than you think.urine test are not good and at best they can be unreliable, which in turn can make you even more paranoid.Heres what you do, for 3 days dont take any supplements and eat a super super low protein diet.After the three days if you are odor free from confirmation load up on chloline supplement 1500 to 2000 mg that night before bed also take a shower and get really clean.the next morning get confirmation if you smell or not, if you do theres a good chance something is going on in relation to tmau, if you dont then your problem is probably more related to how bacteria breakdown your protein.
there is one other problem I have and that is people blindly telling people to take probiotics if they have tmau, I think this could be making matters worse if you have secondary tmau.the reasoning is some probiotics are designed to break down protein making free choline more available to the body, very bad for tmau sufferers.I would only take a probiotic that only can break down carbs so they can crowd out the bad bacteria thus less free chloine being available to the body.Now if your odor is caused by bacteria breaking down protein and giving off voc's then you would be better of taking a probiotic that breaks down protein but does not give off voc's as a by product.See how easy it is do go in circles if you dont have confirmation or know what source the odor is coming from.
One more thing, people are talking about charcoal as an odor absorber that is old school, industrial plants and many other facilities stop using charcoal years ago and know use zeolite, a 1000 times more effective, charcoal may be able to absorb 4 or 5 different types of voc's where zeolite would be able to absorb more than 1000 almost any voc known to man.
Good Luck

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