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Flu cold and MMS

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Free Clark DVD!
Bestselling author Dr. Hulda Clark claims to have cured cancer

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Published: 11 years ago

Flu cold and MMS

Hello-jut got today my Miracle-Mineral-Supplement bottle,ordered via Humble's website(on the customs slip it is identified as cleaning pool kit...WELL SUMMER IS COMING PRETTY FAST,THUS...

1-Replaced the cap on the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement bottle so that the citric activator bottle and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement have the same caps..

As for glass I used a tainted brown jar(some companies still ship Colloidal Silver that way) with a good opening(+2 inch so the ClO2 could evaporate

I used 2 drops of MMS + 10 drops of citric acid - soem queasiness in the stomach afterwards..

Also used pure unfiltered 100% natural apple juice(zero ascorbic acid)not from concentrate..(which can come from CHINA !)

The citric acid from Humble's website does NOT COME from CHINA as well..

Been having a nasty cold (it is going around the city)for the past few days- it goes into your bronchi ,tried vitamins,even ALLIMAX,many caps per day(and it is costly);it did prevent from getting pains in the "bones etc.. but using eucalyptus drops on the skin seemed to be more effective..

Within 30 mins of taking MMS-I felt better..Sore threat,stuffy nose,coughing etc are are fast withering way..
As per indicated on the bott5le,waiting 1 hr and took again a few onces of apple said(it could be distilled water)-it does seem to prolong the effects..

Conclusion-if you are down with the cold/flu-start with 3 drops of MMS if you can stand it..

And Kudos to Jim Humble..

2-The only other "supplement" that I can think of is Colloidal Silver -depending on which kind-it could have a similar effect but it si expensive

[Yes I am aware of "silver puppy" and all other gadgets to make your own-simply do not do it if you do not want to get poisoned-silver is NOT a nutrient and not in the human body as per se..tried different silver products over thew past 10 yrs and zero worked as promoted/touted..]

The only silver product that I would trust is the one developped by Dr Len Horowitz in conjunction with a scientist
which I am in the process of purchasing

3-Ah yes , also received my bottle of Magnesium OIL-vortex supercharges infused-pharmaceutical grade
(it costs more but this product is of better quality and you do feel the effects as contrary to the Magnesium Oil sold by Global Light and others..
Within 10-20 seconds it all goes into your skin and no residue.Does it help? With my cold(before taking the MMS) yes to a mitigated degree;but you also get more energy etc..even if you have the flu,etc..

I would consider adding it to one's health protocol just like taking ALLIMAX(good for blood pressure a Net search fro the best prices)

4-MSM-remember-if cheap prices means it comes from CHINA-99.9% is not the human grade that is recomended-it has to be at least 99.95% + AND YES MORE EXPENSIVE AS WELL..

5-The guy on the MMS Debate forum one Bruce(bioforce)is anything but a sincere individual;mean spirited ,too obnoxious or he has an hidden agenda ? Who knows ? Do not waste your time there...You always end up in nowhere land with all debunkers-they are NOT interested in the facts..,period..

[ OT- to see how the mind of a debunker works go to...If you want proof-
Now there do a search for Bosnian Pyramids.Their latest update is 26-06-2006

Now go to


I will leave to your appreciations the above...]

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