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Re: want to do a liver flush for first time
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: want to do a liver flush for first time

We ALL have gallstones... this is why we are flushing! Maybe you're talking about calcified stones, as opposed to the run-of-the-mill cholesterol kind that don't show up on scans.

Please go through a lot of posts on this forum, going back several pages. You will get a feel for what people are going through, who the gurus are (they can answer pretty much any question you may have)... check out the pictures of stuff people flush, which are unbelievable unless you have actually flushed stuff like that yourself, as I have... read ALL the info about flushes. Check out and read all about liver issues; she is very good and gives an alternative to Epsom Salts (which may be a good idea in your case if you have large stones), and talks about Chinese herbs to soften and dissolve stones prior to flushing, again maybe a good idea if you have concerns.

But as far as the flush... the first is the hardest, because it seems so esoteric. It really isn't -- it's Basic Plumbing 101. Do you understand how it works? When you eat fats, bile is called down the ducts from the gallbladder where it is stored, to mix with and digest the fats. Bile serves many functions in digestion, and is responsible for the color you see in your BM. Unfortunately, if the GB is packed with stones, this backs bile up into the liver, and you end up with stagnant bile, poor digestion etc.

So anyhow, during the flush you drink a combination of good oil and citrus juice at bedtime on an empty stomach (you definitely want to eat low fat for a few days, then NO fat the day of the flush, and quit eating at all around 2), then lie on your right side (the side your liver is on) for at least an hour. Voila! That's it.

When that large quantity of oil hits the ducts it calls for a large quantity of bile to come down, Squirt Squirt Squirt! and that's it! The gunk that comes out with the bile goes through your intestines and out of the body the next day.

Unfortunately, it's not a one shot and you're clean deal. It takes great patience, and repeated flushes at two week intervals (to let the body recover), and the number of flushes depends on each person. When stones are very tightly packed in the GB, one flush may move them only slightly. The next flush moves them some more, creating more space for them to move. It may take several flushes like this before they exit, WHOOSH, as mine did. I passed 30-40 beautiful jade green cholesterol stones the size of small prunes after 5-6 flushes, with amazing benefits to my health and digestion!

Even then, you need to keep flushing until nothing comes out. It really does take patience, but is WELL worth the effort, and has saved lots of people, including my partner, from gallbladder surgery.

Of course the first flush makes you nervous -- it sounds like Weird Science. However, it is really quite simple and straight forward. The next day you will want to drink a quart of room temp water with the juice of a lemon first thing to help flush your digestive system. A plain water enema that evening would be excellent, as you don't want stuff to remain in your intestines. An enema can also relieve any detox symptoms (that old bile can be pretty toxic). And don't be surprised to see weird colors ranging from black to bright yellow. All this is old bile. You may also see sand, silt, sludge... what look like frozen green peas are actually small cholesterol stones.

I fished out one of my big stones with my trusty blue plastic picnic fork, hosed it off and dissected it. It really was quite pretty, jade green and translucent, with a texture like warm candle wax. Fascinating!

Again, read up. Look at all the photos people have posted (including autopsy shots showing how packed the liver and GB can be). Talk to people on this forum, and for heaven's sake don't let fear stop you. We are all doing this simple, cheap, elegant flush with amazing results. You can do it!


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