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Published: 16 years ago
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Hi chiron,

Like I have said many times!

Not everything is as it may first seem to be!

The pH tests are "ONLY" a tool in of themself!

This is not something that answers what the pH reading may consist of to make it so!

This gets into another whole different field of requirement of understanding of other Basic Acid Alkaline pH Principles!

The pH test "ONLY" is one indicator which generally may be very Helpful, when used as a basis to learn what foods generally are causing a person to become too Acidic!

This is "ONLY" a Basic tool!

It is "NOT" an answer all!

When you want to know all the answers as to why the pH test may be high or low, then you must learn all the different variables which may or may not take place between the different Acids and the different Alkaline Minerals and also the Nitrogen Isotopes and the other Gases which may be involved in the processes!

It has taken me years to be able to learn what little I have been privileged to learn in and about these different fields, and there is "NO" way you are going to be able to understand all of the internal workings of this process in a short time!

What I am attempting to do is to show you that when the body lacks in it's supply of all of the needed Alkaline Minerals, that this then may be the cause of "ALL" Sickness and Disease!

And this shortage may come about because of one's Poor Mental Thinking or Poor Environment or Physical injury or Poor quality foods and such!

You are asking for simple answers of Black and White, when there is a whole lot of gray involved, because of so many different Variables, which I am unable to answer in simple words!

Now to this idea that some have stated that the first morning pH should be on the Acid side!

This may or may not be so, but because of what many have measured and found that this is the normal condition, then some have "FALSELY" considered this must be how it should be then!

Now we need to understand what point of reference these people may be using to gain a better understanding from where they may be making these statements!

"IF" they may be using the pH of 7.0 as neutral and then the pH of 6.8 as a good morning pH to be had, then "YES" this pH of 6.8 is a little bit Acidic, so under this thinking the First morn pH may be slightly Acidic and be OK!

The problem may be somewhat of just a problem of mis-communication between different peoples thinking?

But having a first morn pH of 7.4pH may be much better than having a pH of 6.0pH, for the 6.0pH is Acidic and this may not allow your body to repair it's self overnite!

Generally when a person may get enough Calcium into their body, then "IF" they may have been running a pH of 7.4 and above for the reading first thing in the morning, then this reading may generally come down, especially "IF" this reading was from Protein in the Alkaline Isotope form!

The "ONLY" time that a high pH above 7.0pH would concern me would be when a person was having Digestive problems, and most of this may be solved by taking a small pinch of Epsom Salt with each meal!

And initially if this condition of poor Digestion was bothering a person, then they may need to take some enemas to clean out their colon to give their Digestive system a fighting chance to start working properly again, and also take some good probiotics to help re-establish the Good Digestive flora back into the Digestive system!

Please learn to keep things simple, like learn to eat fresh Fruits and vegetables in season as much as possible and this may help solve most of your problems when you are able to get Better Quality foods to eat!

And learn to "STOP" eating Refined and Processed foods which may causing you to become too Acidic!

Smile Tis your choice.


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