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Published: 13 years ago
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PLZ, I have attempted to answer the same way you copying your messages and answering below it. However, I can't figure out how to do colors on my computer, so I hope it makes sense: 

I hit the FCK reply button on your post, that gives you the color, bold, italics, size options editor; copy and paste your message, enlarge it, then use the buttons.  Sometimes it will change if you hit the enter key 3 times then up botton twice ... sometimes you have to reset your options for each paragraph.

Chili, you know from our emailing that I thought it was something more involved that just the liver. I'm wondering this: if your perstoltic muscles just about stop, does this cause the pelvic muscle problem??

Plz, I think this is very possible. Seems to make sense to me.

If you didn't get the LBB in your first order, I'd try it ASAP. It will help to rebuild the muscles actual in the digestive tract.

I did get it. I was waiting, only because I was thinking that it might be too much for me to do the chinese herbs AND the MH herbs at the same time. Too much detoxing at once too. What do you think?

Herbs are food.  We're talking foods that will correct your problems, not medicine!

I called a spoke with a chinese lady, Julia(?), on the phone. As I explained my situation, she suggested that I start only with the GCG, stating my liver might not react well to the other herbs. If you find yourself experiencing MORE pain instead of less, cut them out one at a time until only taking the GCG. If the pain lessens, take them all!!!

It might be a good idea for me to call Julia or REbecca. I have been emailing Rebecca about all this, but it is pretty confusing.............. I am not feeilng anyting in particular yet with the herbs, other than I am sleeping better!!!!!! But from what Sungrass is saying, I need to add the tonic to strengthen my liver, and kidneys and stomach.

Again, when I called, I was told not to start the other herbs until I had done some decongestion and only took the GCG.  I opted to use MHs Liver/Gallbladder balance when it seemed to be a good idea to use a supportive formula.  It worked for me.

Rember early on, I told you to start formulating a plan that felt right to you?  I told you it would end a lot of the confusion? All of us advising you did our own research, chose our own way.  If we didn't feel like it worked, we wouldn't be recommending that you do what we did.  Instead, you're running around here 6 weeks later still asking questions, because you're building confusion.  At that point, I was prepping for my 3rd flush!  Are you going to flush your liver or write a book???  When i came to the point of deciding, "I'm DOING this,"  I did it 7 days later.  I kept reading, I kept adding the good things to do and try.

~You've been told over and over - don't start with constipation.  You've got LBB in your house, TAKE IT.  Start with 2 at each meal.  You will eventually reach a dosage for yourself that generates a normal bowel movement for each meal that you eat.  It isn't going to happen over night.  Each day that you don't attain that, add ONE more capsule a day.  After SEVEN days on LBB, your bowels should be functional enough for a flush.

~You've been told and it's in HC protocol, pre-cleanse your kidneys.  Did you do anything about getting a kidney cleanser anywhere?  Your kidneys are organs of elimination!!  Flushing can and does on occasion release toxins into your blood.  Your kidneys job is to clean the blood.  You will feel better if they are better able to do their job!  After SEVEN days on kidney cleanse, you are better able to accomplish a flush.  Yes, it is perfectly safe to take MHs Kidney Cleanse and LBB together ... I've done it for a year and a half.

~You've been told to parasite cleanse BEFORE you flush.  You have Dewormer in your house.  Take it for SEVEN days then you are ready to flush.  Yes, it is perfectly safe to take with LBB and Kidney Cleanse.

~You want to soften what are mostly waxy balls rather than rocks?  You have a product in your house that does exactly that and are already taking it.  It's not getting to anything but the front stones, so get on with the flushing so the GCG can get to the next set of stones!!

~You have the HC protocol, and all of us telling you IT WORKS!

~You have Doc Sutter's protocol with him telling you, "I cured liver cancer with this."

There is NOTHING about any of this that will interfere in what they want to do to strenth your pelvic floor muscles.  Matter of fact, it could help.  Procrastination isn't getting it done.

I see here that you got both. DO NOT WAIT. START THEM BOTH AND NOW.


I had answered this in detail below and you ask why?  You want me to come to your house and tie you to a chair and make you do this?  *giggle*  I'm on your side, Chilli!!!

The LBB will help your bowels move in a natural manner, not in a laxative manner. Start with taking 2 at each meal. If next day, you're not having bowel movement for each meal eaten, up the amount 1 more capsule each day. When you begin having a bowel movement for each meal, you've found your "dosage." Stay with that until you are going TOO often, then begin cutting back 1 capsule each day being sure to maintain a bowel movement for each meal.

The Dewormer? You want to kill the bugs in your liver and in your digestive tract as they are exposed. This isn't a one bottle cleanse. A year and 1/2, I take Dewormer just about every day. I recently decided to do a hard hit at parasites and took quadruple dosage and passed about 14" of what I think was a tape worm!!??!! That should certainly free up more nutrition for me!!!!!!

WOW! I am so happy for you Plz! That is awesome. How amazing that these "creatures" are living inside us. Yuck. I have been feeling for years, that I am not being nourished. I wonder is that is why, in my case. I hope you do notice feeling better nourished!

I would have to pass that thing and immediately have yet another kidney stone start moving out of that right kidney!  Need I tell ya that I haven't felt so hot?  Passing kidney stones on my lifestyle is pain free, but it still takes the starch out of ya with things not working quite right.

It does make sense to do the Lower Bowel stuff instead of the smooth move tea, when You say it is rebuilding and not just a laxative.........and I don't mind doing both the dewormer, and the LB cleanse.........just wonder still if it is too much at once with the chinese herbs........

Herbs are food!  THEY ARE NOT MEDICINE!  You're feeding specific organs the organic chemicals that they need for better functioning.

On another note, I saw my chiropractor the other day, and he really thinks that the pain on the left side is because it appears I have torn some cartalidge and possible have a hairline fracture in one of my ribs. Since this started, I have said, it feels like I broke a rib. My ribs on the left side actually stick out where did not previously. He said torn cartalidge would cause that . And he said two to three months the pain should stop and it will be healed. It hurts when I move in a certain way so it seems it is structural in nature. So complicated, because I think there are a few things going on all at the same time: Shingles, digestive problem (slow moving bile or stones and acid reflux), the pelvic floor thing, and now the structural problem of torn cartalidge and fractuerd rib.. All affecting the same spot. How can all that be???

Good to hear from you PLZ. HOpe you get this. thanks so much for you thoughts.

PS......I can't figure out how to post so that I am receiving emails when someone replies to my posts. I check each box below, but still not getting notified via email. Do you know how to get the emails?

It's not working.  Spirit seems to have made a 1/2 hearted attemp at replacing is with messaging that doesn't 1/2 work either.


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