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Re: Sungrass, THANKYOU, and can you answer some more questions??
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Sungrass, THANKYOU, and can you answer some more questions??

Snappycat and #93324,

In the traditionally Chinese medical philosophy, the body stays health within and strong against outside evil influence(bacteria, parasite, and cold virus) is only when the body's hot and cold status is balanced(neutral); and there are no deficiency in any body organs, which means the body is functioning at its peak performance, defending itself from intruders, and cleaning any waste products out of the body.

When most kinds of health issues show up, that means there is must be deficiencies/weak spots in organ/s that make it possible for illness to develop. By that theory, thousand of years ago, Chinese herblist knew the importance of tonic herbs, which the herbs help to maintain the body the hot/cold state and strength the body's Qi and blood to prevent disease from occurring.

Another concept is that most health issue is cause by excessive evil Qi(heat, cold, wind, dampness, fire, dryness), in such case, cleaning herbs must be used. But in deficient state where the body is unable to cope with the excessive evil Qi when it is supposed to, then we need to use tonic herbs to bring back up the body's natural line of defense.

Or for some special case, both actions must be performed at the same time, cleaning and tonify, to help the body recover faster. cleaning with out tonification will allow the evil to come back; tonify but not cleaning with feed the evil Qi which allow it to become stronger hurt your body.

Switch th topic to body type. When you guys mention about body type, don't get it mix up and thinking is a permanent thing like you blood type. The body type that TCM describes is a actually a current status of your body's condition, and such state of the body can change depends on how you eat, the weather, the geographical area where you live, any chronic ailments you have that might change you body's condition, how you handle you emotions the amount of stress you have, and many other factors.

Use me as an example:
When I was in high school, I ate a lot of fried fast food, spicy foods, and study late at night. After a while, my body's state started to shift from neutral to hot, I suffered from nose bleeds, dry mouth, itching skins, acnes, constipation, gas, and acid reflux. By then I didn't take care of it, of course I was young and the liver had plenty of juice to get rid of the toxins. But as days go by, as the nutrients in the liver were used up to create extra bile for detoxing, eventually that puts my liver into a deficit state (Bile doesn't just come out from the liver free, TCM believes that all organ, not just the liver, require nutrients for doing work, in the particular case-making bile as part of its job). That's when heat(toxins) starts to build up and the formation of Gallstones eventually.

That's why before I start the actual flush, I took just a couple table spoon of olive oil to see what happen, and it make a tight sensation in my liver area. I knew I right from there that I wasn't ready for the flush.

So for three preliminary months, I did the flowing:
1st: I was rejuvenating my liver with cool liver tonic herbs (add fluid back) to correct the deficiency due to the presence of heat in the liver and years of abuse to my liver, this step serves as key role in reversing my body type back to neutral.

2nd: But the tonic herb alone can't reach my liver with the presence of heat, so I have to use cleaning herb such as Chinese bitter at the same time to clear the heat away, of course along with tonic herb too.

3rd: After a month on the Chinese bitter, I start to sense that heat is almost gone (no more itching skin, dry mouth, sore throat, etc...), and I don't want to use powerful cold herb too long in which it will do harm if there are no more heat to be cleared. So it is time to do full dissolving with GCG and continue with tonic herb as well.

So by the end of the herb program, my body type changed back from hot to neutral in general, but the discomfort in my liver area was still there, but the tightness was gone and I could see my stool sinks instead of float, that's a sign telling me that my liver were producing more bile than before. So it is now time to do my actual first flush, and I was satisfy with those results, with no major pain. Did you see my photos in the image archive under sungrass?

So basically the body type is not fixed, it can change when we are not careful with our living style, eating habit, emotion, and stress management. As you can see, the list pretty much sounds familiar to you already.

Also, I want to mention that the weather also has an influence too, spring brings damp symptom; summer brings and heat and dry problem; fall brings wind and dry problem; and winter brings cold problems. If a person's body type is cold and deficient in fire, he's not going to like winter and spring, and tonic herbs with warm/fire property can be used to help on that; if a person's boy type is hot/fluid deficient, tonic herbs with cool/water property can be used for that; there is special case where a person is both weak on cold and hot, very usual for you to image, but it is true, so in such case, both tonic herbs of fire/water property must by used in this case, and the balance of herbs depends on which deficiency need attention right away.

Anyway, hope to answer both of your question.


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