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Re: Sungrass, I have a question for you...
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Sungrass, I have a question for you...

Sorry for the late response. I had to do some research before I can answer you questions.

Due to multiple questions, I tried to combine them into 2 major answers. This reply could be long. Ok, let me answer your questions one at time:

1. Gall Cleanse gave you side affect. Hmm... I don't know what kind of side affects you have. The Gall Cleanse formula (if I am correct, you are talk about the one from has 3 Chinese herbs that I can recognize, they are Artemisia Argyi, tumerin (extract from tumeric), and Panax Gingseng. All three herbs are "warm" herb in nature, but without knowing the "hot/cold" nature of other herbs and the amount of each type of herbs being used, I can't really tell the overall balance of the herb is cold, or warm, or neutral, in nature. You know nowadays, there are always myths about how/why Chinese herbs work, or people taking Chinese herbs just because they heard so and so take it and worked, but without taking into consideration about the herb/s' natural property. According to the traditional Chinese medical philosophy, all herbs or combination herbs have an overall nature of hot, cold, and neutral property. Herb/s should only be used after a patient's body type has been determined -Hot or cold; excessive or deficiency. Generally, avoid using hot or warm herbs on a person with heat or body fluid deficiency problems, and avoid using cold or cool herbs on a person with cold, damp, or fire deficiency problems; neutral herbs are okay to use for both body type. (There is also an exception to that, but it is a more detail topic which I don't want to mention here and make you confuse). So basically what I am trying to say is hot body type uses cool herbs, and cold body type uses warm herbs (of course, there are many category of Chinese herbs: tonic, cleanse, diuretic, laxative… and each category has its own sub-category too); therefore, the Gall Cleanse or Gall Bladder Support might be conflicting to your body type, which could result in either heat/dry problem (dry mouth, sore throat, low fever, constipation...) or cold/damp problem (poor digestion, diarrhea, cold hands, weak...). That's why these herbs presents side effect for some but other doesn’t. But the dissolving action should still be potent in the product, regardless of who’s taking it.

2. Detail explanation of Golden Coin Grass (GCG), Chinese bitters, coptis, and curcuma from my Chinese herbalist book:

Golden Coin Grass:
Cool and bland taste in nature, target to liver, gallbladder, and bladder, diuretic effect (dissolve), generally for treating gallstone, jaundice, bladder stone. Avoid using in cool body types unless it is balanced by warm herb/s. Avoid using prolong period of time since it will also strip the person's own reserve nutrients (minerals or proteins or other important body nutrients I suppose for your understanding, Chinese call these nutrients “Qi” and blood), unless GCG is used in conjunction with a small amount of tonic herbs, supporting organ in which the GCG has weakened-the kidney mostly in this case, and therefore, I mention the Goji berry. Goji is both a kidney and liver tonic to support the deficiency of blood and body fluid with a neutral property. If you want, you can also add other cool/warm cleaning herb/s (example: Chinese bitter/Ginger) that can change the overall balance of the GCG herb tea to match with your body type (cold or hot).

Chinese bitter:
Ingredient 1: Gentiana scabra bunge
(name Long-Dan, meaning dragon gallbladder)

Ingredient 2: Bupleurum Scorzonerifolium
(name chai-hu, probably named after the person who discovered it)

Gentiana scabra bunge, Long-Dan: Extreme Cold and bitter and dry herb, target to liver and gallbladder, clear away fire and damp heat for those specific organs. Again, avoid using prolong period of time since its exploiting effect on the body is much more powerful than Golden Coin Grass unless is accompany with small amount of liver tonic herbs, and it should be balance by adding other cool/warm herbs depending on the person’s body type. Use it on a person with real liver and gallbladder heat problems (Generally, people with the formation of Gallstones are usually a result of bile stagnation, which the traditional Chinese medicine explains as a cause by evil heat, resulted from daily stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, drugs, etc…, that resides inside the liver and must be cleared by cool cleansing herbs before the normal bile flow can be reestablished. It is hard for stones to form in an unobstructed liver with strong and plenty of bile flow). That’s why in,
they suggest taking cleansing herb to dissolving and soften stones, purify and rejuvenate the liver and gallbladder before undergoing the liver flush. Strong and adequate of bile not only is needed to help dissolve stones, but it is also required to push stones out, even if Epsom Salt is taken to dilate the bile ducts, harden and big stones can’t come out without sufficient bile that push them out. A person with liver heat and fluid deficiency who attempts to undergo a flush could result in stone blockage because a lack of bile which also lubricates the ducts according to Andreas Moritz in his book The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse.

Bupleurum Scorzonerifolium, chai-hu: mild cool in nature, target to liver and gallbladder,
Relive fever, relax liver, and improve fire deficiency, supports immune system. This herb is probably a minor ingredient mixed in with the Long-Dan in the Chinese bitter for strengthening the effect of Long-Dan. Generally safe to use.

Coptis, wang-lian: A cold herb, color is yellowish, very bitter, nature is extreme cold and dry. Similar to Long-Dan except it targets many organs at the same time which require a herb that can tonify many organs at the same time as well. We generally choose licorice in this case. Caution to use is also the same as Long-Dan.

Curcuma: A relaxer, helps relieve stagnant liver Qi, and improves mental state, warm in nature and dry as well. I think you only use a little to assist the overall treatment.

Hope my explanation is clear to you, and I tried to explain in the way that you can understand better than talking to a Chinese herbalist.

Anyway, I think your nail and estrogen problem will be gone once you re-achieve you health again. In my opinion, you need to figure out your body type and start taking tonic herbs along with cleansing herbs to strength you liver and gallbladder function. You told me you have done 2 flushes, and if you got stones out, now there are probably much more older, bigger, and harder stones traveling from the back of the liver that needs some time to dissolve and soften before you undergo the next major flush. When you pain is reduce after taking dissolving agent, try doing a flush at that time and seeing what happen. If you didn’t even get stones out in the previous 2 flushes, I think you probably are flushing too early and/or need find out more details from other people’s experiences.

Anyway, talk to more people and get more opinions and combine them all to figure out what’s the best for you.

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