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Published: 13 years ago



I have just been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. Apparently, my digestive muscles are "uncoordinated" and causing me to not be able to evacuate properly. So, I am always backed up, more or less. I think I have probably had this for a very long time in retrospect, now that I know what this is.

This is treatable with a 2 week biofeedback program to retrain the muscles to work properly. (80% effectiveness) Until I can get the treatment (about 2 months) I was told to eat lightly and alot of easily digested things and to use laxatives (Smooth move tea is good). I had been on a primarily raw food diet for a long time, and the doctor felt that was my way of intuitively coping with the condition.

Anyone out there familiar with this dysfunction and the treatment?

You may remember, I posted here about the swollen biliary duct that showed up on the cat scan I had done. A follow up, weeks later, with an MRI showed that the biliary duct was NO LONGER swollen, and there was nothing else that showed up on the MRI, which I was relieved to hear.

HOWEVER, I still believe that the reason that the biliary duct was swollen in the first place, is because of sluggish bile and probably stones. (I do not have a gall bladder but have had liver pain for years, even after gall bladder removal).

I am still having pain, on the left side which is apparently a combination of the nerve pain from shingles and the pain of being backed up in my digestive system. I believe also because my bile is not moving well enough to digest my food properly. The pain is no longer excruciating as it was for about 2 1/2 weeks, but still there.

I finally got the chinese herbs I ordered from I just took my first doses yesterday. When I go to bed at night I normally feel like I have a rock in my stomach. Nothing is moving. When I took the herbs before bed, within an hour or so, I felt like something opened up and I had less pressure. And that was with just a small amount, as I thought I should start out slowly. If all goes as planned, I will use these herbs for 6 weeks. They are supposed to help move bile and open up the energy flow of the liver and help dissolve stones. And THEN, finally, I will do my first liver flush. So, another question I have is: have any of you used the chinese herbs and what was your experience???

I also did some parasite cleansing before doing this, and am pretty sure I got some results. It sure seemed different anyway.

I received my order from BH and I think I will start his dewormer and lower Bowel Cleanse after my first flush.

Any comments or suggestions from any of you about the above would be so very much appreciated!

Thanks for all your help!



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