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To ieatworld
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Published: 11 years ago

To ieatworld

Hi there - a continuation of our discussion from page 361 - Finally!!! :)

I think the noodles are ok. I am not 100% sure, but I think so. One of my favorite nutritionists recommends glucomannan fiber as a fiber supplement. I have used it, and I can't recall any candida flares from it, but trial and error is the best way to know, unfortunately. With this thing, just about anything that you hear is ok, someone will say it is not. It usually boils down to personal intolerances and allergies. So with food, some of the gray area items need to be solved with trial and error.

Your experience with more refined foods being easier on your system is not unusual for candida folks. Theory is that the more of the allergen that is in the food, the more likely you are to react to it. So, white bread with very little true-to-the-earth wheat in it will probably make you react less than a piece of whole grain bread will. The problem though is that, even though you are not reacting to the refined foods, they will still grow candida far more rapidly that their more earthy counterparts. So, the key is to avoid both what you react to, AND anything refined. Which leaves a lot that cannot be eaten for most of us. I have lots of similar experiences with ravenously eating (shoveling) sugary foods, yes, including cake icing from the jar, into my face. I now know that frenzy was caused by the candida - it makes you crave these things because it needs to be fed Sugar and flour to survive and grow in you. It is like it takes over. I can't tell you how many times in the past I have started a diet, only to be thwarted the next day because I literally HAD to eat tons of carby foods to stop the cravings. Except they never stopped. The only thing that stopped them was going cold turkey on the breads and sugars, and eating only protein and vegs for a while. Once the candida levels fall, your cravings will also.

That is cool that you were able to stop purging. Good for you!!!!! I did not do the chewing and spitting, probably because it never occurred to me or surely I would have tried, lol. I am glad you no longer care for sweets. I guess I got the impression from your first post that you could not stop eating them. I am sorry if I misunderstood you. Chocolate, that is a tough one. Most will say don't so it, but there have been others with a different point of view, as long as it is very dark chocolate and very small amounts. Once in a blue moon I will have a tiny piece of like 80% dark, it has not much sugar, but I could go crazy on it if I could as I love it. Bingeing is hard to conquer. I was able to stop purging before I was able to stop bingeing (so I got a little fat for a while, lol). Eventually that fell away also. The best I have felt was when I was eating only veggies, protein, good fats, and just legumes and yams or squash, and maybe a little fruit every so often. I have now somehow gotten in the bad habit of eating a good amount of white potatoes every week, and am trying to get back off of that as they are very high on the glycemic index.

Emotional eating - yes I understand that as well. I think of bingeing as frenzied and just eating until you cannot hold another bite, and just being kind of numb and mindless while it is going on. Emotional eating doesn't necessarily involve bingeing. Have you by any chance been checked for hypoglycemia? If you feel nervous and kind of anxious or jittery, and food stops it, it could be hypoglycemia.

I am wondering if your docs have done anything to help with the excess testosterone? Sometimes getting the hormones in balance will automatically help the candida battle. IBS can be related to nerves and anxiety, or it could also be unbalanced flora. Have you tried a probiotic? They are all so very different from one another as far as strains go, but I have recommended Multidophillus from Solaray to a couple of people at work with IBS issues, and it stopped their symptoms cold. I bet a good probiotic would help wonders with your ibs issues. And it would probably help fairly quickly. Another thing to think about is possibly trying a colonic or enemas to help get the impacted stuff out. Once you have some relief in that area, the rest will come easier. It also sounds like you are having a tough time with brain fog. My doc recommended L-tyrosine for that, and it does help. So does a little baking soda like a teaspoon full in a glass of water sipped slowly over the course of half an hour. Some swear by the mineral molybdenum to combat brain fog, though I have not tried that. Also, if you liver is taxed (sounds like it might be) a fresh squeezed lemon in a glass of water can help as lemon cleanses the liver. I have this every day. I can totally relate to that as I spent a couple of years just sort of occupying a chair at work because I was unable to be productive due to brain fog and lack of concentration Ė everything I tried to do that required thought took ages to accomplish, and I often felt just plain drugged. It is WAY better now Ė there is hope!

What we are going through is not ďminor inconveniencesĒ. We are really sick and many of us are going through hell just to keep on going. And, being ill does take a huge emotional toll. Honor yourself in the fact that you are doing your best in the face of very difficult circumstances. You have added burdens because of your age and living situation. You have a LOT on your plate to deal with!

Just keep trying - do the best you can at any give moment and try to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up. If your parents canít do that for you then you need to do that for yourself. There are so many in this world that will stomp on our efforts at any given opportunity, so we turn a deaf ear and do what we need to do. Hang in there!

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