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Re: Day24 fast 2: odd detox or something else?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Day24 fast 2: odd detox or something else?

It isn't necessarily the case that each fast will have greater detox signs. It may well be, if shorter fasts are done and there is a lot of stored up waste to remove, but as a rule the body gets cleaner each time and fasting actually becomes easier. Not preparing for a fast can make it more difficult, especially intially. But it is not dangerous- in the wild there is never any preparation! Animals fast when sick or injured or when there is no food and they are never given advanced notice. :)

The fasting body never detoxes too quickly. The body is a smart machine and would never harm itself. The kidneys are more likely to be harmed by the intake of too much water than too much toxins passing through it. All the organs are put under far more stress while the body fights to digest too much food and the non-foods we typically feed them in our wonderful modern world of pizzas and chocolate-coated everythings. Fasting is a chance for the body to rest.

You can certainly use vegetable juice instead of fruit juice. Most raw foods are suitable to break a fast with, orange juice was popularised by Shelton I believe but it certainly isn't the only way. I usually break my fasts with whole fruit, whatever is in season. You also don't need to dilute the juice or strain it, just have it as it comes. After several weeks of fasting I think you'll find your candida will be a thing of the past, but I've still seen it recommended to break the fast with something less sweet to start with, then a few days later maybe start introducing the sweeter stuff and see how you go. Raw fruits are too important a part of our diet to leave out forever, and now you've done the hard work you should be able to eat them safely again.

I would suggest to wait for the parasite and/or Bowel Cleanse till after refeeding. Again you may find you don't need these either. You'll find your first bowel motions are cleansing enough on their own- cleansing is what the body does best while fasting.

Return of hunger at this point in your fast shouldn't be ignored. The tongue is not always clear and the body not always completely cleansed first time around. It depends on whether you have enough good quality stores in your body to keep you going until it can all be completed. It is dangerous to take the fast beyond the point that hunger returns. It's described as a yearning desire for a single natural food, a desire that doesn't go away in a few hours or overnight for example. If the hunger persists and it's not your typical chocolate craving, end your fast.

If you need to break your fast now you can refeed on raw or mostly raw food, the best you can do, for the same amount of time you fasted for. The raw food will build up your stores naturally while still continuing with the detox as you rightly said. It will also give you good quality stores and prepare you as best you can be for your next fast.

I hope this helps.


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