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Re: Anyone want to weigh in on elective ovary removal (bilateral)?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Anyone want to weigh in on elective ovary removal (bilateral)?

I'll jump in here with a "story"...I have distant relative that chose to undergo this (horrific & brutal, imo) carving out of her ovaries (in her late 50's/early 60's). It TOTALLY destroyed her health and vitality, and left her a pain riddled shell of her former self.

Weekly debilitating migraines (suffering thru an iatrogenic addiction to pharmaceutical pain meds), scar/pain issues after the surgery 'healed', being put on hormones to try and resolve the headaches (which led to antidepressants)...and of course now (I know) that the liver toxicity/burden has resulted in a 'frozen shoulder' (which the doctor tells her is bursitis, and gives her steroids)...causing MORE complications/symptoms and liver toxicity.

There's no part of our body that EVER totally 'stops' working and doing what it is intended to do naturally. The migraines are directly caused from the abrupt cease of hormonal activity (which the doctors say they are NOT producing after menopause).

I just did a quick Google search using the phrase "ovaries after menopause"
Here it is:

Below are some quotes from the results (I don't have time to document which came from which).

If she's symptomatic or has some type of a cyst, that can easily be rectified. Once the ovaries have been carved out of the body, there's no "rectifying" anything...only putting toxic pharmaceutical band-aids on symptoms caused because vital organs (both for sexual vibrancy and for bone/hormonal health) can NEVER be replaced.

That's my 'story' and what I KNOW to be true. I hope you can persuade her to change her mind. Her life & health could be destroyed by undergoing that procedure.


Testosterone is usually thought of as solely a male hormone. However, it and other androgen (male) hormones are produced by the ovaries from the time of the first menstrual period. These androgens continue to be produced by the ovaries after menopause. Testosterone has many direct and indirect benefits to your body. Some of the testosterone is converted into estrogen by your body, and it circulates in the bloodstream to all of your tissues where it has a direct effect on many organs. It helps to build bone and thus reduces osteoporosis. Its steroid features prevent muscle loss that often occurs with aging. Testosterone directly affects the brain and increases libido. Sexual feelings, desire, and arousal are all related to androgen levels. Testosterone also affects brain function and mood. Women with hormones from their own ovaries have a lower rate of Depression than women who have had them removed, even if estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) is taken.

Even after menopause, the ovaries still produce small amounts of hormonesActh
Growth hormone
Growth hormone deficiency
Hormone levels
Hormone replacement therapy
Hormone-based contraceptives
Lh blood test
Lh urine test (home test)
Pituitary hormones
Pth that help the body's normal function. I discussed this issue with my own doctor, and she replied that while she'd had a hysterectomyHysterectomy
Hysterectomy - series herself, she has chosen to keep her ovaries for whatever small benefit they would provide through and after menopause.

The researchers note that the ovaries continue to make small amounts of estrogen for years after menopause and that significant levels of ovarian testosterone and androstenedione have been documented in women in their 80s. They also note that after oophorectomy, menopausal women have significantly lower plasma levels of testosterone than women who go through menopause naturally. Testosterone is converted by muscle and fat cells into circulating estrogen. The 'residual' hormones produced by the ovaries after menopause are important in protecting against heart disease and osteoporosis,


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