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Published: 15 years ago
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Hi ML and friends,

I wanted to take the time to share some things here as some have been watching my journey and from time to time, might enjoy hearing some of the good and not always my questions… more of those latter! I’ve been thinking of a blog but just not sure if I’m going to yet.

First let me say something, there are two things I’ve learned from moreless that have completely changed the way I view myself and life in general. Some common sense might have made this obvious but for one reason or another it just never crossed my mind until I found this forum. To paraphrase ML;

1. We do not get energy from the food we eat… surprise!!! We get energy from the acid and alkali materials that interact when we eat them!

2. Our bodies do not have the equipment to move food particles around! Our bodies simply change the “matter” into energy, take it where it needs to go, then slows it back down to re-create “matter”

Now the first might be more important but the latter simply floored me! Are we not talking about speed of light travel now???? ML, you better be careful, the “establishment” is not going to take kindly to these “secrets” being thrown around in the general public!

O.K. to my point, as some of you know, I have suffered from chronic hives for years. In fact every year they get worse, more and more things will set them off. Stress, exercise, foods, ect… Well the other day, I was stressed out a little, and I went for a hard ride on my bike. I sweated out of places that I have not for years!!!! I got home and no hives anywhere! Remember, I’m not taking any “antihistamines” anymore! I eat what used to make me break out and do what used to make me break out and now I don’t break out! Want to know the secrete? About $5.00 in hydrogen peroxide sprayed on myself before and after my showers! I’ve spent thousands of dollars over years looking for the answer and it was under my sink the whole time! I’m down right scared to see what will happen when I start using the five parts water to one part ACV every other day!

Now, from and old hernia operation that I had years ago... it was actually a repair from my first one when I was very small. I’ve had these stitches buried in my skin. You would not know they were there because they were completely covered over. The surgeon said they might go away or they might not. Well they never did. The other day, I happened to notice that my body is pushing them out! I mean they are literally almost ready to fall out! Again, they were buried and now they are coming out! They have been in there for about 8 or 9 years! That, I believe is the healing effects of the BSM drink! AMAZING!

Other things are coming along. Some better than others on my journey, I got a long way to go to get out of my dark tunnel, but I’m seeing the light now! Everyday is a new adventure and things are getting better! Some days more than others but progress is almost too rapid for my body to keep up! Its like two steps forward three steeps back and them all of a sudden I’m a mile ahead!

So everyone needs to remember that we all make mistakes and nothing happens overnight, especially when we eat those proteins before bed! But nature has given us all the power, or should I say freedom to make our choices. Moreover, she has provided us with an outlet of knowledge right here, and now more than ever the opportunity is here to show thanks with our actions and not empty words!


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