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Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

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About IP-6


Chances are if you are here, you probably already know about IP-6. If you don't, or perhaps just want to know a bit more, here's some information put together by Bill Sardi, the renouned medical/health reporter, who has penned several very informative books. We'd encourage you to visit his website, to learn more about his research.

With advancing age the human body harbors parasites, accumulates cellular debris, fats, and metallic minerals. In the later years of life accumulated iron and calcium cause tissues in the body to rust and calcify. The liver stores iron. The gall bladder and kidneys develop calcium and irons stones. Heart valves and arteries calcify and become clogged with cholesterol. The brain, retina and heart amass lipofuscin (ly-po-fusk-in) pigments. Parasites such as H. pylori (bacteria), Candida albicans (yeast), hepatitis and herpes viruses thrive as the human body begins to store extra iron with advancing age.

The question is how to reverse all of these aging and disease factors. Alternative medicine practitioners often suggest detoxification, liver cleansing, or chelation therapy to remove these elements from tissues. But such efforts are often over-promoted, poorly researched, expensive or sometimes ineffective.

Simple answer

There is a simple, economical and effective way of ridding the body of all of these undesirable organisms, debris and metals with advancing age --- IP6 rice bran extract.

IP6 is inositol hexaphosphate (also called phytic acid), which is found in every cell of the human body, is one molecule of inositol and six of phosphate and is found naturally in whole grains (bran), seeds and nuts. IP6 is known as nature’s master mineral chelator (remover).

IP6 is another of the many natural molecules that both conventional and alternative health practitioners continue to overlook. Researchers from around the world indicate they are searching for metal chelating agents to prevent or treat disease but fail to employ IP6 rice bran extract which is safe and economical. Conventional medicine’s narrow use of patented drugs rather than natural remedies blinds many health practitioners from the use of natural remedies such as IP6.

IP6, extracted from rice bran, is available as a dietary supplement and natural chelator of metals from living tissues. As a dietary supplement, IP6 is documented as a cleanser of arteries, the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, gall bladder (stones), and many other tissues. Here is the evidence for your review.

IP6 cleanses heavy metals

IP6 attaches to heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, as well as loose iron, copper and calcium. [J Agriculture Food Chemistry 47: 4714-17, 999] IP6 is a selective chelator -- it does not attach to potassium, sodium or magnesium, important electrolyte minerals required for heart rhythm. IP6 does not remove calcium from bones or iron from red blood cells. Once chelated (attached), these excess minerals are excreted via the urinary tract. [Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 35:495-508, 1995]

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IP6 cleanses the kidneys

Numerous scientific reports confirm that IP6 inhibits the formation of kidney stones and can be used to dissolve calcium stones in the kidneys once they are formed. [Scandinavian Journal Urology Nephrology 34: 162-64, 2000] IP6 is described as a “clear alternative in the treatment of calcium kidney stones.” [Anticancer Research 19:3717-22, 1999] Another study concludes that IP6 “may be a useful agent in the treatment of patients with kidney stones.” [Scand J Urology Nephrology 32:261-5, 1998]
While various studies confirm IP6’s ability to inhibit kidney stones, it goes unused by physicians. [Arch Esp Urology 52:305-10, 1999]

IP6 cleanses the heart

Researchers in Israel recently reported that methods are available to measure iron accumulation in the heart. Iron chelators such as IP6 would provide therapy for a heart weakened by excess iron. [Br J Haematology 125:545-51, 2004]

IP6 cleanses the arteries

One published report exclaimed that IP6 has an “extraordinary capacity” to inhibit calcifications throughout the body. [Anticancer Research 19:3717-22, 1999] IP6 can potentially remove calcium deposits from arteries. [International Journal Cardiology 33: 191-9, 1991] IP6 has been shown to significantly lower cholesterol in animals fed a cholesterol-enriched diet. [Anticancer Research 19:3699-702, 1999]

IP6 cleanses the liver

About a third of American adults have a condition called fatty liver. IP6 has been demonstrated to be a remedy for fatty liver. [Anticancer Research 19: 3695-98, 1999]

The liver is an organ that stores iron. Since iron is a growth factor for bacteria, fungi and virsuses, removal of iron from the liver may inhibit scarring caused by hepatitis. [Am J Gastroenterology 99: 286-91, 2004] Iron-restricted diets protect against liver damage in cases of chronic hepatitis C infection. [Hepatogastroenterology. 2002 49:529-31, 2002]
Removal of iron from the liver by periodic consumption of IP6 rice bran extract may be advantageous in liver disease.

IP6 cleanses the colon

Fiber is often promoted as a preventive measure against colon cancer. But not all types of fiber exhibit this protective property. Only the fiber found in whole grains (bran) that contains iron-binding IP6 prevents colon cancer. [Cancer 56: 717-18, 1985]

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IP6 cleanses the brain

Loose iron is involved in the onset and progression of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease and Frederich’s ataxia. [Ann N Y Academy Sciences1012:306-25, 2004] Metal removal (chelation) is proposed as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease by its ability to dissolve beta amyloid plaques in the brain. [Journal Alzheimer’s Disease 6:291-301, 2004]

Neuromelanin is a brain pigment that control iron which may be overwhelmed with advancing age. A preliminary study using an iron chelator among Alzheimer’s patients produced some encouraging results, but concerns over the side effects of chelating drugs have limited further research. [Lancet Neurology 3: 431-34, 2004] However, IP6 has been found to be non-toxic in comparison with pharmaceutical chelators. [Environmental Molecular Mutagenesis 38:347-56, 2001]

Researchers are now poised to utilize iron chelators to prevent or treat age-related brain disease, but appear confused on how to proceed because of the terrible side effects posed by the use of prescription metal chelators.

IP6 is an overlooked chelator in the treatment of brain disease. Rats fed a diet rich in IP6 exhibit much lower iron levels in brain tissue. [J Trace Elem Med Biology15:221-8, 2001] When IP6 is added back into the diet of IP6-depleted animals, IP6 levels in brain tissues rise by 100 times. [Life Science 71:1535-46, 2002]

IP6 cleanses the gall bladder

Gallstones are composed of cholesterol, and in the later years of iron and calcium.
[Gastroenterology 76: 548-55, 1979] Children with inherited iron disorders exhibit increased risk for gallstones. [Acta Radiologica 40: 440-43, 1999] Removal of calcium and iron from the gall bladder may dissolve gall stones.

IP6 cleanses tissues of aging debris

Lipofuscin (ly-poh-fusk-in) is an aging pigment that accumulates in the brain, heart, retina and other tissues throughout the body. Oxygen and loose iron promote the accumulation of cellular debris called lipofuscin while iron chelators diminish it. [Free Radical Biology Medicine 33:611-9, 2002] IP6 as a potent mineral chelator could potentially remove lipofuscin deposits from aged tissues.

IP6 is an antibiotic

Iron encourages the growth of various parasites (bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi/yeast). [Microbial Pathogenesis 36:263-71, 2004; Clinical Infectious Diseases 25: 888, 1997] E. coli is a common pathogenic bacterium found in contaminated foods and water. In one animal experiment, when animals were intentionally infected with E. coli bacteria and given iron, all the animals succumbed. All the infected animals not given iron survived, underlining the importance of iron in the severity of infection. [Immunology 15: 581, 1968] Iron binders like IP6 can potentially be used in the treatment and prevention of infection. [Iron and Your Health, 1991]

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IP6 offers additional health benefits

There are additional heath benefits which may ensue from supplementation with IP6 rice bran extract. IP6 promotes DNA repair. [Cell 102: 721-29, 2000] Excess iron may have a role in the development of diabetes and IP6 may play a role in reversing diabetes. [Diabetic Medicine 21:798-802, 2004] IP6 also prevents blood clots. [Anticancer Research 19:3689-93, 1999]

IP6 is misunderstood

Unfortunately dietitians have been taught that IP6 is an anti-nutrient, that because of its mineral chelating properties it deprives the body of essential nutrients. Dietitians often fail to distinguish growing children, who have high calcium and iron needs, from adults who begin to accumulate excessive minerals with advancing age. Females experience delayed accumulation of iron because of monthly menstruation and avoid calcium overload by donating this mineral to their offspring during pregnancy and lactation.

While nutritionists have been taught that IP6 in whole grains and seeds suppress the bioavailability of minerals, when IP6 was added to the diet of mice it did not affect their absorption of iron or calcium. [Journal Nutrition 114: 1192-98, 1984; Journal Nutrition 111: 841-47, 1981] Another study concluded that IP6 has no negative effects on mineral status and that adequate amounts in the diet are “remarkable and must be favorably considered.” [J Trace Element Med Biology15:221-8, 2001]


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