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Where’s the Kelp?????

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Published: 15 years ago

Where’s the Kelp?????

Hi Moreless,

You had asked my about kelp in my BSM drinks and I feel you deserve an answer, but it will take a little more background first;

About three maybe four years ago now, I went to see a dermatologist for my “hives” The first thing she did is question why I always wore two pair of paints (jogging pants under my slacks) I told her I was always cold. Now I’m like why do you care you are supposed to help my with my hives that I thought were caused by an infection in my pores making it so that I can’t sweat. She told my no! That is an allergic reaction and gave my anti histamines. I actually laughed at her! I knew it wouldn’t help but it did… at least it help to “hide” my body crying for help! Anyway she suggested for me to wait until I got my health Ins. And go see an endocrinologist.

When I finally did, this guy took one look at me and my sweaty hands and said yup! Your hyperthyroid lets do some tests. So, in comes the infamous iodine re-uptake test! Do you know what they did??? I was so violated!!!!!! The shot me up with radioactive iodine so they could take pictures!!!!

After that test, my throat hurt for weeks!!!! Not that smoking helped, but come on, I know it was the radioactive iodine that made it hurt. And it was my thyroid not just my throat, I knew that too. So, in the end that test was “O.K.” and the T3, T4, TSG or whatever were “inconclusive” thank god as I’m sure you know what they do in the U.S. for hyperthyroid! They destroy it so that they may feed you drugs for the rest of your life!

Anyway, what does this have to do with kelp???? EVERY time I add kelp, that “pain” comes back just like after the radioactive test!!!!!! I’m scared of kelp now too! See my point? I don’t know enough about the things I’m now doing to my body. I know that I’m going through a LOT of changes with all that I’m trying to do and I make ignorant mistakes like the bath. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore in my efforts to help myself! Do you have any thoughts why the kelp makes my thyroid hurt?? Perhaps after I get healthy, I mean a lot better than where I’m at, I’ll be able to handle it better.

I do what you say! I try kelp one day, feel the effects than the next, I leave it out…no pain that day. Next day put it in, and BAM! The pain! Next day take it out and no pain. So, I learn for myself that in myself, for whatever reason, this is not good…..


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