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Re: suggestions please
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: suggestions please

I don't know if this helps at all, 72252, but dh remembers twin sisters, back in the 1940's (?) who needed to reduce their weight. One did it with some kind of vinegar...and her metabolism broke down entirely. She could no longer digest food, and died young.

From this distance it is impossible for me to tell anything about the case, of course, but dh felt sure it was the vinegar to blame. The gals were in his circle of friends.

Myself, looking back over decades, I thoroughly wish I had known then, what I know now. When we are younger, we don't know what we don't yet know.

My very best advice would be to get many 'second' opinions, until you can see much more.

I would especially look deeply into alternatives that don't require surgery or other dentistry. Reading is ones best friend, I think...and there is so much available to read.

And, listen to your intuition.

And, sample tiny bits of any idea that sounds likely...even leaving the idea to 'stew' in your notebook, until it feels right.

For example, someone said that parasites can prevent weight loss. As gross as the idea seems, I feel it may be true, for me.

I tried Humaworm, with much worrying beforehand, and now feel much better, though it will be a while yet, I know. The five pounds off, the other day, represented the first movement of the scale's needle in, say, three years.

I really do feel that the best things for us make us feel better, so that we know for sure what we want to do next.

And, that any improvement may take much longer than we had expected.

Another good idea, I think, is to try a bath or footbath in a one percent (1%) solution of Himalayan crystal salt, at 97 degrees, for 20 to 30 minutes...if your doctor would not object to an ocean swim for you.

It 'balances' all kinds of important bodily substances, and dilutes all kinds of toxins...without us having to 'figure' it all out.

I get my Himalayan crystal salt from ...though it took me more than a year to try it, so skeptical was I.

Someone suggested a Himalayan salt footbath, as salty as tears, for 'grounding'. Two of those, two evenings running, and I suddenly noticed all anxiety was gone (even though I hadn't thought myself particularly anxious), and the edema swelling on the tops of my feet reduced.

Now there were improvements I didn't have to wait for!

Here's a report on the book, Water & Salt, which was posted by Daizy4...


A TV program is telling how to lose weight easily...actually telling how, over five weeks, before you buy the book. (!!!)

The four first steps, as I remember them, are...

...Eat when you feel hungry.

...Eat only the things you really like. (Throw everything else out.)

...Eat 'consciously'...without TV, radio, or a book. And, put down your fork and chew each mouthful twenty times.

...Stop eating when you first get the idea that you might be full. One way to test this is to eat with your eyes closed, or a blindfold. You will be amazed at how much of your usual meal is still on the plate, when you first feel full.


The full disclaimer is given, of course...

...Seek your doctor's approval before making any dietary changes, and,

...This program is for entertainment purposes, only.

I agree.

In trying to write my impressions of this program, here, I couldn't possibly address your particular needs...nor am I qualified to do so.

Seek advice from professionals in altering any part of your diet, and lifestyle.


I can hardly wait til next Sunday at 6, on the same channel as "What Not to Wear." I think the next hints are going to be doozies!

Oh yes...when searching for 'opinions', be sure to ask some really good kinesiologists. Any alternative healthcare practitioner knows who is 'around' in your town. (I got my best hint from a practitioner's receptionist, when I asked.)

Read in the Coconut Oil forum; the Oil-Pulling forum; the Leptin Resistance forum; and, of course, the Ask Humaworm forum, and/or

The world is full of wondrous things you and I have never seen before. And we are entitled.

Think only of what is better. You will be amazed at what you can do alone, and moreso at what you can do with a little help from friends.

My best,


Plus, read the free ebook, Wishcraft, at You'll love it.

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