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Re: 7.5 or 8.0 readings bad... VERY LONG! Views: 1,541
Published: 15 years ago
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Re: 7.5 or 8.0 readings bad... VERY LONG!

O.K. ML, now bear in mind that I’ve not been in my right mind lately. I feel as brain fog has once again taken over! I must have made those free energy aliens angry!!!!!! Now to business.

Let me start when I was coming home from work on Thursday night, I cheated and had a vanilla malt, one of my weaknesses. So, I thought I’d come home and take an E.S. bath. You know what happened there!

Friday morning, I honestly don’t remember if I ate anything. Most likely a hard boiled egg or two. When I got to work I tried to drink coffee with mega sugar (I only took three or four sips). Bad idea! I felt so bad that when I tried to take a break and go for a walk, I decided to leave! I came home, drank baking soda (very little) and BSM with ACV. This is when I got my pH strips…

2:00 PM S6.5 & U7.0
2:30 PM S5.5 & U9.0 off chart
3:00 PM S5.0 & U9.0 off chart (I was very panicky and weak ect…)
Took nap and woke up at…
5:00 PM S5.0 & U7.25 (Thank god it came down…)
Juice cilantro garlic and broccoli, its all I had, wait 15 mins…
7:15 PM S6.5 & U6.75
8:06 PM S6.75 & U6.75 (I was cooking that tomato stew you said would be acidic, I only ate very little before you told me so I never ate the rest)
1:00 AM S6.25 & U6.75
Saturday 5:00 AM S6.5 & U6.75 (I was happy with this but still felt weak with the brain fog)
11:35 S6.5 & U7.0 I must not have eaten anything for breakfast as I did not write anything down.
12:35 PM S6.75 & U7.5 (30 mins after juicing carrots and celery my fav!)
3:15 PM S6.5 & U7.5 After eating two egg whites from Hard-boiled eggs.
11:30 PM Now I go out and eat corn beef and cabbage with carrots and white potato oh and ice cream for desert I have no idea what I was thinking! I broke out in the worst hives since I stopped meds 8 weeks ago! Got home at 11:30 and tested…
S6.75 & U6.0
Sunday 10:15 A.M. Just woke up and S6.5 & U6.75?????? I thought it would be lower????
11:04 AM S7.0 & U6.5

Now I can tell you that I drink 1 to 2 liters of Figi water daily and started to take a calcium pill Saturday Sunday and Monday but today my pickling lime came. So I can change to that now…

I felt O.K. on Sunday so I had a bike ride that was probably a little over the top for my condition. I just finished a 2,000.00 project bike that I’ve been working for almost a year! This weekend was supposed to be the true start to my summer but after the Thursday night bath I can not do anything! I’m sooo tired all the time and panicky, brain fog, ect… Even thinking about what happened will start me shaking and when you told me to do it again I almost cried right their! So I took a regular shower on Sunday that also make me very scared and I was drained afterwards and I thought that I’d just go cold at the end. You know I might as well get used to it…. No way, the moment the water hit me it was like knives all over! Took my breath out of me and I almost dropped on the spot. 5’11” and what used to be 135 Lbs. But now, I’m at 120! Lost 15 Lbs from the time I started juicing.

Anyway on to Monday, I can remember a little more about today! This morning it was my carrot and celery juice. I felt pretty good. Tried to drink that coffee in the morning, again not good. Work was a nightmare! I could not leave and I work 10 hrs days. It was panic all day no energy to walk up the four flights of stars I usually run up! I almost went to the E.R.! I’m just not in my right mind so I’m constantly thinking too much bad thoughts about the state of my body. Overloading the lymph and putting the blood in jeopardy, just a little too much either way and that’s all she wrote for me!

Lunch was 1Oz wheat grass and a large carrot and orange juice from one of those “chain” juicy bars. I feel that my options are limited and I have to choose something. Anyway I thought it helped for a while but slowly the bad feelings came back. Work was torture! I made a salad from the lunch room… to save for my dinner, I don’t get out of work until 8:00 at night and I cant eat that late so again, I needed to make a choice the lesser of the evils. I brought some oats I mix with all natural granola from whole foods and two pieces of the best wheat bread I can find the kind made with BSM and not corn syrup.

It was after all that lunch juice that I again tested high alkaline and posted

As this is way too long and confusing let me just add one more thought. I’m not the kind of person who is “sensitive” to things. Nor do I complain. Usually, whatever someone says, double it and it still has no effect on me. That bath, to me, is like sudden death. Never has anything affected me so drastically and had such a long after effect. Eight weeks of juicing did miracles to my health and energy. That bath took it all away. I know I did it wrong, but I did research online today and it is a very common thing. No one else warns to take a cold shower afterwards you know? So that’s one of the reason why I’m so shocked that this affected me so.

Sorry one more note, I understand the proper was to test with the strips and how they only show a very small portion of the whole picture but I could not help going all out and having fun testing 20 times a day! I will start just in the morning and make my averages on a weekly basis so after a couple months; I can get a clear picture of how my body handles the nights…



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