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homeopathy lesson 7
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Published: 11 years ago
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homeopathy lesson 7

Lesson Seven
Any substance can become a homeopathic remedy. In many instances the substance is physiologically (and medically) inert when in its crude state, and it's healing power is only awakened by potenization. once poentized, a substance is called a remedy. Information about the healing potential of a remedy is obtained from; provings, toxicology, and clinical verification.
Each homeopathic remedy has a distinctive recognizable identity (totality).
Making a remedy
The "X" scale
The crude substance is mixed at a proportion of 1 part substance to 10 parts distilled water and succussed (violently shaken with an sudden stop at the end of each dawn ward stroke of the shake) 10 times, this is called 1 X. One part of 1 X is again mixed with 10 drops of distilled water and this is succussed 10 times, this is 2 X. This processed continued as high as necessary in order to obtain a cure. Do not use a "X" remedy below a 6 X; 6 X is the one millionth dilution, and is the lowest safe X potency to use with any substance to a void any toxic or allergic reaction.
The "C" Scale
The "C" remedies are made as are the "X" remedies, except the mix proportion is one part crude substance to 100 parts of distilled water, and this mix is succussed 100 times instead of 10 times as with the "X" scale remedies, this is 1 C. One part of 1 C is added to 100 parts of distilled water and

succussed 100 times to get 2 C. This processed is continued as needed to produce a cure. 3 C is the one millionth dilution for the "C" scale, and 3 C is the lowest that a "C" remedy can be safely used.

The "LM" Scale
The "LM" scale is not a high potency, as some people believe. The "LM" scale is made by a entirely new method as fallows:
1. 100 drops of grain alcohol is mixed with 400 drops of distilled water.
2. One 3 C pellet is added to the water/alcohol mixed and allowed to devolve.
3. Succuss the above 100 times. This is the "Mother" LM potency.
4. Put one drop of the mother LM potency into 100 drops of grain alcohol and success 100 times.
Put one part of the above into 500 #10 or 250 #20 pellets and let dry. This is LM 1.
5. To get to LM 2 and beyond, take one LM 1 pellet and devolve it in 100 drops of grain alcohol and success this 100 times, put one drop of this into 500 # 10 OR 250 # 20 pellets and let dry, this is LM 2.
To use a LM remedy
1. put one LM pellet into 3 oz of distilled water, and add 15 drops of grain alcohol to it.
2. success this 10 times.
3. Put one tablespoon of the above mix into 4 oz of distilled water and stir well.
4. from the above (# 3) mix administer to patient as called for by the condition of the patient.

If a crude substance is not water soluble, and therefore incapable of being potenized by the method previously discussed, it is prepared by trituration as follows:
One part of the crude substance is mixed with 100 parts of milk sugar. This mix is then ground with a mortar and pestle for 15 minutes, this mix is 1 C. One part of this is mixed with 100 parts of milk sugar and ground for 15 minutes to make 2 C, this process continues until you are at 3 C, from this point any substance becomes water soluble.

The Transference of Energy from Crude Substance to Homeopathic Remedy
Every Homeopathic Remedy starts as a crude substance. A crude substance can be any plant, mineral, or animal. In most instances, the crude substance (in it's crude state) has no medicinal or therapeutic value, and in some instances can actually be toxic or poisonous.
Through the process of Potenization, (which is as describe in an earlier lesson, is the repeated dilution of a crude substance with vigorous shaking at each dilution) the innate healing qualities of a crude substance is released, while the same time any toxic or poisonous part of the crude substance is eliminated.
The healing qualities of the crude substance is transferred to the medium used for dilution in the same way the magnetic quality of a magnet is transferred to a nail when the nail is rubbed on the magnet. Only the magnetism and not any of the crude substance is taken up by the nail.
By using Succussion or Trituration at each dilution, the molecules of the crude substance, and the molecules of the medium used for dilution, are rubbed together (much like rubbing a nail to a magnet), thereby causing a transference of energy from the crude substance to the medium that was used for dilution. With each successive dilution, less of the crude substance remains in the solution until at the one millionth dilution only the medium used for dilution remains, but by this time every molecule of the dilution medium has taken on the healing energy of the crude substance. None of the toxic or poisonous qualities are imparted to the medium because this is in the crude part that was left behind.
In short, the electromagnetic energy (which every substance has) is transferred from the crude substance to the medium used for dilution, thereby causing molecular alteration of the medium, causing it to have the same (only enhanced) resonance frequency as the crude substance.


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