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Image Embedded Re: anyone with parkinson using MMS?

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: anyone with parkinson using MMS?

The Below is from this thread:

It seems right that MMS would help in kicking out bad bacteria while also detoxing the body of the heavy metal aluminum [iodine would also assist with this], in which according to Richard Orlee, is tied to the basic cause of many diseases so related such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) & MS.

It is suggested that before and during supplementation of MMS, it would be wise to replace the bad bacteria that live off of the aluminum that is ingested in the body with good bacteria that thrive off of Yttrium [and Boron]. According to Richard Orlee, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)& MS seem to be very much tied together...

Over the course of time, the intestines have gotten stressed out of shape causing a malabsorption problem due to aluminum in the diet. It could take some time for the body to get its house in order to be able to manufacture the correct amino acids, enzymes and proteins that is necessary to resume proper absorption through digestion.

The first step though is to be aware of how to avoid aluminum toxicity and eliminate the aluminum while getting yttrium [and Boron] levels back up that supports the good bacteria to thrive within the intestines. This, together with the iodine supplementation, will assure the body will manufacture of the proper proteins, amino acids and enzymes that can be used to protect the nerve shealths in the body & brain.

AcresUSA: Things like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)— what is causing these things and how do the trace nutrients figure in it?

OLREE. "The research that I’ve done started with multiple sclerosis, and if it wasn’t for a dear friend of mine, I might have been still groping in the dark in trying to understand the bacterial action of the intestinal tract in relation to yttrium.
My friend is suffering severely from multiple sclerosis. He staggered into my office one day and said, “Richard, read this. You’ve got to talk to this guy.” He showed me a 2002 article written by a geneticist whose research had shown that multiple sclerosis was actually nailed down to just two genes that weren’t working right. In the article he says that although we can stick all the raw ingredients into a test tube, we just can’t get this stuff to wrap around a nerve — and of course demyelination, or the loss of the coating of your nerve, is the hallmark of MS.

In the article he had listed the two genes in the human genome that were faulty. I nailed down the protein sequences for these genes, I converted them, and to my surprise the number one termination code that was needed was yttrium. I said to myself, “They’re never going to figure this one out because they don’t know what yttrium is.”

After that, I started looking at other genetic sequences. Alzheimer’s got my attention because it’s always in the media. Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease, they all seem to be very closely related. In terms of research, you find that many of the same broken genes appear in all of these various diseases — it’s just a matter of which combination of genes is broken that determines the type of disease process. When I started running the protein sequences for all of these genes, I found that the most needed termination code in the sequences was always yttrium. As a matter of fact, yttrium always fell in the top 10 (out of 64) minerals in terms of need. The body has a priority system. Yttrium falls on the heart meridian, and any yttrium-based polypeptide or amino acid sequences produced by bacteria in the stomach or the intestinal tract is probably going to be used by the heart or the circulatory system before it can be sent to the brain."

It just makes common sense from here... it seems that to really resolve the problem of MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etc., you will have to work on resolving the problem the intestines are having in assimilating nutrients and minerals that will be used to make up the lacking proteins, polypeptides and amino acids needed to fill in the void as it presents itself in these dis-eases [to protect nerve sheaths, etc.]...
Iodine supplementation is a major player when it comes to this, as it also needed by the body to manufacture the CORRECT proteins, enzymes, and amino acids.
But before this can happen you have got to get yttrium [and Boron] levels back up in the intestines to support the proper bacteria that can break down the food so these mineral & nutrients can be absorbed. keep in mind these proper bacteria are competing with other bacteria that are supported by much of the aluminum that is ingested.

Yttrium competes with aluminum...get out the aluminum so that the bacteria that are supported by it diminish...put in yttrium [with the help from Boron] and the bacteria that live on that will multiply...then these dis-eases will subside as body-nerves-brain normalize.
Dr. Orlee's take on Parkinson's is that it's an aluminum toxicity PLUS a boron deficiency which depletes or alters serine (amino acid) metabolism. When serine is depleted in that portion of the brain (substantia nigra)..

..or shuttled somewhere else, the bromine leaves the tissue and the result is Parkinson's disease.

If you have high aluminum consumption and it suppresses your boron or runs it out of the system, this will alter serine metabolism. If you alter serine metabolism, you alter bromine metabolism. That part of the brain that goes faulty, that delivers Parkinson's, has no bromine. That's why many Parkinsonian meds contain bromine.
[from acres usa October 2005 • Vol. 35, No. 10]:
OLREE. "That’s correct, and I would say that if you don’t have the right type of
bacteria growing in your system, you can experience selective starvation."...

..."yttrium is an important factor for maintaining the lifecycle of two of our many probiotics, which are essential to digestion... although yttrium is not absorbed by the human body per se, its primary role is to support the right type of bacteria in our intestinal tract."...

"Yttrium is a positive three mineral. Our food is saturated with another positive three mineral that also happens to be the third-most abundant mineral on the crust of this Earth (in some places it’s the fourth), and that’s aluminum. Aluminum has crept into our diet over many years. Aluminum seems to be one of the most overabundant contaminant minerals within our diet."

[one can get a sense of what is being said, here, by just looking at the problem of Alzheimer’s]:

"...In the United States, the third leading cause of disability and death among senior citizens is Alzheimer’s, and I think it’s a direct result of the application of aluminum on their food three times a day [via Morton salt]. Take into account that aluminum is added to many, many municipality water treatment plants because it makes the water clear and sparkly. [not to mention that Morton Salt contains a significant amount of aluminum and the fact that many of the adults today grew up on food cooked in aluminum pots and frying pans its also in deoderant and cosmetic products]"

..."The addition of excessive amounts of aluminum into your system will promote the growth of bacteria that require aluminum — and there are many bacteria that do require aluminum. Remember that aluminum is the third- or fourth-most-abundant element in the soil, and one tablespoon of soil has over 10,000 different species of bacteria. Our bellies are growing many of these bacteria, as well, and excess aluminum means overproduction of aluminum-based bacteria and consequently — yttrium and boron being alternate positive three minerals — the scale tips and it will suppress, if not eliminate, the growth of yttrium-based bacteria. The final result is neurodegenerative disease [Alzheimer’s, etc.]."


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