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Re: Nonsensical dietary advice at the ML forum
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Nonsensical dietary advice at the ML forum

Where did you get your mineral ratios in the banana, apple, banana pepper and tomato from?

The data was taken from Nutrition Data and Nutrient Data Lab.


I’m curious why you don’t ask ML for references as to where he gets these idiotic notions.

Where were they grown? What varieties? How were they grown? Was the soil virgin? Allowed to rest? Pesticides? Herbicides? fertilizers? What kind?

Do you have all this information to every morsel you put in your mouth? Do you have any of this information for every morsel you put in your mouth? Would this information be meaningful to you? Are you conversant in the nutritional differences between yellow delicious apples and reds? Or Golden and Gala? What about rice? Black Japonica versus Nihonbare? Do you know in which type of soil favours one variety over the other?

Being familiar with analytical chemistry and sampling then I would say the data generated comes from several samples.

Other things that affect mineral ratios are climate...

We should all move to the tropics, or rather out of the tropics and into frozen wastelands to make room for agriculture. Yours is a trivial statement. To make it meaningful you need to expand on this idea and explain how, which and even why.

Do you have any references?

a tomato grown in the southwest is not going to have the same ratios as one grown in the northeast, even if the soils and watering conditions are identical due to the moisture in the air, intensity of the sun exposure, and variations in daily/nightly temperatures.

One reason it is best to eat in season and local if possible.

Now that’s just crazy talk. You claim they are different. You don’t know how they are different so how can you rationally recommend one over the other. If  the produce from one locale is not good then eating locally is blatantly bad advice.

The banana industry is very dirty... LOTS and LOTS of NPK and pesticide use, etc. which may account for a higher potassium than would be found otherwise... same goes for the banana pepper and tomato.

How are you correlating dirty and potassium? Any references?

How are you correlating pesticide and potassium? Any references?

You are not thinking, you’re spouting propaganda.

A high brix apple will dry down without rotting.

Nonsense, this has nothing to do with the brix value.

I have proven this for myself with high and low brix apples.

I doubt it. I would say you started off with a conclusion and then made the same conclusion through the grace of selection bias.

When the sugars have the necessary minerals to bind with, the fruit is of higher brix...

Sugars don’t bind with

 if the ratios are off,

Off how? What are the ratios supposed to be? Give me a number and reference your source. Compare the ratios of the different varieties.

it affects the brix line reading, fuzzy or clear, so that even with a higher brix fruit, one could determine mineral imbalance.

There is no reason for you to make this conclusion. It is based on circular reasoning and baseless conclusions.

The apple, being a tree fruit, will struggle to maintain ratios much more effectively in spite of fertilizing/pesticide/herbicide use, than a tomato or pepper plant...

Where did you get this idea? How is the biochemistry different so that this miracle happens? Oh yeah, reference?

Fruit that has a higher potassium/sodium content, tend to rot and will not dry down well.

Nonsense, it is a function of the structure, water content and enzymes specific to each product

The tomato is a good example of this.

The tomato is a good example of enzymes. And the FlavrSavr tomato is a fine example of that. By mere flipping the enzyme involved they managed to stop the tomato from rotting. In every other way they are identical to non-GM tomatos.


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