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Image Embedded Re: I have 9 amalgam fillings and 4-5 root canals with crowns...

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: I have 9 amalgam fillings and 4-5 root canals with crowns...

Please don't let this go. Here is what happened to me, in pictures. (Mercury Poisoning & 2 Infected Root Canals)  

Mercury Poisoning & Infected Root Canal Symptoms I experienced:

Born 6/28/1947

Married 7/67

First son born 4/19688/1970 Second son born

9/1961 BA Degree; Teaching Certification, Majors: Chemistry, Biology, Pre-Med

1/78 – 6/80 Computer Programming classes

1979 – 1992 Worked at the Department of Information Services, State of Washington as a Computer Systems Programmer/Analyst/Developer


STAGE 1:  Prior to getting ill (pre 1990)

I was living a very joyful life.  Excellent health and energy, sense of humor, predominant feelings of love and joy, blessed beyond measure.

Raised 2 sons as single mom

Designed, developed, maintained the Budget, Allotment, Labor Distributions systems for the State of Washington

Given an award by the Governor for Outstanding Service to the State of WA

Designed, built and landscaped 2 homes

Calligrapher, weaver, spinner, dyer, potter, watercolorist, couture clothing designer, organic gardener, gourmet cook.

I enjoyed exceptional mental and physical health and high energy, and never had a reason to go to the doctor.

I walked 2.5 to 7 miles every day.


STAGE 2:  (1989 thru 2003)

Heart Problems: My heart would start pounding, like it would jump out of my chest.

I began having very, very severe migraine headaches, and weakness and collapse of the whole left side of the body.

I felt like I was burning up on the inside, tremendous suffering, exhaustion, terror.

Many visits to doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, and alternative health practitioners

Thyroid problems

Unable to get my job done, spending every minute that I wasn't at work, trying to recuperate so I could do my job.  I lived on salads and juices and took all kinds of vitamins/minerals/herbs/adaptogens.

Mouth/tongue very red, lots of heat

Very fast onset of periodontal disease and excessive amounts of plaque buildup

Grinding down of teeth in the night and clenching jaw during the day

Swollen, painful lymph glands under the chin

Various and continuing infections on the face: cysts/many pimples

Tunnel vision

Inability to digest food

Electrical currents would go through my teeth/head/neck.  I felt like I had a battery in my mouth.

Excessive thirst

Extreme exhaustion Feeling like I was going to explode from heat, I started avoiding people, even friends and family.

My sense of balance was bad, and my left ear was going deaf, felt like it was full of water.

I went to my dentist, and all of a sudden I had serious periodontal disease (had always taken excellent care of my teeth).  He told me that I was grinding my teeth away in the night. He sent me to another dentist, who scraped my teeth and pulled out my perfect wisdom teeth, ground down all my other teeth.

I broke down; my head felt like it would blow off the shoulders

I went to doctors, acupuncturists, and energy healers.

Excruciating migraine headaches with throwing up/dry heaves and blacking out without notice

Constant pain in left neck, unable to hold head upright

Loss of feeling , circulation and control of fingers and toes

6/62 – 6/93 Bastyr Health Sciences University: Completed first year of Naturopathic Medical School

Intent on getting well, and unable to find help, I enrolled and completed my first year of Naturopathic Medical School, but was too sick to return.  I remember the day the root canal infection broke through into my brain.

I woke in the morning, totally disoriented, feeling like my self was gone.

I started having the kind of nightmares that an insane person would have. Insane nightmares: seeming like one had taken 100 rolls of film, cut them into single frames, placed them all into a box, and mixed them up.  The nightmares are composed of one frame after another with total unrelatedness to the one prior or after.

Totally disoriented, I'd start the dishes and find myself upstairs, not knowing how I got there.

Pictures taken after that time look like a person with Alzheimer's disease - you can see a definite blankness.

Inability to focus the mind for long

Internal organ problems: Swollen, painful liver, Weak painful kidneys

Excruciating head/neck pain and frequent very severe migraine headaches, accompanied by vomiting, dry heaves and passing out for days

Withdrawal from normal activities and relationships

1995 – 1997 Worked part time at Labor and Industries, State of Washington and for David Moe, Attorney, Maple Valley

Meningitis (inflammation of the lining around the brain)/Septicaemia (Blood poisoning): Symptoms: fever, nausea vomiting, excruciating headache, stiff neck, eyes intolerant to light, sleepiness, confusion, unresponsive/vacant facial expression, severe muscle/joint aches/pains, stomach pain, freezing cold hands and feet, chills/shivering alternating with burning fever.

Extreme confusion and panic attacks, feeling of helplessness

Extreme stiffness of the whole body, feeling like it is turning to concrete, unable to stand up straight

Erratic muscle firing

Eyes burning, blurring, photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light)

Ear infection, feeling full, hearing impacted

Total loss of self control, both mind and body

Thoughts of suicide and wishing to die to escape the pain

Face looking blank, like the spirit has departed, common in Alzheimer's disease

I found myself unable to function adequately in any area of my life, terrible migraines, early menopause, sleeping all the time - so unlike the old me.

Serious depression and despair set in.

Sleep and Waking patterns totally disrupted, frequent blackouts

I couldn’t work or function effectively.

I lost all my relationships.

I used up all my savings.

My eyes became badly infected and I was loosing my eyesight.  My eyes felt like 2 hot coals.

Freezing in the summer: wearing turtlenecks and wool sweaters

Face looking like a monster

1997 Infected root canal removed

When (I feel) I was pretty close to dying, I went to the dentist for a cleaning, and when they cleaned my teeth, the tool went right through my jaw.  He talked about how he was protecting himself from mercury poisoning and said that dentists have very high suicide rates.  He told me not to commit suicide, but he did not tell me that I had advanced mercury poisoning.  He sent me to have the infected root canal removed.  (These dentists should have sent me to the hospital or called my sons to help me.)  My dentists: (Dr. John Weaver,  Dr Monty Tolman,  Dr. Gerald Dolgash Olympia WA).

I hoped to get better soon, but actually got worse. 

I wandered around for a couple more years, always in terror and tremendous pain, thinking I had had a nervous breakdown.  I was wetting the bed at night.  I would frequently pass out, collapse and fall with notice.  I couldn’t drive, as I would find myself somewhere, without a clue as to where I was or how I had gotten there.  It was very difficult for me not to commit suicide.  There are no words to adequately express the suffering.

Years of being unable to function mentally or physically, unable to care for myself, so ashamed of my life, passing out for days at a time.

I collapsed onto a brick floor and crushed the back of my skull.  It must have let off some of the pressure from the meningitis, as I began to have moments of clarity, and so was able to begin to research infected root canals and determine what had happened to me. 

Broken ankle

Pneumonia for a year – loss of voice for 3 months

I kept trying to detox, but each time I would black out in terrible pain for days.

I lost all the things of value in my life and experienced untold suffering.


STAGE 3:  (2004 thru 2008)

Unable to stand upright for more than 15 minutes.

Unable to sit in a chair or sit upright in a car.

Living like a lizard, crawling around my small life.

Often in despair, sad, disoriented and panicked

Serious arthritis from the toxins and the trauma of repeated falls

5/8/2006:  Another badly infected root canal pulled

6/2006:  Within a few weeks, I am able to sit, stand and walk, without excruciating pain.

The mind is becoming clearer.  The body is experiencing less pain.  The I got sicker again, as the infection was recurring.

9/7/2006 The remainder of the second infected root canal was pulled.

11/2007 I read the symptoms of Mercury poisoning.  Now I realize that it was the root cause behind all of this.  There is not a good ending to this story.  I just hope it helps someone.

12/08  Permanent SSI Disability





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