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Re: Did fasting damage your organs?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Did fasting damage your organs?

I have been trying to work out whether conventional General practitioners are just in it for the money or are genuinely brainwashed/conditioned into accepting the pharmaceutical approach to medicine with all its lethal side effects.

I have come to the conclusion that most GPs must be brainwashed after an intensive 6 year period at university followed by a period where all the training is reinforced when they spend an obligatory period in a hospital doing shift work that often exceeds 72 hours in one stretch - I have been told it is a similar technique to the method used by the armed forces where they breakdown the personalities of the recruits then reform them in line with their own beliefs - conditioned.
In addition to this I would imagine that GPs must believe that what they are taught is correct because they treat their immediate family often by the same conventional process.
I cant really discount the earnings factor either, I'm sure most enter medicine because of the earning potential and the status it brings and not because of a genuine interest in human wellbeing - altogether, it paints a rather egocentric psychological profile - the type of people I for one like to generally avoid.
This just fuels the reasons why I have found GPs to be so inflexible and unable to shift from their conventional viewpoints regarding health much to my and my families distress and dismay.
For 5 years my wife has suffered with vertigo/menieres - no tinnitus, but nausea and dizziness/vertigo.
Repeated visits to the gp had achieved nothing with the usual Antibiotic and ear infection medications, eventual referral to the local city hospital for more specialized treatment also achieved nothing mostly enabled her to hone her queuing techniques, again more medication was prescribed this worked for maybe 4 months but her symptoms over time grew steadily worse, once all medications had started to fail we tried Bupa specialist who after expensive tests insisted the Eply maneuver would correct all the problems with the inner ear canal - but this too only worked temporarily for a couple of months.
When her condition was so bad I suggested (not that I hadn't suggested this before) that she water only fast for 3 days and when she felt stable and her symptoms had disappeared we introduced foods and drinks slowly to find out which might be causing the symptoms. As soon as she tried tea the dizziness and nausea returned and we concluded the caffeine was the problem.
Now she has been avoiding tea for the past 4 months and she has not had a return of her previous symptoms and with supplementation her overall health is improving steadily.
Not only did fasting allow her body to treat the symptoms effectively itself, but it also allowed her to effectively eliminate the foods/drinks that were the underlying cause and have allowed us to go further in improving her health than any conventional method would have allowed.

I totally agree that the real issues and facts regarding our health are completely suppressed by the mainstream establishment and media.
The same holds true with almost every aspect of our society; from school to politics, war, nutrition, global warming, Amalgam fillings and fluoride supplementation to name a few.
Horizon on Monday 25th was unwatchable, supposedly it dispelled myths regarding nutrition amongst other things and was again completely unsubstantiated, using an ultra conditioned professor to lend credence to the inadequacies of the shows claims.
Why is it that conventional views do not have to be proven to be accepted yet when any real alternative is suggested they become aggressive, dismissive and unreasonable.

Thanks for the list of names to look up - I'm slowly beginning to build a collection of references to fasting. there is a lot of info on the internet but its difficult to find without a little direction.



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