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eczema, pain, parasites, itch, rash, candida, depression, wrinkly skin, anemia please help me understand whats happening to me
holavender Views: 19,462
Published: 14 years ago

eczema, pain, parasites, itch, rash, candida, depression, wrinkly skin, anemia please help me understand whats happening to me

so for the past year i have been off work sick, its been hell you dont realise how important your health is till it goes wrong. i went travelling aged 19 and i knew i had a parasite in peru as my poo was white and i kept going to the toilet after even a bit of something. i explained the best i could in my bad spanish with a lot of sign language and they gave me some tablets which seemed to do the job...they stopped all my symptoms. On arriving home after going to ecuador, india. laos and thailand (no dout i had other parasites) i came home to the dr and asked for any medication i may need knowing i had had a parasite...apparently i didnt have one as i was showing no symptoms.gradually my eczema which i have had on and off since being two and got worse aged 14 around the time i had to go into hospital a week prior to my mastoid ectamy operation on my ear to have a LOT of antibiotics pumped in through my hand even during the night. no doubt my candida started then. so anyway my eczema seemed to get worse and worse...changing the type it was sometimes it would be sweaty and red and itchy othertimes dry and bumpy etc...the next ten months is a bit of a blur i honestly cant remember that much because it was so horrific i think i've actually shut memories whole body was covered from headto toe literally head to toe in eczema my skin became extremly dry i would lie in bed all day putting creams on all over my body every half hour, which would soak up quickly and cause pain and my skin cracked. i would have to hoover my bed at least five or six times with mini mountains or dead skin flakes like sand castles...the itching actually drove me mad for a while...i would tape cotton mitts to my pj's with duck tape and either rip them off with out realising in my sleep or scratch a hole right through the materials fibres. my skin would be sore and infected there were times it would smell so putrid and horrid i would gag id have splits in my skin where id scratched like papercuts and every time i moved they would reopen and cause me agony...every morning i would have to have a shower to soften my skin but the pain was so bad i would scream for fifteen minutes whilst slowly teasing myself into the shower i wished we had a bath...i didnt go out the house for about 7months i cut contact with all my firends who had gone to uni and were living their life.i lived in darkness now...ive never cried so much ive never felt so out of control it was like my life had become a sentance to serve. i sat up so many nights with sleeping tablets in my hand wishing i had the guts to do it desperate for anything to take me away from this. my scalp was wet from scratching, my face swollen and red and when that subsided it would be a grey tinge, i didnt look like myself and rarely looked in the mirror i wouldnt bother cleaning my teeth for a while i was so depressed. my pjs would be covered in cream and grease i used to try soften my skin and had to be washed everynight on a high heat. i havent slept properly for a year now. ive resorted to sleeping tablets as no sleep was actually driving me slowly insane. i couldnt concertrate on anything i couldnt even read the self help books id ordered. i couldnt write a journal i just lay in bed hour after hour after hour in pain. no one knew what was wrong with me and no one understood the extremity of my pain. ive never felt so alone. i hated my self. it was all over my body, my fingers were swollen and the palms cracked and peeling which meant i couldnt do anything. i lost all my body hair and have had to cut my hair super short to avoid it all falling out (very upsetting) my knees are wrinkly still from being so swollen for so long. i became allergic to everythin...i would drink water at one point and my lips would tingle and swell my neck and shoulders constantly clicked and grated and all the drs would tell me was that it was eczema and that i would have it for the rest of my life and nothing would ever cure it my only hope was steriods making my life easier. i knew what eczema was and i knew what i was goingthrough was different.

Ive been on a 16 day parasite cleanse and am on day 15. in the past month my skin had been improving. Ive had colonics twice now because of my bloating...i look pregnant my therapist says i have a lot of old hardened waste that we are trying to remove. i am taking a pre pro biotic and psyllium husks to help get me moving and help expel parasites i am certain i have seen some i have had paper potatoe skin looking things (lots and quite big) and pumpkin seed looking seeds and sunflower seeds as well as tiny mini worm things i am sure they have all been parasites?????

i am concerned with what to do now? i have read people doing 30 day parasite cleanses, is my 16 days long enough how long will i have to wait to do another cleanse??? i have done one liver cleanse months ago and got rid of some stones but felt i had to do it in the proper order. how long can i wait to do another flush after the parasite cleanse? also i am concerned with my back pain as in the last 6 months it has got really painful and clicks all the time is this parasites or arthritis??? Will my wrinkly skin ever heal because it looks like i have extra skin now??

Any support would be greatly appreciated i am only 21 and really want help to get my life back

many thanks holavender

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