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Day 5 of refeeding after my 10 days fast:)
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Published: 11 years ago

Day 5 of refeeding after my 10 days fast:)

Hi everyone!

So far so good:)... I have been a quite good girl for all these days and didn't eat forbidden food.. As you remember, I suppose, I want for 10 days of a water fast. I was told by Chris and Andrew that I needed to stick to my refeeding plan for the same amount of days. For my first day I drank just juices (half a cup) every hour. The next day were juices and small portions of fruits. Day 3 was fruit day. Forth - fruit - salad day (small portions). Today - fruits, salad and yogurt (probiotic, no Sugar but milk and cultures). Feel ok after eating yogurt:) HAppy:D.... Tomorrow planning to eat fruits, salad and salad + avocado. Small amount of nuts is allowed only on day 7-8 (I will eat on 8th). And after day 10 - FREEEEDOM!! Freedom of eating healthy food!:)

Does anyone know, can I do my Liver Flush on day 7 after I finished my fast??

I lost quite a lot of weight. Now I am like a one 'healthy' bone:D.. but gradually I am putting on weight. For ten days I lost 15,5 pounds (7 kg). And till my ideal weight I need to gain back about 9 pounds (4 kg). TIME and PATIENCE, Nadia..

Ok, the reason of my Water Fast was not only to detoxify myself but also get rid of CAN-DI-DA. As I have stated in my previous posts I suffered from that condition for years. Mostly I spoiled my stomach and had that operation due to uncontrollable eating of sweet stuff (sometimes I ate 300g of chocolate and still needed more). I felt like marionette when time came to sweets. It is horrible feeling when ur actions are controllable by something but not you... After I ended my fast, on a second day or so I noticed kind of subcutaneous red masses first on my belly and then on my breast area.. Withing couple of days I had them at the back of my neck also. They become very itchy and keep appearing. I have found a website where one guy explains the same die off effect of candida but in his case based on taking coconut oil:

'Candida yeast can overgrow in the gut under the right conditions until it mutates and becomes an invading pathogen, moves out of the gut and grows in mass in any part of the body. When it affects a vital organ, then it can be deadly. I've tried everything from conventional drugs to all the natural remedies including caprylic acid but have never experienced a die off reaction as I did when I took the coconut oil and aerobic oxygen for about one week. I have subcutaneous masses on the scalp, face, buttocks, arms, and probably internally, that I can't see. I applied the coconut [oil] heavily and would melt a large hunk in my mouth all during the day. My skin is starting to look better and I know from the reaction that it killed off a lot of candida. The Herxheimer reaction is a welcome sign that you are doing something right. In cases where people are suffering with a chronic problem there may be a quick and somewhat adverse reaction. The "die-off effect," or Herxheimer Reaction, refers to symptoms generated by a detoxification process. As the body begins to deal with dead microbes, one may experience a variety of detox symptoms..'.

So that bl. yeast is almost dead. Sorry for using a bit strong words here but it is exactly how I feel about it now:).... All I know is IF I didn't go that way sooner or later I would have faced a serious problem with my condition!

Hope you are all well:)


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