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Re: Sex abuse/Amish, by MH

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Sex abuse/Amish, by MH

The woman of my story happens to be a Byler, but it makes no differance, if it is old order or virtually any order of Amish, sex is the females part, the earlier the better. They refuse all education past 8 the grade with the teacher never neing educated past 8th grade. The 8 years of education is in a 1 room building as crude as possible can be built.

Raped girls? The church teaches to have the girls have sex with every boy in the settlement, she has no choice who enters her room and can be visited many times in the same night, while Mom and Dad and all the kids listen, because she has a "special" area in the house where she must accept being raped until she becomes pregnant and then she marries the boy that wants to, or dad's shotgun and the church makes sure she is married. Amish handle all with the shotgun and the church, this is kind of the way Billy Grahm and many famous people end up black mailed for life; they are tricked into a crime and black mailed and must live their live according to the ons who black mail them, in Grahams life its the masons, in the amish it is the evil bishops.

The Bisops take their commands from Lancaster PA from what little I hear.

The girls are raised to be bred, they don't know any differant and actually feel bad if they are not pregnant at an early age.

Shunning or kicking out of the church is the mild punishment, I have zero doubts the amish burry many people who disobeyed the church.

The face never lies:
Thus all Amish Men are forced to wear beards if they want to join the church. The beard is also a warning to all virgin amish girls, because the beard means he is married and a church member and I assume if Dad sees a bearded man raping his daughter in the selective room, the shotgun is the legal method to put him in the ground with the church's blessings.

Amish men often go through 2-3 wives. The part I really hate is when one amish wife dies, the man will be provided a young teenage girl to help care for all the little children in the house. These girls are picked and delivered to the man, he is used to having sex 7 days a week all his adult life as raised by the church and these little girls can end up being his next wife if he can get them pregnant.

The old order Minnanights are just as bad, the men know they will always have a woman, if theirs dies, the church will find him a new one. They must do this or have fear the man will get some non curch girl pregnant and this would lead to the destruction of the church, because outsiders would learn of their evil acts.

The Amish have many CRAZY sex games;

1. Granny hides the easter eggs in her bra and the boys go easter egg hunting!
2. Pass the Plate
In the church the boys and girls make 2 lines facing each other, boy/girl/boy/girl, one end they have the offering plate and the boys must keep their hands obove their heads and the girls must hand the offering plate to each other by mouth only, because their hands are hanging onto the "handle". The handle is in the boys pants, each girl must reach in the pants pocket and hang on! Amish front pants pockets have no bottoms and they don't wear under wear. They only wear what Mom and sisters can sew on the hand turn sewing machine.

Very little girls start out life this way, sex is the game they are raised for and learn to find acceptance in the church.


Cults come in many ways, but the sure fire CULT is any group of people who hide behind religion as a method to have forced sex.

Religions world wide have accounted to more deaths than anything known in human history. Sex often being the determining factor in most religions. Rules and standards set forth by the church that each member swears they will live by. The open churches have the least problems, while the member only churches are usually the most wicked, churches such as Amish that speak only GERMAN in their churches are the ultimate cults in North America, but I still put all MASONS and ALL doctors above them on the evil list. Those forced to speak Laten to hide their evil ways are just as bad.

The MD has a select "special" Laten that all doctors world wide can communicate with each other. To be a Mason Brother, you must learn Laten and the secret ways, etc.

Brother William Branham had one clear message, he called it "Organizations", they lead to evil and anti-God ways.



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