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Re: Zapper, Beck's Magnetic Pulser, parasites, cancer & diabetes
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Zapper, Beck's Magnetic Pulser, parasites, cancer & diabetes

From: "asherertz"
To: groupmaster
Subject: Re: [mscured] Zapper Testimonial

Hi Duncan;
That is great news about your friend..I was diagnosed with Hodgkins
Lymphoma that quickly spread to my liver and I was in stage 4 liver
cancer---This was in Jan of 1996 !!!! I should not be here!!! But I
am officially cured according to my Oncologist. The chemotherapy
treatments caused my viens to turn red in my arms--gave me diabetes-
caused deep vien thrombosis--which resulted in a left leg amputation,
Posterior Cataracts, and numbness in my left arm--that was just the
beginning!! I stopped the Chem0 - AGAINST my Oncologists advice--I
started taking a SOY product called Haelan--I started American
Accupuncture treatments---I bought a Zapper(Clark)and Colidal Silver
maker from Beck. My Oncologist GOT PISSED and said I would be dead
within 3 months!! I am STILL here---I am having big problems
controlling my diabetes, and will start The Zapper AGAIN--Thanks to
your article--I have had 1 heart attack--I am sure caused by the
Diabetes...The SO-CALLED Diabetes experts.don't know what they
are "Preaching" as far as I am concerned; and most Health Care
Professionals DO NOT tell you the seriousness of complications caused
by Diabetes--I mean "in your face"--saying if we don't control it
HERE is what WILL happen--Not Might Happen--WILL!!Most Diabetics get
little or no counseling--and as far as diet is concerned and the
American Diabetes Association still believes in the FDA PYRAMID FOOD
CHAIN--Which is an outrage!!!!! Most of us are left out here
to "fend" for ourselves and just hope we don't die before we figure
it all out....I am trying a self help approach--what I feel i need to
do to control it!!! I am 100 lbs overweight, and have been on every
Diabetes Diet known to mankind!!!! I am going to try something
different on my own--and If I live long enough to see the results
will come back and post to this group as to my progress and SHARE ALL
the information I can Gather--with others--to help them also..
It is tough being a "one-legged-Fat Man"--but I am going to die of
old age--not stay tuned folks...and once again thanks
Duncan for your POST


> >
> Today he came in to work and told me that the zapping and cleanses
> have been pulling a bunch of junk out every day, and this morning
> when he got up and went to the bathroom he passed a very large
> quantity of dead parasites. Apparently all the dead parasites were
> killed by the two zappers and the magnetic pulser. This is the
> first person that I have known personally to have this happen and
> tell me about it first hand. I have known others who dumped a load
> of parasites after the Hulda Clark parasite treatment with Walnut
> hull tincture, cloves and Wormwood , but this is the first time I
> heard of it from just zapping.
> He also told me that he feels much better now and has much more
> energy. He is also diabetic and has been able to cut way down on
> the amount of insulin he needs each day. His Depression is gone
> he now has a good overall attitude. And he is able to work 8 hours
> a day again. He is a happy guy now!
> Duncan

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