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Re: for hellth-?from jo and ananda

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: for hellth-?from jo and ananda

Hi ananda and jo!

Good to see you back again, and hope you're not too furious about these forums after the netkook experience on the debate forum. (Man, I just wanted to reach through the screen and pinch the heads off those spindly little

About the adhd.... Adhd IS one "rung" on the ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder) ladder but unfortunately, has been waaaaaay overused and has become part of the everyday lexicon of our culture. (along with ADD)

Let me ask you a few questions. How old is your daughter, and has she been formally diagnosed with ADHD? Does she have trouble socializing and how does the hyperactivity part adversely affect her/your lives? Have you ever had an IQ test done, and is her tested IQ at or around normal intelligence? (~100 or greater on the Stanford-Benet) Has she had any other tests and what were the results?

Does she have any metal fillings, or exposure to mercury through things like a fondness for tuna fish sandwiches or playing with mercury in her hand. (don't laugh, that's exactly what I did as a kid!) Are there any other environmental toxins around your house that you're aware of? (coal-fired power plants, high tension electrical lines running overhead around/over your house, cotton farms or other heavy insecticide farming operations, heavy pollution of metropolis area, etc.) (I'm assuming you keep Sugar and dyes out of her diet, since you're both longtime members of these forums)

In the 1930's, Eli Lilly started selling Amalgam mercury tooth filling material and thimerosal (which is 50% mercury) for use as a "preservative" in vaccines.

Ever since 1930's, mercury has been biologically magnified through successive generations (using mom's placenta to transfer the mercurial insult to newborns, even before the onslaught of the vaccine process)

Of course, not EVERYONE has had problems wih Amalgam dental fillings or vaccine injury because most people can EXCRETE heavy metal toxins normally, without problems.

But there's an eastern European lineage subset of the population that cannot excrete mercury normally, and ADHD is one of the symptoms of mercury poisoning.

There's a terrific book on ADD/ADHD by Dr. Daniel Amen, who runs the Amen ADD/ADHD clinics in California. He uses a SPECT scan to watch the human brain in REAL TIME activity, then compares the patient's scan to his 30,000+ scan database, in order to EXACTLY prescribe the right medicine for the condition.

But for us and our grandkids, we REFUSED to medicate them with ritalin, etc., and were determined to find a "cure" for the ADD component of their vaccine injuries.

We spent a lot of time and money trying different approaches to the ADD side of their problems, but this book has a whole section of symptoms/supplements you can methodically try to calm your daughter down and help her to focus better. (you don't have to go to the clinic, in order to use the book effectively)

I realize that many of the above questions are somewhat personal in nature, so if you want to PM the answers to me, that's fine, but I can't seem to do much else in the CZ email section, so don't expect a PM reply! I can't even figure out how to DELETE the mail I get, and everyone has their email turned off. (for very good reason, if the debate forum is any indication! :)

P.S. After a couple of years of dealing with our grandkids reaction to mercury exposure, it suddenly dawned on me that WE were the genes from which they sprung, and we realized that the same problems we were seeing in our grandkids, were (to a much lesser severity), the problems we had with our kids! (their parents)

Moral of the story: Don't be surprised if you find some useful suggestions for yourselves, while trying to piece together a cure for your daughter's challenges.


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