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Image Embedded Interesting discussion on Inversion and Height Increase...
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Published: 13 years ago

Interesting discussion on Inversion and Height Increase...


Note: Below are all the emails & message posts we've received & collected from our fellow height seekers telling about the wonders of inversion exercises. We're convinced that inverted sit-ups is possibly a cure for short stature! Read on and tell us if you agree! For your convenience, some bogus claims & exaggerated statements have been removed. Finally, keep in mind that the inverted sit-up exercises with weights (from the Lumbar Routine) is the COMBINATION of all the success story ingredients which are listed below. In other words, stationary inversion does NOT work. Again, the quickest & most proven way to grow taller is possibly through inverted sit-ups with weights.



“15 Success Stories Can't Be Wrong?”


(Whether real or fake, they should offer some valuable insights).



Inversion Success Stories (Best of the Best)


Last updated: Jan. 1, 2006

*      I gained 1.5 inches in 3 months through inversion, but LOST IT ALL!
April 30 2002 at 2:19 AM No score for this post
Forum Owner (Shawn_c)
To Mark and Every One...Please Read about my Routine

Hey Mark
I'm 20 years old and (5'9")... I'm trying to achieve my ultimate goal and that is reaching the 6 feet mark.. In answering your question, yes i did grow TEMPORALLY about an 1.5” and it's not only just doing inversions. There’s more to it then just plain inversion.

Because during the 3 months of my routine, I had a strong will, desire and a NO to never give up hope on achieving my goals. I was really focused on growing and keep saying to myself every time in the mirror, mourning when I wake up and at night just before going to sleep..."you are growing taller,” repeat several times..."you are growing taller everyday", repeat several times, "you will grow taller, you must grow taller”, repeat several times. And there’s many more...but things like that I would say to get the picture....

Also I did leg stretches on my bed(while lying down flat on my back...stretch out each leg for about 10 sec on each for 10 reps) and did a few other simple exercises on the bed....and did the same thing when waking up in the morning...

During the day I would always maintain a straight posture….while walking and sitting(it wasn't very easy at first...but I got used to it very soon)...posture is a very important factor in trying to gain height....

For the inversion...I did that 3 times a day on some occasions depends on how I personally felt...but most of the times I did it 2 times a day…I did it for 3 days straight…1 days off (need a break)... and then 3 days straight...repeat….that’s 6 out of 7 days a seems like its too much, but its not because I would take a break on every 3 days of inversion...remember don’t ever do 6 days straight if your going to do it 2-3 times a day......because doing too much can be very unhealthy and can lead to injures and all depends on u, and how u feel...its very important to listen to yourself..

And that’s the routine I followed for 3 months or so (plus eating at least 3-4 meals a day)...and I grew about 1.5 inches…But of course I then got really lazy (it’s the truth…it happens to us all at some point) and stopped following my routine for about 4 weeks approx and guess what...I LOST IT ALL...

It was very disappointing because of all that hard work I had put in… but it goes to show that I HAD GROWN….so there is hope for u all, .it’s possible to grow after 19 years of age…


i forgot to mention this, while inverting i used a pair of hexbells (about 20lbs)
April 30 2002 at 2:48 AM No score for this post
Forum Owner(Shawn_c)
Response to To Mark and Every One...Please Read about my Routine that i followed.....

Hey guys, before the inverting phase...I would set up two hexbells (dumbbells) of 20lbs each on the floor then hang on the bar upside down and grab the hexbells with each hand...and lay there MOTIONLESS for about 1-3 min then drop the weight on floor curl back up for some air..then go back down and grab the weights and then start swinging fluently back and forth for about 1-3 min….then did some punches with the weights (trying to punch the ground) and then did other kinds of various stretches with the weights that I could think of while inverting...the whole inversion process last about 10-15mins

But remember when starting to invert for the first time it is best to go small (that is 30s to 1min)...then gradually increase your time of 30 secs for each day... not on successive inversion… for example, say today I'll be inverting 3 times.. on my first invert i do 30s...on my second invert and third invert i do also 30s or so...then on the next day after getting enough sleep of course…I increase my inversion time to about 1 min for that day….got the picture? ..adding weights while inverting helps a lot in the growing process… However, remember to be extra careful and cautious while inverting with weights….Good luck, Forum Owner(Shawn_C)

To Jen And Mark about inversion...please read!!!
April 28 2002 at 11:26 PM No score for this post
Forum Owner(Shawn_C)
Response to tom, have you tried inversion yourself?

I personally have tried inversion...i would do it 2-3 times a day...morning, afternoon and at night just before going to it at least 10-15min each session...of course when starting to invert for the first few times it is best to do 30sec to 1min...then slowly gradually increase your time about 30sec each day of inversion...just remember not to do more than 15min..

I did that for 3 months straight...6-7 days a week..and grew about 1.5 inches...but then i got really lazy after and stopped inverting for about 4 weeks straight and guess what.. I LOST WHAT I HAVE GAINED..i suppose the results are not permanent.. that is why i'm doing it again and i'm on my second week of inversion..and this time i will not quit..if i can attain 1"1/2" before then i can do it again and this time keep the results permanent...

Remember the key to success is commitment, dedication, and hard work...cant give up and never give up..believe in yourself and the power of the mind...and u can grow too. Good luck,  Forum Owner(Shawn_C)

May 4 2002 at 3:51 AM No score for this post
Shawn_C (Forum Owner)
Response to What’s the most we can increase our height?

There’s no guarantee that you will gain any permanent height after your bones have fused...ages 16-18 for males and 14-16 for females in my opinion...but yes it is possible to grow after 19..i have at one was temporary gains of 1.5 inches over a 3-month span of a routine that I my previous post on this matter…but if I hadn't got lazy and kept it up for a year or so...then just maybe the results may have been permanent...however, it all depends on a lot of factors as to how much we can actually grow...

YOU must be dedicated and committed and have a strong will power to never give up Hope and never quit...its' not very easy to do especially if you’re going to follow a routine for more than 3 months... It takes hard work to achieve your goals...IF YOU HONESTLY PUT 100% EFFECT INTO...THEN YOU'LL SUCCEED AND GROW TOO...TAKE MY WORD FOR IT…. AND you may grow as much as 1-4 inches in my opinion…But it all depends on a lot of factors, such as age, environment, nutrition, sleep, just to name a few…


None of these products that you have seen being advertised such as Prolex, B-Growth, Growth-booster, and many, many others that your familiar with….if not there are many out there!!!


Don’t even try to Argue/Disagree with saying U have to try it first to believe it... I know what I'M SAYING...NOW IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT REALLY WORKS(Your second supposedly question)…again no pun intended!!! I'LL TELL YOU:

Response to hanging on a bar
I Believe that you need to do it for more than a year to see permanent results.... It doesn't hurt to try.... But hanging is LESS effective than inversion... Many people who tried hanging grew longer arms... Good luck, Shawn_C
===============END of Shawn’s Story=============

Sky’s NOTE: The reason that Shawn gained 1.5 inches of temporary height gain (which he quickly lost it all) is because what he did was STATIONARY inversion (inverting motionless while holding dumbbell weights). Our experiments have proved that stationary inversion is NOT effective and that kinetic inversion (inverted sit-ups with weights) is possibly the preferred method for achieving PERMANENT growth.



*      Need some inspiration? those of you that hang or invert READ THIS!
April 11 2001 at 5:11 PM   No score for this post
Marc  (no login)

Let me tell you how I grew an 1 and 1/2 inches after 5 months of exercise! Currently a Junior attending UCLA, majoring in physiology, I have studied anatomy and the human body and its functions. I have studied anatomy for 2 years now. I have learned many things about our bodies that I never would have imagined existed.

Having such background I had an advantage on finding different ways of increasing my height. I began doing research and discovered that height increase is possible at ANY age( although not recommended for the elderly). The problem is that it is MORE difficult for people that have stopped growing linearly, myself being one of them. Therefore, I had to consider my options carefully. I discovered many methods of height enhancement that best benefited my schedule and began to apply them. Among the methods used for HEIGHT ENHANCEMENT include: Inversion Techniques, Stretching Exercises, and Parallel Bars.

I first began my height enhancement program when I purchased some GRAVITY BOOTS that I found at a second hand store for only $2 bucks. I attached a bar to the wall of my room and began to hang upside down for 10 minutes on and 5 minutes off for an hour per day. I had heard stories before from a friend in college who described his cousin gaining 3 INCHES of extra height just by hanging upside down. He described his cousin as EXTREMELY tall and I remember him telling me that he felt awkward whenever he was around his tall cousin. I believed his story so I was consistently applying this inversion technique daily. I knew about spinal decompression and how the spinal cord would react during a certain period of time if I kept applying Inversion Techniques. I lasted about 1 month and probably gained about 1/4 INCH from inversion when I discovered STRETCHING EXERCISES!

After reading an article in a certain magazine about Stretching Exercises, I decided to give them a try. I had knowledge of how our spinal disc and spinal disc fluid worked and even though I knew its functions I had never thought about thickening the cartilage and producing more fluid for the purpose of increasing my height. It made sense to me, though. So I used common sense and devised a couple of exercises based on my knowledge of how the spinal cord functions. My first exercise was performed in the inverted position. While upside down I would coil my body in a U position [EDITED.. similar to inverted sit-ups] and hold that position for as long as I could. I would do this in both directions (forward and backward). After 3 weeks of doing this I developed a strong back and stomach and to my AMAZEMENT had discovered that I was increasing my height quicker than ever before, I had gained an extra 1/2 inch! This BOOSTED my desire to ACHIEVE even more HEIGHT! I got a rush and my spine would tingle whenever I thought about it. It felt GREAT!

My next move was to perform as many different Stretching Exercises as I could in order to stimulate my spine in many different ways. So I spent a few bucks at my local hardware store and built a rounded bench. This half-moon bench allowed me to build my shoulders, expand my thoracic cage, and make my spinal column more supple. Meanwhile, through extensive research and common sense I developed and applied a few other exercises. By time the two months had passed I had grown over 1 INCH!

VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!!!! I found this over here for the full article on how to do stretches while hanging upside down

Try this when inverting

April 27 2001 at 12:50 PM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to i try hard very hard.....but..

Do you invert using boots? If so, do you just hang upside down with your hands free? I learned that if you just hang your results will be fair, but if you apply weights ( I use 20 lbs each hand) and use that as residence it is a very effective when inverting. It helps stretch out the bone in the legs and upper body. Do this everyday or as many times a week as possible for 5-20 mins a day. I do it 15 mins, and in the LONG LONG run you will notice that you are a taller. So far I've noticed a 1.5 inch increase. I think my bones are growing because im stretching them out with weights.

April 28 2001 at 7:38 AM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to How old are u?

I haven’t grown in 2 years, I stopped or grew incredibly slow! So slow it was unnoticeable ever since I was 14!!, im 16 now, I started trying to grow taller back in October, so it took about 5-6 months to achieve 1 1/2 inches.. But only 3 months ago I started inverting.

I really do think im growing because of inverting, because I have not grown even 1 mm in the past 2 years. My family is short, so I was destined to be short and stop growing earlier! so there’s my reasoning

Yes I think so!! read why
April 19 2001 at 3:10 PM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to Inversion hanging?? does it work? or no?

I strongly believe that within a long period of time, and not just a couple months, but a year. You can gain maybe 2- 2 1/2 inches permanently. If you do it everyday, and do exercises, your body will gradually fit the demand of work you put into it. Anyways I invert with hand weights (15lbs each hand) I don't recommend beginners to start with any weights because they may not be use to their own bodyweight when suspended by the ankles! But I have seen a height increase of 1 inch to 1 and 1/4 inches PERMANENT. Been inverting for 2-3 months, I know because I have been measured for a physical by my dr. and I didn’t invert at all before the physical. I think within a year I can probably gain close to 2 inches permanently due to the constant stress I put while hanging every day.  Does this all make sense?
You do not know anything about hanging!
April 13 2001 at 6:25 PM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to hanging upside down accomplishes nothing

I can't believe you can say that inversion hanging will give you nothing. It sounds to me that you, do not invert at all, and refuse to accept the idea that it will give you an extra inch or two by increasing the size of the disks in the spinal column, so you wrote that post to upset people!!

As for me YES I do invert, and hang, everyday 10-15 mins with 15lbs weights on each hand. And DO NOT try doing this starting out, because it took me awhile to build up my tolerance to hanging, then eventually adding weights, and eventually building up from there. I have been inverting for about 50 or so days, almost 2 months, and have seen an increase of height of almost a complete inch (a bit more than 3/4"). That may not sound so outstanding but imagine in 6 months, or a year, that could be 2-3 inches. And it is possible to stretch the cartilage. I DOUBT that you can gain anything more than 3 like 4 or 5 inches. But 2-3 inches is very reasonable.

You want pictures, well in 6 months I'll send ya some before/after pictures wise guy and prove to you that inverting does work.

April 14 2001 at 12:27 PM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to where to get inversion equipment is where i got my inversion boots. They sell them for a pretty good price. They may hurt at first but once you get use to it, it feels great. Trying wearing sneakers too, to release some pressure from your ankles. It sure helps me a ton. And I agree that it is impossible to fall using the bar and boots!! I never even came close to falling at all.

are u talking to me?
April 15 2001 at 6:59 AM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)
Response to why would inversion by painful

Are you responding to my message?
It is IMPOSSIBLE to fall on your head while hanging because thee boots are secured on to the bar, unless the metal holding you up spontaneously breaks, which is impossible. Falling on my head doesn't even come to mind because I know that will never happen.

that was a problem for me too but i solved it
April 12 2001 at 3:23 PM No score for this post
Marc  (no login)

I had a ladder in my garage so all i did is place it in front of the chin up bar, slowly walked up till my hands reached the bar, kept walking up until I had one foot in the bar then I used my hands to support my leg till i got the other foot on top. Then u invert! and your done upside down!

=============END of Marc’s Story===============




*      Good job San, lets build a list here
April 28 2001 at 9:01 PM No score for this post
James  (no login)
Response to Lets talk about some real results guys

I am 18/M, 5ft 8in, doing a lot of Inversion for last three months, have grown almost an inch! Good luck guys! James


*      Re: Inversion boots
July 3 2003, 11:33 PM

I do recall that there was a 25 year old that posted his results with inversion in one of these forums. This was a long time ago. He gained an inch & half in 3 months, and he was ecstatic about it. At the end of his post he said "see ya later kiddies" cause at the time there was bunch of 14-15 year olds posting. Does anyone remember that?

Anyway, people replied to his post asking him specific questions about what he did, but he never responded. It was like, he gained some height and never came back. An inch and a half, that's a pretty significant height increase for a 25 year old. I do have gravity boots, which I use mostly to work out my abs. I’m gonna try hanging with heavy dumbbells at the end of my routine. Actually, I've tried it before, and it does give you a good pull. I used a 80 pound dumbbell. But this time I'm gonna make an effort to stay consistent.



*      in response
January 22 2001 at 8:51 AM No score for this post
Anonymous  (no login)
Response to Untitled

Hanging or inversion therapy as it is sometimes called is excellent for all sorts of things. What you are basically doing is putting on a type of ankle boot that has a hook so that you can hang from a bar, such as a chin up bar that can be placed in a door way. I started out hanging for about 5 minutes and gradually increased to about 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day.

It increases oxygen rich blood to your upper extremities and is said to help with things like hair, aging etc. I love it, it is an awesome way to relax and decompress the body and give the body a good stretch. It also seems to be increasing my height, although, I don't know how long it will increase or if it will stay. I've gained about 1/4" in about 2 weeks and some people claim to have gained as much as 1 1/2".


*      I really have grown, i'll tell you exactly what I did
March 3 2001 at 8:37 AM No score for this post
Tyler  (no login)

Way back in October I started doing stretches and exercises from a journal I bought. Well it didn’t do much! Maybe I grew half cm but nothing big. Anyways I developed my own program which I have taken very seriously since January. at first I was primarily concerned on height but now its all bout getting in shape. and wow i was outta shape! In October 2000, at 15 years old I was barely 5'5 and 150lbs! Now March 2001 i can honestly say im 5'6 and 1/4 and 135lbs. that feels amazing!!! I think i grew more in January onward.

1.) I ran on a treadmill for about half a mile for a few weeks but then I wanted to get in shape so I ran for 2 miles with a 2 incline. good cardio workout!
2.) I did front snap kicks, and side snap kicks, I found it was easier to do it without sneakers, or tennis shoes, I did bout 200 each legs on a good day! helps make the legs longer.
3.) I hung on an inversion bar using boots for about 10-15 mins a day. Last week I just started applying 5lbs weights each hand for a better stretch! If you wear shoes with the boots your ankles don’t kill as much.
4.) I drank "whey" or "Designer" protein bout 1 scoop a day. I doesn’t taste all that great so I mix ovaltine in it and used vanilla flavored soy milk, taste amazing that way.
5.) this might not have to anything bout height but I do 5 sets of 10 of "ab rolling" I had to add more sets because I couldn’t feel the burn Like use to when I started. after two months of intense ab workouts my abs are looking great.

one last thing I did....I only do one particular back stretch. A little hard to explain but I stack up blankets sorta of in an arch, the stack should only run from your lower back to your shoulder blades. They're stacked about 6 inches high and I lay on them on my back with my and hands stretched out towards my head. I found that to be very useful. I do 10 mins in the morning and at night( if im not lazy!)

I don’t think this is natural growth because for a year I maybe grew half an inch or probably nothing at all! My dad is 5'5 and finally i can say that im taller than my dad, he noticed it too. Anyways I want to be least be 5'7 or 5'8 and I know will be if I keep this up. Have any questions?

Nguyen, where are you from??
March 15 2001 at 5:34 PM No score for this post
Tyler  (no login)
Response to Is any possibilities to get 1or 2 inch

Well I have grown an inch an a quarter so far from hanging on a bar using inversion boots for about 10-15 mins a day. that took me about 2 months to achieve. Hopefully I will gain another full inch. Anyways Nguyen where are you from because I know a Nguyen in school here around buffalo, NY.

March 4 2001 at 7:23 AM No score for this post
Tyler (no login)
Response to Untitled

I said I was 15, but im pretty sure im growing because of the exercise because in the past year I haven’t grown at all maybe half an inch or non!

I think that supplements are important too, So I took a centrum multi vitamin every day along with everything else



*      Not bluffing. It really works!
September 3 2001 at 10:03 PM No score for this post

I suggest your guys try hanging up on an inversion table. I gained 1 cm in 3 mths at my 26.


*      Hi this is Sonia
July 31 2001 at 8:32 PM No score for this post
sonia  (no login)
Response to Let's Take Action Today!

I gained 1 inch by doing some inversion and hanging bar exercises and i can tell you that you can grow if you are positive and if you believe at your self..So good luck

Well hang as much as you could and also try hanging for 5-10-30 min a day
August 1 2001 at 7:36 PM No score for this post
sonia  (no login)

all you need is inversion for a long time ..good luck


*      You can grow up to 1-3 inches buy doing lots of stretching exercises such as hanging bar or inversion
June 9 2001 at 3:41 PM No score for this post
Admin  (no login)
Response to Is there a potential to grow 2-3 inches?

Alos, I suggest you start them as soon as possible since the more time passes the worst it gets....good luck..I am 25 and I’ve grown about 2 inches since age 21 so you know what I mean bro

First of all I am not the Admin of this board My name is for real Admin I am from Iran
June 10 2001 at 4:34 PM No score for this post
Admin  (no login)

Well i did lots of hanging bar and inversion exercises. also i had no idea which exercises to follow but after reading free height increasing journals and the starter book i learned the right way and path so i just keep it with the work and i was out of parties and friends, girls for a long time so i can put my head toward my goals and i need positive around me. I hope this help you 



*      tips tips tips
April 4 2001 at 1:10 PM No score for this post
tips tips tips  (no login)
Response to Is this message board really helping people

I learned alot of scam products from this board. Like Kimi and yoko, and is all a scam. Because I have tried growtaller and was very disappointed with it too. The only site that has been getting more positive feedback is it seems. I don’t know however if it works because I have never tried it myself, but I think I do want to try it.

Inversion hanging is a good way to grow by lengthening the spine. Someone on this board said it was possible to grow 1 inch in 3 months if you were to hang everyday for 5 mins only.

But as for me I hang (with boots) everyday for 10-15 mins, 6 mins increments, with 15lbs weights on each hand. So I take it much farther. I have been doing this for about 2 months and have seen 1 inch height increase. brings me from 5'5 - 5'6 now, I want to be at least 5'7 by summer.

If you wanna grow you have to work hard, and do not slack off. Also people have the impression that they can grow 1 inch in one month. That cannot happen, and if you do anticipate that you will lead yourself to disappointment. Boys during their growth spurts grow 1/2" a months! And unless you had your growth spurt I don’t think it is possible to grow that fast that soon.

Well that’s all I have to say, don't buy any of those scam websites. Just download the free journals. I don’t even think the free journals work. Hanging seems to the only thing that actually works, and I think as long as you hang everyday It will be permanent eventually. And as for bonesgrowth, im still questionable about that, I think that it really does work though and a scam. If anyone has tried it how did it do for you? Well those are my tips. Alot of people who have been here probably no this already, just that no one feels like typing away, and I thought I would do that.

inversion hanging
April 5 2001 at 11:38 AM No score for this post
tips tips tips  (no login)
Response to can you explain more about inversion hanging

Inversion hanging is used by using "Gravity boots" you can run a search on this using a search engine to find more about gravity boots. Or type in "inversion hanging" Go to a search engine like

I bought a pair of gravity boots for around $50-60. I wear them wearing my sneakers because it helps take of the strain on your ankles. You basically hanging upside down with the boots supporting you from falling.



*      I have grown about 1.5 inches in almost two months. I did this by inverting with weights.
September 10 2003 at 7:50 PM No score for this post
bonie  (no login)
Response to I've using prolex since Jan and my friends at school are freaking out because they think I

I have grown about 1.5 inches in almost two months.  I did this by inverting with weights.  For one year, I inverted for ten minutes each day and I got no results.  But after going to California for a month, I came back wanting to start anew with more interest and effort. So I decided to invert thirty minutes at night before bed, ten minutes in the morning before school, and about ten minutes after school. This was a lot of inverting. But I noticed the results quite quickly. But I think 2-2.5 inches is the maximum you can get by inverting or stretching. But 2 inches isn't bad. I haven't stopped inverting, so I don't know if it's permanent or not. Bottom line, you gets you height.



*      Acting to the extreme
Calgary's News & Entertainment Weekly
Thursday, December 2, 2004
COVER      by Matthew Hays

National Velvet: A 12-year-old Liz Taylor fell in love with the character of jockey Velvet Brown, but the studio didn’t want her because they thought she was too small, short and immature for the role.  In a display of fortitude not usually seen in pre-teens, Taylor implemented a high-protein and-carbohydrate diet and started hanging upside down to stretch out her spine. She added three inches to her height before production started and landed the role.


*      I have had success after 19 (posted on the right board this time)
August 31 2002 at 7:25 PM
5 foot 8 and 15/16  (no login)
from IP address

First off I am 20 years old and I started my journey of trying to grow taller when I was 19. So its been about a year of exercise. Oh yeah, my parents are 5'7 and 5'5.

I can tell that alot of people on this board are very knowledgeable about the subject of growing taller and I appreciate it very much. If I have to read another B-Growth or Prolex post, my head will explode. I do question the Hypnosis thing a bit, but not the positive thinking.

Well, I have had some success in my quest to grow taller. My goal is to reach 5'10 which I think is reasonable for my current height. When I started out I was 5'8 and a quarter now I am just a hair lash under 5 foot 9 (5'8 and 15/16” I have a measuring device which is very accurate). So about a gain of 3/4 of a inch in one year. Alot of you I bet are saying big deal 3/4 of a inch! Well, growing taller especially at my age is ((extremely)) difficult, but it can be done with an incredible amount of hard work.

These are the exercises that I have done to help me reach my goal. In no particular order. Most of these exercises, I have got off message boards just like this one. These exercises I do for 6 days a week.

1)Inversion on a inversion table for 30 minutes before bed and in the morning when you wake up.
2)20 Pull ups on a pull up bar
3)Hang on Pull up bar for 2 minutes from your arms
4)5 minutes on a AB roller
6)40 sit-ups
7)35 Pushups
8)2 mile run (every three days)
9)50 crunches
10)Dumb bells 40 pounds 30 Reps each arm
11)Leg Press 70 at 50 pounds
12)Bench press 50 at 50 pounds
13)Gravity boots from legs on pull up bar while doing "trying" to do a sit up. 7 minutes with 10 pound dumb bells in hand.
14)Calf stretch 45 Reps
15)Jumps 50
16)Bicycle crunch 45 Reps
17)Kicks 40 each leg
18)100 punches each arm at a punching bag.
18)Touch your toes hold for 1 minute its alot tougher then it sounds
19)The basic stretches before and after your workout.
20) Sleep on you back

I also managed to play tennis for 2 straight months every day. Since there was a tennis court right near my job and some friends of mine at work love tennis so I played alot of tennis after work. Best out of 3 out of 5 sets every day. So about 2 hours.

I also manage to drink 2 glasses of milk and close to a liter of water every day (no pop). I also try to drink green tea as much as possible, but I think it tastes disgusting. I also take liquid protein and amino acids, every day.

When I started my workout growing taller was NOT the only goal I had in mind when I started. I wanted more energy and a better body. Well, I now have more energy and muscles I finally got my six-pack back, so I am pretty happy about that. Now if I could just get that last 1 inch. I will get it eventually.

Some things I haven't tried yet that I think could help: Swimming laps, I do plan on swimming laps, but I can't find anywhere that I can go, which is affordable. Every where near my house you have to pay a membership to get in which is ridiculous.

Wearing ankle weights going up and down stairs. There is a old saying, "for every 1 pound on your feet its 5 pounds on your back". Shark Cartilage, I have heard nothing, but good things about this. I don't know much about it, but from what I have heard it worth looking into. Any more info would be appreciated.

Some kind of supplement that I could use to increase my HGH and stimulate my pituitary gland. If somebody could give me information on which they think is the best one I am all ears. I am not very knowledgeable about supplements, but I will be willing to try them.

KEEP PLUGGING AWAY PEOPLE. I posted this message by mistake on other board which has a link on the top of the page by accident. Another good board though.

It takes about a year per inch.
September 10 2002 at 11:43 PM
5 foot 8 and 15/16  (no login)
from IP address
Response to Ummm...give it a little more time

Growing taller takes alot of time and effort and more patience then anything. The way its gone for me its about 1 inch per year without supplements. I just started the whole supplement thing about a month ago. I now realize that supplements are just as important as the exercise [EDITED… therefore, it’s important to drink lots of milk & consume cheese].  It takes alot of time to grow especially, if your plates are fused like mine.

Response to anyone recommend a pair of inversion boots that are very inexpensive?
There is no such thing as a inexpensive pair of inversion or gravity boots. Even on Ebay they will at least go for $45 used and in bad condition. You are going to have to pay $85 for a new pair. The price for a pair is ridiculous!

Response to how old are you 5feet 8?
I am 20 years old. I started my work out when I was 19 and some change I can't remember exactly. When I first started out I was 5 foot 8 and about 1/4, now I am about 5 foot 9 (5 foot 8 15/16) the last time I measured 5 months ago. I still have about 2 months to go before I can measure again (Nov 06) I will be amazed if I haven't grow more since the last time I measured it sure feels like it.

hello, yes of course you have a chance. Just go take a look at how much 2 inches are on a tape measure. Its a pretty insignificant amount. However, it can separate a short person from a tall person or a average height person. How can you not grow two more inches if you wanted to? To me growing taller isn't impossible.. It’s almost impossible not to grow if you really really really work at it and do it over a long stretch of time.

Response to What kind of supplements are you using 5'8"
I take Amino Acids. I take a liquid form of anabolic amino acid concentrate or amino fuel from twin lab. It comes in a bottle for about $17 I think I got it on sale, but I can't remember. It tastes disgusting. I take it twice a day once in the morning and once after I workout in the evening.

I also take liquid protein. It has all of the basic amino acids. Plus alot of protein I think like 18 grams a serving of a tablespoon or something like that. You mix this one with water. Liquid Protein is some pretty strong stuff. I only take this one once every other day. I have only been taking amino's for about a month or so. I wish I would have started taking amino's when I first started my growing taller campaign [EDITED.. again, it’s highly recommended that one should drink lots of milk]. The amino's give you quit a bit of energy. 

Response to Amino acids (please read and respond)
I just really started taking amino acids about a month ago. I take Anabolic liquid amino acid concentrate from twinlab. It's a brown liquid that you are supposed take a tablespoon three times a day. I only take it twice though, once in the morning and right after my evening workout. I also take liquid protein once ever other day.

Response to Ankle weights Question
When wearing ankle weights (10lbs) in bed you should have your knees bent over the side with your feet over the side. Don't wear them in bed with out putting them over the bed side because that could actually stunt growth. Using ankle weights in bed I find very uncomfortable. If you have a pair of gravity boots tie a rope to them and on the other end put some weights at the end. Do this while putting the ropes over a bar to elevate them and get maximum tension. I like doing this alot more because I can actually move in bed and I find it more comfortable. I can't remember who came up with that Idea I just read it somewhere at some point, but if somebody would like to take credit for it just post. 

Response to 5 foot eight
I am not sure if you meant me 5 foot 8 and 15/16 or some other person 5 foot 8. I do have some advice on kicking. I do some kicking, but only 40 kicks each night. I use to do the 40 kicks with ankle weights, but now I just do 40 kicks without ankle weights since I had to cut back on my workout which was taking 3 hours a night. It takes a little longer with ankle weights. Plus, I have read that kicking with ankle weights isn't good for you. I am not really a big fan of kicking I just don't really like it. I would rather do inversion because I have had better results that way. However, kicking I guess has given some people some results, but I don't see how it could be that helpful, not enough strain or pressure in my opinion, but yeah if some people did get results, I am going use it. I haven't tried this "yet", but try running up and down the stairs with ankle weights and see how that works and feels. I don't have any stairs any where near my home or in my home so I can't do that.

Response to Does anyone know for sure which exercises/techniques are effective in increasing growth?
Get a good pair of gravity boots, I know they are expensive. Get the bar that fits in the doorway. You may have to find some other place to put it though. The idea is to be able to hang on a gravity bar by your feet while having dumbbells in both hands. And then trying to do a sit-up in the process. Probably the most difficult thing I have ever done exercise wise. You can sure feel it stretching your body though. I think this exercise is the one mostly responsible for the small increase in my height (3/4 inch). However, I don't recommend this exercise if you are out of shape. Hell, I don't recommend doing this exercise if you are in good shape, this exercise is for sure for a person who has been working out for a long time. If you have back problems it for sure isn't a good idea. I haven't ever had back problems doing it though. Look at my post down below for a few other exercises "I have had some success after 19 (Posted on the right board). 

Response to Just a question
I no longer visit that forum because its over run by B-Growth and Prolex employees. I really feel for the people on that board who actually are looking for information and have really no where else to go. Because if you do a search for a message board on growing taller that’s pretty much the only one.

at that time I was 5 foot 8 and 3/4 and just turned 20 now I am 5 foot 8 and 15/16 (last time I measured) ever so close to 5 foot 9. That was 5 months ago. I know not much for the time period, but yeah its something. I haven't measured my height for awhile so may be I am now 5 foot 9. I still have to wait a couple more months before I look again. Checking your height every day just discourages you.

I had to change my workout schedule a little bit, because I finally got my gravity boots. I didn't have the right door way for them so I had to weld some pipe together just so I could use them. Gravity boots are expensive! I also got a great deal on a inversion table for a $100 so I decided to incorporate that into my schedule. Plus a 2 mile run (I have heard great things about running). Not to mention the tennis I have now really started playing. I also have modified it some because doing the same thing over and over gets boring and repetitive. Always good to mix it up some to. Also, I have learned a couple new thing since then like sleeping on your back at night, and how kicking with your ankle weights isn't very good for you, but running up stairs is better.

When I got all of my new stuff and just added it to my normal workout I was finding out that my workouts were taking 3 hours a night. Without the 2 hours of tennis. It just was to much time so I had to change it some.

It sure is taking awhile, but yeah when I am 23 I might be 5'11 or 6'0 if my current pace keeps up and I decided to go past my goal. If there is one thing that I have learned from all of this it is that growing taller after your plates are fused is possible, without a doubt.

Response to Is growth permanent? did you grow your joints or your bones?
To be perfectly honest I am not sure if the growth is permanent or not because I haven't stopped working out for about 1 year. I imagine the growth is permanent because I have never had a reduction in growth since I have started, just small increases. Did I grow my joints or bones. I am not sure. 

Response to How do u measure yourself?
I use a 2 by 4 on a level surface with a slot in the middle with another board that moves up and down and then I just mark my height with a pencil. I also measure my height at 9:00 P.M every time. Its a pretty simple device, but it gets the most accurate results because it gives you a level plain off the top of my head because it use perfect right angles.

Response to How does B-Growth looks like?
B-Growth-Prolex are all scams. Don't buy them! The people who say that they have had success on other message board with those products are people who work for B-Growth and Prolex. Don't waste your money.

The only way to increase your height is inversion/Stretching exercises and straight exercise. Also, if you are under a certain age (the age is debatable) supplements which I don't have very much knowledge about can stimulate your pituitary gland and release HGH which can make you grow. 

Response to Types of inversion
It isn't as good as hanging from your feet because it can't be done for as long. Hanging from your feet with gravity boots can be done for 15 minutes up to a half an hour. Try hanging with your arms for 15 minutes to a half an hour and see how long you last. I can only last 2 minutes.

I do hang from my arms, but I hang from me feet MORE because it can be done longer. The only reason I hang from my arms is just in case it has a benefit that I am not aware that I miss hanging from my feet, but I doubt it. I know gravity boots are expensive, but they are worth investing in because other exercises can be done with them. Gravity boots are a must for anybody wanting to grow taller.
=============END of 5 foot 8 and 15/16’s Story=============


*      Reality check.... is height increase really possible?
August 19 2004 at 1:12 AM
Phez   (Login FizzyPhez)
Growing Taller Forum Members
from IP address

What’s up yall, I hope some of you are progressing with your height increase techniques. Lets cut to the chase..... is height increase possible? I mean really, has anyone here except like one or two people has had ANY results?

I myself am a 5'7" male. Not "tall" by any standards, but tall enough for it not to be a social handicap. I bought an inversion boot kit. Im telling ya inversion is THE BOMB! It stretches your whole body, your legs, abs, and spine. It is a great stress reliever. I am also 1/4 inch taller after hanging for 10 minutes. However that extra 1/4 inch lasts only a couple hours. Im sure it could add at least a 1/2 inch of permanent height if done every day for a period of months.

Im an open minded guy so maybe it IS possible to add inches to your height. I will do the inversion for a period of months and see what happens with that. Then I will go from there. One step at a time. I hope that guy gets results from that "shin bone routine".

-good luck with your growing.  Phez

Response to Has anyone achieved any results yet?
I have been doing some stretching exercises since February and have gained 1/4 inch. To be honest I have been slacking with my stretches, doing them half assed and sometimes not doing them for weeks at a time. Maybe the 1/4 inch is from the stretches or maybe I am still growing, who knows? I am 22 so I might still be growing. I recently purchased an inversion boot kit. I think the inversion plus some more intensified stretching exercises will probably give me faster results.

Glucosamine sulfate helps with the formation/rebuilding of cartilage. By focusing on stretching areas of your body where cartilage is (your backbone, knees ect.) your body has to compensate by forming new cartilage therefore increasing height. Juan has proven this theory to be true.

results in 3 weeks? HAHAHAHA! yea right!
Phez  (Login Phez6000)
from IP address
February 17 2005 at 3:04 AM
Response to Its official....INVERSION IS A JOKE!!

It took me ten months to get 3/4 of an inch. And I hang 35-45 minutes at a time. Everyone is different!

it wasn’t really that hard
February 17 2005 at 2:26 PM
Phez  (Login Phez6000)
from IP address
Response to well....

Hanging upside down 40 minutes 3-4 times a week (never used any weights). Wouldn’t exactly call that "working my ass off". All you gotta do is hang!

At this rate another ten months = 1.5 inch of gain then ten months after that a total of 2 1/4 inch gain! 30 months for over 2 inches is totally worth it if you ask me.

My progress so far....
January 14 2005 at 11:57 PM
Phez  (Login Phez6000)
from IP address

Starting height: April 2004 = 5'6.5
Current Height: Jan 2005 = 5'7.3

My routine:
1.Inversion boot hanging: 30-60 minutes a day about 4 times a week
2.Yoga style stretching from the book "Height increase through exercise by Stephen C. Cummings" about once a week
3. acupuncture (EDITED.. similar to foot reflexology by Kimi/Yoko insoles) and chinese herbal formulas
4. Chondroitin/Glucosamine liquid after each hanging session

Observation: I have noticed that I get faster gains when I am doing more aerobic exercise like brisk walking or bicycling. (EDITED.. similar to cardio workout which is an important ingredient to height increase).
I wonder how much more I will gain? Only time will tell.

Response to My progress so far...

Male, Age 22
Parents height: Mom = 5'6 Pop = 5'8.
Stopped growing noticeably around 18-19 years old.

About chinese herbs/acupuncture:
I have been taking them for years. I don't take them for gaining height. I take them for my memory/concentration and for overall general health. I have taken many different kinds over the years, too many to list. I just thought I would mention them because many have a positive effect on hormones probably aiding my height increase.

I started out at 5-6 1/2 and now about a year later I stand a solid 5-8 (173 cm to be exact). When I went to the DMV last week to get my drivers license renewed the lady was nice enough to put me at 5-9 lol!

If anybody wants to know my whole routine just look through the archives around Jan. 2005 cause im too lazy to type it. I think when I get to 175cm i will call it quits because I will be perfectly content with that height. Maybe I will just do some "maintenance" stretches too keep my height.

Its taken more than a year to get my 1 inch (& some change), slow and steady wins the race.

Response to Why so much focus on GH levels?
Even if that’s true, I think GH supplements are a waste. Young people have an abundance of GH. IMO I think the body is perfectly capable of producing its own GH if one has an ok diet. GH does not really start to decline until much later in life. I have been gaining height so far without GH enhancing products. The only supplement I take is chondroitin/glucosamine liquid.

I thought after your bones are fused no further growth of the bone is possible. Therefore, GH levels are irrelevant. Am I wrong?
===============END of Phez’s Story=============


*      I have grown 2 inches with "Inversion Boots"
February 10 2001 at 12:52 AM   No score for this post
Nick (no login)

Hey everyone,

Growing taller IS possible. at the age of 18 I was 5'8 and hated it because ALL my friends were taller then me. I bought a pair of "Inversion Boots" and a bar that screws over my doorway. I started hanging in the morning and also RIGHT before I went to bed. I have grown more than 1 or 2 inches [EDITED.. exaggerated claim] in the past 90 days. It takes time but it is worth it. I also drink (Half a gallon of milk everyday) Milk is loaded with calcium for the disks in your spine. Facts about Inversion Therapy are you have to do it for at least 90 days to keep the height you have gained if you stop the therapy. FACT Woman usually stop growing at the age of 21 and men stop at 25 <-- That is from medical studies. So my advice to anyone wanting an inch or 2 is to go to and look for "Inversion boots" I bought the boots and bar for $125.00 other than increasing the flexibility in your spine it is very much relaxing.

Here is some info about growing, Ever notice when you wake up your taller than you were when you went to bed? if not mark the wall before you go to bed and when you wake up stand next to it, I guarantee you will be a lil taller then the previous mark. When you sleep you spine stretches and also your spine grows when you sleep. That is "When you are STILL growing" But as the day goes on the weight of your body compresses your spine down making you a lil shorter. By doing inversion hangs it increases flexibility of the spine therefore it stretches more during sleep and has more ability to grow, So make sure to decompress the spine before you go to bed by stretching it.

Also medical studies show that most all people grow during one season (Summer) I do not know why that is but I hear it everywhere i go. All my friends had their growth spurts in summer. My father grew 3 inches when he was 15 and this was during summer. But to get to the point. Try inversion hanging, I have gained 1 or 2 inches [EDITED.. exaggerated claim.. not sure how much he grew] and make sure to drink lots of calcium or take calcium and magnesium supplements. And also there are ALOT of Amino Acids that take part in your growth. if you feel like taking around 20 different Amino Acid pills a day. More luck to you! K I hope this helps...  Nick...




Other Inversion Comments



*      strenuous exercise, proper supplementation and inversion
April 25 2001 at 10:47 AM No score for this post
chicken  (no login)
Response to This place is so nice to share my feeling

strenuous exercise forces the body to produce growth hormone. supplements will help your body recover. and inversion will stretch the disks of your spine thus making you taller.



*      Inversion is excellent to decompress your spine
July 18 2001 at 10:33 AM No score for this post
Admin  (no login)
Response to Admin is inversion good

Inversion is excellent to decompress your spine and if you do it correctly you'll notice the changes within the first months. Make sure your back is stretched before doing inversion and pay attention mostly to your nutrition and sleeping hours as well…



*      i agree, inversion may very well be the best way to grow
April 13 2001 at 6:50 PM No score for this post
optimistic  (no login)
Response to You do not know anything about hanging!

I have also built up my tolerance to be able to do three sets of ten to fifteen minute inversion hangs daily. (I have the inversion table set up facing my tv so i watch tv while i hang.) I use one fifteen pound dumbbell and grip it with both hands, and rotate it back and forth between my two hands. Also, I’ll do some inverted stretches. While inverting, try to arch your body back in a u and you'll feel the stretch. BTW, there is almost no way at all you can fall if using an inversion table, like the bodytrends one.



*      Inversion means hanging up side down. It is the most powerful exercise!
July 22 2001 at 5:01 PM No score for this post
administrator  (no login)
Response to thanks admin, but can you answer this?

Inversion means hanging up side down.... It is the most powerful exercise! You can grow up to 5 inches at your age but you have to pay attention to your exercises, nutrition and sleeping routines. Read this site and find a good program, the sooner you start the faster you will get to your goal. Good luck.


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