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Published: 11 years ago

Some videos

Teeter Inversion Tables


Everyone can tell you, Teeter is the leading brand name in the inversion market. Watch these two brief promo videos showing off Mr. Teeter testing and operating his wonderful machines!

A more lengthy video that will clearly demonstrate the freedom of inversion:

Currently there are two types of inversion tables available. The ones that come equipped with an electro motor cost considerably more than the manually operated tables but give more freedom to stretch and wiggle around. Since it’s easy to fine-tune the degree of tilt and keep the table stable in any desired position, many consider these machines serving better as a back pain inversion table. I think both are well worth the money.

As for myself, I own a manually operated model and I’m quite pleased with it (still, I plan to purchase a motorized Teeter like many of my friends). A manually operated back pain inversion is considerably cheaper though. I just want to wiggle more and move my arms off to send more blood to my head. I was great fan of headstands for the same reason until the base of my neck started aching. So I had to look around to find other ways for inversion. Anyway whatever type of inversion tables you chose at the end, you won’t regret it. Getting my Teeter 7000 was probably my best health investment so far.



Back Pain Inversion Table


A back pain inversion table is a tiltable pad that you can safely strap your body onto and pivot backwards to get your spine stretched. It may sound like a roundabout and dangerous maneuver, but it is not. Besides it’s probably the best thing you can do for the health of your spine, it’s perfectly safe and easy to do. The few minutes you spend on a back pain inversion table will diminish your pain to non existent and restore not only the health of your spine, but your entire body.

The primary reason to use a back pain inversion table is to decompress your spine by lengthening the space between the vertebrae. This effectively relieves the pressure on the irritated, pinched or inflaming nerve roots, relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation along the spine. A good quality back pain inversion table provides a safe and effective way to treat the actual mechanical source of back pain, helping you return to a normal pain-free life. It’s a proven, natural, and most importantly, non-invasive way to treat back pain without surgery or prescription drugs.

Although inversion has its primary impact on your spine, its health benefits go far beyond that. Besides the obvious health benefits, the regular use of a back inversion table will reduce stress and help detoxify the deep spinal musculature leading to the rejuvenation of your entire system.

How to use your back pain inversion table?

Basically you strap yourself to a tiltable table by your legs, then by using your arms to shift your weight (or with the help of an electromotor) you propel your body to the tilted position of your choice. As your head gets below your legs, the pull that your own weight exerts on your spine slowly increases and your spine gets stretched naturally.

Depending on your body weight, flexibility and the desired amount of stretch, tilt your back pain inversion table to an angle between 15 to 45 degrees. A typical inversion session consists of staying, basically motionless, in this tilted position for 2-5 minutes.

You can slowly increase this time up to 15 minutes per session. In my experience two 5 minutes session before launch and before dinner is optimal. You can remain inverted as long as you are able to focus deep within your body and fully experiencing the stretch of your ligaments and muscles. This kind of internalized attention is very important to learn how to feel and consciously release tension. Concentrate on your body as whole unit and let the process unfold on its own.

Besides this there is nothing much you can do. Abdominal exercises are especially effective from this position but this practice belongs to an another style of using inversion tables which is not recommended if you suffer from back pain.

Instead try to relax more and develop trust in the process. Eventually you will lead deeper levels of relaxation and begin to unlearn the all those outdated patterns of muscular tension that keeps your injured spine and in a painful, inappropriate position. As a result of hanging regularly on your back pain inversion table however, your spine undergoes a daily structural realignment that renders this protection mechanism unnecessary.

While you learn how to fully relax on your back pain inversion table, your nervous system automatically readjusts the pattern of tension for your muscles and tendons until your spine reaches optimal alignment.

How a back pain inversion table works?

The stretch that the weight of your own body exerts on your back will propagate through the spine’s entire supporting system, from tendons to muscles and nerves. The enlarges the spaces between the vertebrae and leading to the decompression of the intervertebrae discs. This will relief the pressure on the irritated nerve roots and the pain goes away. Many spinal misalignments could get spontaneously corrected, but to achieve long term results you need to repeat the exercise regularly.

As you learn to relax into the stretch the spastic muscles become slack as well and blood circulation gradually improves. This will help to flush out inflaming agents and toxins that were deeply buried in the cramped muscles along the spine. The pinched, irritated, inflamed nerves that cause pain, numbness and the sensation of pins-and-needles finally get relief and the pain is gone! Just like after a good yoga session the feeling of well being permeates the whole body.

Simple rules and precautions for using a back pain inversion table

There are some simple rules to follow when using a back pain inversion table.

First of all, always listen to your body. Don’t get into stretches that exceed your limit. That’s not the way of getting rid of the pain. Instead try to relax more deeply into the stretch with each exhalation.

A back pain inversion table is not a toy but a heavy machinery. Some models can seriously hurt your children or pets if around. Be sure to keep them away while you are exercising.

Due to the very nature of inversion except a large amount of blood to rush into your head. This will increase local blood pressure in your eyes and your brain. You should not attempt to use inversion machines if you suffer from high blood pressure or have been diagnosed with vascular disorders such as brain aneurysm, loose retina or glaucoma.

But do try to invert for the first signs of cold, flu or influenza as inversion will literally shake you up and prevent viruses from accumulating in your muscles.

Don’t use your back pain inversion table if you are pregnant or when you have just eaten.


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