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Re: Lime juice question
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Lime juice question

I also use the real lime out of the green lime plastic fine. I was using ACV until just about everyone on here said only use it as a last resort. Funny thing though, for some reason I thought the ACV may have been slightly stronger....I used less and got just about the same strength (I'm just guessing on strength by going by how strong the smell of chlorine is from the mixture after 5 minutes - I know, it's completely non-scientific but seems to work).

I am mixing it right now with filtered Brita water from the fridge...although that will soon come to an end b/c the taste is starting to get to soon as I find some juice with no added vitamin C (I'm been to the market twice and although I didn't look TOO hard for it, I couldn't find any juice without friggin' vitamin C added to it....every juice I grabbed used it as a preservative.....I'll go to the healthfood section next time....I'm sure I'll find some there.) As for the 8% of natural vitamin C, according to Humble that shouldn't be a problem at's when they add the vitamin C as a preservative - that's when it will hurt the effect of the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

So I take it you havn't had too many drastic effects from the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement yet? I'm already up to 18 drops 3X a day. I started 6 days ago with Stabilized Oxygen. I used the equivolent of 6 drops my first day. Went fine....the second day I used the equivolent of 8 drops then the real stuff arrived and I continued with 8 drops. The next day I went up to 12 drops X 3...all 3 times went ok....felt slight nausea after the 2nd dose but was fine after 15 minutes. The next day I went up to 15 drops X 3....that's when I first noticed my improved health conditions. I've had a dry cough for about a week - started to improve - as did sinus infection and trouble sleeping. Yesterday 15 drops X3 - last night my cough was completely gone, sinus went from yellow discharge to barely any and clear discharge , and I slept like a baby. I've already done 2 18 drop doses and feel fine today. I will max out at 20 or 21 drops 3X a day then hold steady until I feel 100% - then I will drop off the regimen and go back to heavy supplementation.

You may ask why such the high dose?? Jim states in one of his videos on his website that the amount you take in a dose should be related to your weight. For example if you weigh 160 lbs and max out at 15 drops then if you weigh twice as much, you should take twice the dose. That means (since I think the average weight for people is about 160 lbs) that my maximum dose should be about 20 - 21 drops (I weigh 205 - 210 lbs)...make sense?

Another reason for such a heavy load so fast is that I think the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement works b/c it "shocks" your immune system (as Jim Humble has stated in his book) into working overtime. I believe that if you have a gradual buildup to your max dose then you will lose that affect. I feel that your body will adapt to the MMS and start treating it like a poison therefore eliminating alot of shocking your body, you prevent that from happening. That's why I also believe that after being on it for a few weeks (or until your better) it is best to lay off it for a week or two, re-suppliment your body, then go on a mild maintenance dose, or another heavy cycle if you feel the need, then off again. JMO....what do you think?


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