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Definition of the word "Need" (excerpt from a book)

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Published: 10 years ago
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Definition of the word "Need" (excerpt from a book)

Excerpt from the book called "Hidden Language Codes" by R. Neville Johnson

Need: A holy man in India had himself buried alive for two weeks. When he was dug up, he didn't even take a deep breath. This event is famous; it repeats on television. How did he do it? He funded his body directly from the universe. He did not even "need" oxygen. Such knowledge is not yet common knowledge; however it will be. Perhaps if you or I ran out of oxygen, in moments we would be at much higher frequency. I assure you we would be very happy about it.

We do not need anything. Need is a non-word. There is no such thing. It is just a habit, an addiction, a useless and hurtful self-indulgence. It is a word used by dark advertising wizards to trick people into buying useless junk. Whatever it describes moves away from you.

Does the universe contain all of everything? Yes. Then how is need possible? Need exists only in the sleepy-slave realities. The word is one of the major sour notes in the symphony that is the vibration of our reality. Understand that this word tricks us into placing our creativity (our precious attention) on not having something. How stupid is this?

Have you ever described a person as "needy"? Fearful, weren't they? It is a word designed to strike terror/guilt manipulation response. Every time you use that word, you are that needy person.

We may be unconscious of the number of times in a day that we use the word need. Totally remove the word from speech; relax, and stop needing. Think about it; if you never again use the word need you will, therefore, automatically never to be needy again. It is easier to stop using the word than to continue using it. Stop using it and it stops the thought form. Decide, create the ability to stop using the word need. Suggested replacement words: select, choose, create, make, attract, desire, wish, convene, love!


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