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Thoughts about getting started with MMS

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Published: 13 years ago
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Thoughts about getting started with MMS

I see some new postings on this list from newcomers and those trying Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for the first time. I've given a fair amount of thought to it and feel a few things I've done may be worthy of consideration for those of you embarking on this new voyage.

First, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is not really what you would term a "health food". It is not "nutritional". No one is deficient in either sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide. It will not magically reverse all you have done to ravage your body with junk food, alcohol, cigarrettes and drugs over the years. It is a reactive, oxidative chemical substance that, in small doses, has a potentially startlingly beneficial effect where it comes to killing anaerobic/overly acidic-based pathogens of seemingly all sorts; including bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast, fungus....and quite possibly even cancer cells. It also seems to be uniquely sparing of healthy cells and gastrointestinal flora, in the process, which makes it especially appealing, in this regard.

On the flip-side, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is, also, supposedly neutralized by vitamin C--a vitally important water-soluble antioxidant, which needs to be limited supplementally (to my understanding)--or at least taken well away from MMS dosing in order not to neutralize MMS's effects. MMS (Sodium chlorite/Chlorine dioxide) is also by its very chemical nature a highly promiscuous PRO-oxidant (the exact opposite of an antioxidant) and quite possibly also inimical to the body's own critical glutathione reserves--an immensely important antioxidant essential for liver detoxification--over time (as I understand from some of the available literature). I'm not saying this as a negative, per se, but just as a piece of significant information. All things should be reasonably taken into account here.

I believe it is important to embark on any detoxification protocol prepared to deal with the nature and consequences of such an endeavor. I also think it wise to understand what you are doing and taking as thoroughly as possible. I also believe this is especially important when it comes to something like MMS that is a PRO-oxidant-- in a world where antioxidant status in most individuals is essentially poor and constantly strained by an extremely toxic environment and SAD (standard American diet).

Before I ever got started with MMS I spent close to a couple of months building up my antioxidant intake, took extra vitamin C and also worked on opening my avenues of detoxification up...via colon cleansing, liver and kidney support nutrients, extra hydration, LOTS of green drinks, and extra non-starchy, fibrous dietary vegetables (I probably consume more vegetables anyway than most vegetarians, but also consume a diet relatively high in organic, fully grass fed meats and wild caught fish). I kept my diet extremely clean and quality protein/fat-rich to support structural/organ/endocrine/immune health. I consumed no grains or milk products (other than organic, grass-fed whole cream and butter) and avoided what I knew to be my own food sensitivities . I also avoided all processed foods, sugar, starches and only occasionally drank a glass of organic red wine with a meal. I supplemented with EPA/DHA, cod liver oil, extra vitamin D, ionic trace minerals and other nutrients known to be needed by my own particular health profile.

I also made a point of doing an expanded blood chemistry profile, evaluated from both a lab range and functional standpoint, an ASI (Adrenal Stress Index- a salivary hormone panel designed to evaluate cortisol rhythms and adrenal status) and had an expanded GI panel done to ascertain what specific issues I was dealing with.

I had contracted a Blastocystis hominis parasitic infection--probably from eating out somewhere where the kitchen staff was less than hygenic--and knew this would be difficult to treat via common alternative (i.e., herbal/homeopathic) means, and even via conventionally available pharmaceuticals (the standard protocol for this parasite involves taking 3 different potent drugs...and even then the results may not be successful---It's a nasty, stubborn microscopic bug). I had been suffering symptoms for some time and finally decided "enough was enough". This thing had helped drive my adrenals into stage 7 exhaustion. The pressures of an extremely busy, 10 hour a day solely managed private practice coupled with other major personal stressors over many months (including my father's death) just pushed everything over the edge. My personal life is under control now, but I cannot reclaim my adrenal health until this chronic GI infection is fully addressed.

I am up to 15 drops twice a day. I have vascillated a bit on this after developing a minor bout of diarrhea a couple of days ago. I also started doing a round of colon hydrotherapy to support the whole detoxification process and it has been immensely helpful. The colon hydrotherapist (an RN with 30 years experience at this) was amazed at how much we've been able to accomplish in such a short time. I find that by keeping my colon (and other eliminative organs) functioning well, I have had almost zero issue with nausea since embarking on all this. I continue to feel improvement in the way I am feeling, in the health of my skin and general well being each day. I have thus far been quite encouraged by what I feel MMS is doing for me, as well as one or two others close to me who have embarked on the same adventure in mostly the same way.

Discomfort in this process has been extremely minimal for all. I continue to consume the same diet, but have cut back on the amount of vitamin C I am taking. I am also doing a couple of high quality green drinks per day (I highly recommend NanoGreens, by the way. The formulation and antioxidant profile is second to none--ORAC is an incredible 5000 per serving-- and the taste is quite wonderful--almost too good to be true. Go to
for details. It does NOT taste remotely like someone's back lawn. --Each serving contains the nutrient equivalent of 10 servings of organic vegetables--of all different colors--and some high antioxidant fruits. Amazing stuff and a patented, proprietary, uniquely absorbable blend. It is delicious. I'd order it in a restaurant. It's not cheap, but well worth it). Anyway...

I intend to continue this regimen--perhaps bumping up to 15 drops 3 times a day for a few days, as commonly recommended by Mr. Humble, before backing down to a much lower maintenence dose. I plan to keep the maintenence dose up for another month before I then re-test everything to see what I accomplished, and what impact this protocol had upon my own blood chemistry and GI profile.

Probably many of you would argue that all this preparation is quite unecessary and that most can get by and get good results with little or no preliminary fanfare. You may be right. However, I would argue that supporting your body's healing and detoxification mechanisms/processes and avenues of elimination can greatly help maximize the potential benefits of this protocol, and potentially help greatly minimize any uncomfortable effects. The Herxheimer reaction essentially constitutes an overload of one's eliminative processes when the body is detoxifying too rapidly and can be even potentially somewhat damaging. It's not a good or desirable thing. It DOES show that something's going on and that something is detoxing (or trying to), but it's an unnecessary and unpleasant price to pay for that sort of confirmation.

I am inclined to think that those who just got worse on MMS may have started the protocol with a particularly poor antioxidant status that was only further depleated and challenged by the MMS (together with toxic metabolites associated with die-off). I'm guessing their already likely compromised eliminative organs just couldn't handle the toxic load, which sought other means of expulsion: nausea, diarrhea, skin eruptions, lung/sinus congestion/infection....etc. The liver, in particular, needs a strong antioxidant status in order to do it's best work. I'm guessing their weakened state was just further weakened by the extreme stress of rapid die-off, poor detoxification capacity and pro-oxidative excess. That's why I'm making the argument for better well as quality self-care/diet while on the protocol (and beyond). Detoxification takes a tremendous amount of energy and nutrients to perform and the body needs to maintain a healthy protein, hydration, antioxidant and essential fatty acid status to achieve this effectively. The body and brain clearly require certain raw materials in order to function.

MMS will not improve your nutritional profile or put an essential nutrient there in your body that is not there. If used correctly and responsibly MMS can be an incredible catalyst to reclaiming one's health by helping to relieve pathogenic burden from the immune system. MMS cannot bestow health entirely on its own, however. It needs your help, support and cooperation to optimize your body's health and recovery. Sometimes it helps to state the obvious.

I would also make a case for people to try and collect data (if they can or when it's practical/affordable to do so). Before and after lab testing can lend much greater credibility to what it is we are doing, to say nothing of your own peace of mind. As long as reports remain entirely anecdotal, credibility with MMS and this protocol may endlessly suffer. The proof is in the pudding. The better documented the pudding, the better the proof.

My two (or more) bits. I hope its helpful to someone.

Best of health to all--


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