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Image Embedded Can Defying Gravity Reverse the Aging Process?
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Published: 11 years ago

Can Defying Gravity Reverse the Aging Process?

Can Defying Gravity Reverse the Aging Process?
A look at Inversion (aka Hanging Upside Down)

InversionI have talked a lot about conventional ways to blur fine lines on the face and to plump them, ward them off, fill them in, and how to keep our face and body muscles toned and firm but I haven't talked about a somewhat unconventional gravity defying technique that I was told about (but honestly don't do) to keep gravity from getting my face and body down.

Gravity is what keeps us standing on the ground and not floating in space. It is also what makes apples fall off the tree and onto the round rather than into the sky. And it is also what makes our faces and body sag downward rather than get perkier and lifted.

Wouldn't that be a neat perk to aging? Having gravity reverse?

Well, some people are attempting just that. More and more people in the mid 40's and beyond are taking up inversion. Essentially, people strap their feet down and sit on a table made of durable canvas or wood. They then lie back so they are prone and on their backs. Then they tilt the table with their body weight until they are completely upside down. Hardcore inversion enthusiasts strap on special boots and hang from a bar or rack completely upside down with no support.

Why? This allows the blood to circulate (Imagine the glow you would get from that!), it reverses gravity, and some say they have increased energy and stamina and less aches and pains - especially back pain - after an inversion cycle.

While you are upside down, your entire body literally has the weight of the world off its shoulders. Your face will get a rush of blood and oxygen going to it, sagginess will be reversed, and even the scalp benefits. Meanwhile, your breasts are no longer working to keep themselves upright. All the pressure from sitting on your chest is off them and they are swinging in the breeze - but, for a change, upwards!

Many people who practice inversion swear that they look younger, their skin has better overall texture, their circulation is improved, facial sagginess is reversed, and even their breasts (in women) are perkier and much less weighty.

It's worth a try for some of you but not me, thank you very much. I would get so dizzy, I would end up in the Emergency Room. Yeck.

Inversion tables and racks are widely available at sporting goods stores and prices vary. Before investing, be sure to try one out. I wouldn't go for a bargain table considering your head is only inches from the ground while you are upside down. If it breaks, so will your head! Do your research before making any decisions. Also, check with your doctor. Some medical conditions can be made worse by inversion so get the all clear before attempting to try it.

If you have ever wondered about alternative methods for fighting gravity and the sagging that goes with it, inversion is catching on big time and you may want to hop on the bandwagon - or the inversion table - and try it!

Like the idea but can't afford the equipment? There are ways that you can try reversing gravity with little more than a thick plank of wood or an ironing board. Again, be sure to have your doctor's OK first.

Take the board and set one end on something sturdy like a TV stand or cement wall outdoors. Take the other end and set it on the floor or ground, forming a slope. Make sure the board cannot slip by putting a sandbag behind the lower part or something equally as sturdy. Better yet, have someone stand at your head and "spot you", watching for any sliding of the board to avoid injury.

Position yourself on the board, lying on your back, head toward the floor, feet and legs above your heart. The lower your head and higher your feet, the more inversion benefits you will get. Lie there for 15-20 minutes as the blood rushes to your upper body and face. Many feel a warm, pleasant feeling while inverted.

Get up slowly and sit a few minutes before standing to avoid dizziness.

Does that still sound wacky? You can do a little face inversion by simply lying across your bed with your head hanging over the side. Tilt your head back and let the blood flow to your face. Do this for 15-20 minutes and, again, slowly get up.

You won't get the body benefits of inversion but your face will be inverted and you MAY see some improvement in your fine lines, sagging skin, skin texture, and overall glow of your face.

People who are devoted to inversion will be happy to share stories about how it changed their lives, both inside and out.

Since I have never tried it, save for a few headstands when I was a kid, I can't say whether inversion techniques are or are not valid anti aging secrets revealed.

I just wanted you to know what some people are doing to fight gravity and to reverse sagging skin as well as a host of other things that inversion claims to do.

If you are a fan of inversion or have tried the modified techniques I mentioned, please let me know on the forum! I would love to know if anyone has seen real and true anti aging results from hanging upside down.

I never saw a bat that looked old so maybe there IS something to reverse gravity after all!

Note: Most inversion table sellers do not list de-wrinkling and unsagging as a benefit of inversion. They do list more circulation to the brain, repositioning of the inner organs that make that "spare tire" many people sport disappear, regaining lost height, and relieving varicose veins as anti aging benefits of inversion. Users have discovered the anti sag, anti wrinkle effect and have commented about it on many forums. Some celebrities have also said that they use an inversion table right before a big red carpet event to look younger.

Inversion is an interesting concept but one even I wouldn't go so far to do. I like the idea of reversing gravity but the very thought of hanging upside down makes me green - and not with envy!

~Patty Therre

Patty Therre believes that women can be beautiful at any age. At age 42, she has learned the tricks and tips to stay looking her best and is here to pass them on to you. Age is only a number. Defy the numbers and stay youthful forever - without expensive and dangerous medical procedures.


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