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Re: Post candida glucose intolerance
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Post candida glucose intolerance

Yes we are all aware that candidia naturally resides in the intestine and elsewhere. it also resides in the vagina and in many places of the body, but we are not talking about that on this board. We are referring to the fungal invasive form of candida. But it should be in balance and in many cases it is not. Candida becomes "fungal" releasing toxins that are Toxic to the body. Candia population is meant to explode in number AFTER we die NOt while we are living. When it happens while we are living it is very bad.

And no I did Not IMPLY you did not have candida. I simply asked why YOu thought you had candida. Unfortunately you misinterpreted. The point was that whatever the reason WHY YOU THOUGHT you had candida, if it disappears does not indicate that candida is gone. EXAMPLE I thought I had candida because I had thrush and thrush is gone so candida is gone. Make sense?

Symptoms change and you will learn that with time. It is unfortiunate that you are resistant to suggestions as they might well help you see what is really going on, or could be going on.

But the point was that whatever the reason you thought you had candida may not still exist so you incorrectly think it is gone. As I stated, almost all of my symptoms are gone but I still have candida. It seems to me you are not familiar with why candida makes one sick to begin with. Candida releases toxins, Toxins make us sick. The toxins we have floating around the worse we will feel. The more we have in our bodies the snowball effect will occur and more and more bodily fuctions will be compromised. Removing only a portion , as I have, will bring much relief. Almost to the point where you feel well. Thrush disappears and in some cases people feel they can return to a normal diet. After coming off of the strict diet and backing off on treatment believing they are cured their popualtion of candida slowly increases. This happens very slowly usually as most people have improved their motility,bacteria loads, and health of digestive tract. Most people do not notice this change or they begin to have symptoms such as you have that they cannot make sense of. They believe it is aftermath of curing candida. BUt what it really is, is that it was never really completely gone to begin with. And I am not referring to the naturally occuring candida. I am referring to the fungal invasive form. Slowly new symptoms emerge. And they will get worse. New symptoms will continue to appear and this can go on for years. People never make the connection that it is candida b/c the symptoms are completely different.

I have had candida twice. The first time my symptoms were completely different than they were this time. I stayed on the diet far longer than it took for my symptoms to disappear which was only out of fear of it returning, but it meant I lived for over 10 years eating whatever I wanted with no effects whatsoever. However the glucose issue you speak of is an issue that I had years ago when my candida started to return again. Again, I did not recognize and I assumed something else was wrong. So nothing was done about the candida until I became ill enough that it got my attention.

And no, I have not cured myself by overdosing on Colloidal Silver . I only take into my body things that are healthy and it has paid off. I am healthy and have regained my health. And issues I had intermittantly with blood Sugar are gone completely. The difference with me is that I know it is still there even though almost all of symptoms are gone. What I have come to learn is there are degrees of candida and while I believe mine to be a least cut in half from where it was , I am not done.

And I do not mean for this to sound rude, but you do not have a complete understanding of what dysbiosis really is. It is simply...the imbalance of bacteria. Candida does kill off much of our healthy bacteria. It does so by slowly taking over more and more space in the intestine and squeezing the healthy bacteria out of space. It slows down our diestion which creates an environment of less oxygen , and it competes for food. The more prevelant candida becomes the more it will kill in its path, which further effects digestion and a snowball effect.

The official definition is- Dysbiosis is due to outgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, parasites or fungus.

Candida being a fungus in the form we have it here on this board. Hence the problem.

The only way to truly get rid of it for good is to first cleanse most of it out using enemas and/or colonics to gain the upper hand. then not only to introduct the right bacteria but to provide and environment where it will thrive. This can take some time as healthy bacteria will need to not only take hold but multiple in whatever limited space is provided by cleansing. A war is not won over night

IF you believe you have gotten rid of it, in all likelihood it is due to the colonics you did. But if you did not spend enough time doing that then you HAVE NOT tipped the scales enough in the favor if healhty bacteria and we all know where that leads.

SO my advice would be to keep an open mind about what could be causng the issues you are having. And make no assumtions that candida is gone. Candida and other fungus have been around longer than us and they know how to adapt. And unfortunately the ones you did not kill are now stronger and more resilent and will multiple if that truly is your situation. That is the reason why candia is so darn hard to get rid of.


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