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shelly should read both mms books!

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Published: 14 years ago
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shelly should read both mms books!

has shelly or have you read the mms books???? b/c the information you are reporting is not accurate. the amount of chlorine dioxide that it would take to be troublesome to the human body is not even possible to ingest at once.

furthermore,mms is not poisonous or toxic for there is no way chemically for it to build up in the system. whats poisonous and toxic is the stuff mms will get rid of!

mms turns into the chemical compound known as simple table salt (NaCl)in about two hours---and after 12 hours there is not a trace left in the body. therefore, it is not chemically possible for it to even build up in the system. there is no build up at all. with no build up how could it become toxic OR POISONOUS?


you may need to do more research on mms and look into the chemistry before you post that kind of information.

most people definately have to take mms a lot longer than 10 days, accept for acute conditions (flu, colds, malria, etc)!!!!!

below i have copied jim humble speaking in regards to the safety of mms.

...(i did found out who shelly was but she has the wrong info.)
i have also provided a link to a video where an m.d. speaks of the safety of mms.

you shuld first read both books before you post information. i hope you find this more informative than what you have been hearing.

forwarded message:
subj: safety of mms
date: 1/7/2008 10:11:54 p.m. eastern standard time

the answer to mark sircus ac., omd remarks concerning mms. let me say it in the first sentence, then i'll proceed to explain my remarks, mark sircus' discussion concerning mms has no validity in facts whatsoever. he talks about Iodine in depth, which is also a known poison, and then begins talking about mms being a poison with no data whatsoever. actually his comments on Iodine may be correct. however, everything is a poison if you take enough of it, including iodine.

chlorine dioxide, which sircus thinks is so bad, in the same formula as mms, has been tested in more than 100,000 scientific medical tests in hospitals and clinics throughtout the world. the efficacy of its use is beyond dispute or even negative discussion except by totally ignorant men who begin talking without checking what they are talking about. these men do much damage by putting out negative data that many public people who trust them act on. the worst case could be that people whose lives might have been saved could be lost. very best case would be that many people never get the benefits of mms.

you can read about many of the tests done world wide for more than 15 years in hospitals and clinics concerning the oxides of chlorine (chlorine dioxide) on my web site under frequently asked questions. i have listed excerpts from a scientific paper written by the bradford research institute telling about tens of thousands of such tests. in chapter 22 dr. thomas hesselink has spent thousands of hours digging out the scientific papers generated from the various clinical trials. among hundreds of papers that i did not have space and time to include, he lists in my book over 160 of the scientific papers many of which were published.

one case in point is a substance called dioxychlor™ which resulted in tens of thousands of scientific papers being generated over the past 15 years. dioxychlor uses exactly the same chemical composition as, guess what, mms. the doses used in many of the cases were the same as the doses used with mms. this is just one case of the oxides of chlorine being tested.

chlorine dioxide is a chemical that is generated on site and it degenerates into plain old table salt in 2 hours. it also liberates some neutral non usable oxygen that becomes a part of the water solution. it leaves nothing behind to build up or cause problems. many thousands of water works in the world use chlorine dioxide and there have been no diseases traceable to chlorine dioxide; none whatsoever. on the other hand chlorine itself does generate a number of poisonous compounds and many diseases including cancer is traceable to chlorine, but not so with chlorine dioxide. one really needs to know what one is talking about when explaining the facts to people as he can do damage in this area.

chlorine dioxide is selective in what it oxidizes. when in water in the amounts that it is used medically, it does not react against anything that has the same acidic level as the human body. that is true whether it is in a water purification system or in the body itself. there lies the terrific genius of chlorine dioxide. it doesn't hurt the body but it will oxidize (destroy) all things in the body that is below the acidic level of the body. amazingly enough, all disease pathogens are below the acidic level of the body.

so in addition to the thousands of medical clinical trials of the oxides of chlorine, for example, dioxychlor™ the author did trials in a prison in the african in the country of malawi where 100% of all the prisoners that were treated that had malaria recovered completely. in addition to that, the malawi government conducted their own trials and had the same results. the author treated over 2000 people in africa and as far as it could be determined all of them recovered within 12 hours, and 90% recovered within 4 hours. of 390 aids patients that were treated, 60 percent recovered in 3 days, and the balance recovered within 30 days. there were only 2 failures.

in addition to all this data, stabilized oxygen has been delivering chlorine dioxide to the people who have been drinking it for the last 80 years here in the united states. the people have not known that was and is the case, but that is besides the point, they have been ingesting chlorine dioxide for all that time. mms has become the most effective chemical that delivers chlorine dioxide of all the various chemicals. for an extremely short time, it delivers chlorine dioxide directly in the body. no damage to the body has ever been recorded.

hopefully, in the future, those people who wish to be critical of the mms will read the book on mms and thus they will have lots of data given there to be critical about. all others should read the book as it will probably save their life at sometime between now and the next 50 years. if not, then they will use it to save someone else's life.

jim humble


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