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Re: Angels, Electrical Humming & Dogs Hearing
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Angels, Electrical Humming & Dogs Hearing

Strange as this may be to consider, perhaps on occasion we share a similar wavelength. Roughly estimating, on any given day or moment there are a good handful I frequent....ya never know, perhaps we crossed paths for a moment. I too hear feint, peculiar sounds, for so long they are no longer considered by many to be odd sounds but instead "normal" peculiar sounds....what many people know as "tinnitus". Let me tell you, over the years of adapting to this, it has been stumbled upon through repeated moments of novel experimentation that manipulation of the jaw, ear and surrounding articulations produces a somewhat reasonable rendition of the callign card sound theme of the Twilight Zone. Near a month ago there was a power outage. Happened at 8 PM during an overcast night near new moon; very dark all around. This was not your garden variety outage. It impacted a couple miles radius, most notable by lights out everywhere. Despite the momentary startlement, it was, comparatively, profoundly serene....even while groping and shin-banging through the house towards finding the the oil lamp that had been collecting dust on a shelf in a back corner. Looked out back window - darkness, everywhere, even beyond the interstate in the near distance, no stationary lights, no lit up signs, no strange glows from the nearby malls and plazas, no near imperceptible hums from frig, power lines, and who knows what else. This was approaching perfection closer than I've been in a long time....damn that persistent low humm that is the continuum of sound pollution drifting in from the nearby highway. This may not have been all that far from the voyage to the wooded lands of relative peace you speak of. Perhaps you can confirm and report your findings related to this. Conventional/pop wisdom is often given to asking silly things, like "if a tree falls in the forrest and nobody is there to hear, does it make a sound?". I'm a nobody, and have been in a forrest when a tree fell. Guess what? It makes a sound. There have been times that the tree fell when I was not there, but the deer, trees, and other things naturally wild ... "the lower animals" were there. It's there job to be there. Guess what they told me? It makes a sound. Guess what the media told me? Even if they are there when the tree falls, if they do not want to report the situation, the tree did not fall.

Back to the recent blackout utopia of a more desirable nature.... it only lasted 25 minutes :( Worse, I was so enthralled that I neglected to check if this outage had any impact on my "tinnitus". I was so caught up in naturally blacked out bliss, the power was back before the thought even occured toi me. Shucks! :( Note to self: remember to not forget this the next time.


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