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Re: chiropractor question... Sans2006 come in too...
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: chiropractor question... Sans2006 come in too...

i finally got around to seeing an upper cervical chiropractor, but there's a a commitment plan after i try it out for a few times. i'd have to return 3 times a week for a few months. does that sound ok? the place is 2 hrs away from where i live and i have to go directly after school. i'm not too sure about the long commute and the fact that the area isn't too fond of minorities (random idiots rolling down car windows to say stuff), but the chiro place is very friendly. i thought upper cervical was supposed to be more effective and precise so that i wouldn't have to go back as often? please give your insights dr. sutter

I think that seeing a chiro would be a very good idea and you should see improvement. When I was very sick, I was seeing my chiro 5 times a week. He has gradually decreased the frequency to 4 times a week. And will gradually reduce it further. My chiro is now working on my neck. Because I am pain free now, I really wish he was close by. He is 15 mins drive from home, but in bad traffic/weather its 30 mins drive. But because I am seeing him 4 times a week, I wished he was closer by ( Like 5-10 mins) drive from home or work. Try to find a chiro who is close to your work or home. Two hours drive is too much, esp. because you have to go there thrice a week.

the x-ray showed some problems and tilt.he felt my spine and upper cervical area and said i have some nerve blockages on my neck and toward my mid and lower spine. he also said he's not absolutely sure he can help with the digestive problems, but the area where i have the nerve blockages correlates to the stomach stuff. but he said he can help with the nausea and headaches often get.

I personally saw big improvements in headaches( used to get them on average once or twice a week), dizziness, and my back pain. My energy level has increased dramatically. I take my 4 year old for all the activites in the weekend and still have lots of energy at the end of the day. All this has happened after I started chiro. No amount of supplements or healthy eating gave me this kind of energy before.

question for sans2006:
did you have to sign on for some plan with your chiropractor and did he/she adjust your back or upper cervical? how long before you saw results?

Initially when I was seeing my chiro, I was very sick with upper back problems, pain in arms, tingling in fingers. I saw him on Oct 23, 2007. BTW, my chiro adjusts the whole back, not just the upper cervicals. He used IFC ( to massage the upper back muscles), used activator, used his hands and the table. I was so sick that I could not sit for long periods of time, because my back would start hurting. I had to lie down. he advised me to apply ice packs ( 10 mins on and off). So I would just lie most of the day, applying ice packs. By Novemeber 9th 2007, I was feeling lot better that I could sit longer and also went out to socialise at a friend's place. So in just 2.5 weeks I saw improvement in my back.And in just 1.5 months I was completely pain free. But I continued my treatment and still go to the chiro. That said, my case history is different from yours.

You said, your problem started after you took anti-biotics. But just wonder, why did you have to take anti-biotics in first place. Because your immune system was comprimised. And your immune system was compromised most probably because your nervous system was compromised. A honest and good chiro could help you, I beleive.

i have pretty much the same problem as you, incomplete evacuation, constipation, bloating. i've been following your posts for a while

Other than seeing a chiropractor, I would suggest buy a big pack of limes. After every meal, squeeze out the juice of a whole lime( not lemons) and mix it with 1/2 glass of water and drink that. Follow that with one full glass of water. It helps with digestion. If you really cannot get time to squeeze lime, drink some ACV after meals. But lime works better, I think. Also try some simple stretching exercises. Exercises for abs, lower back, etc. No running, jogging, or any rigourous cardio. But simple stretches. The abdominal muscles need to work properly for proper peristalsis.

however, mine started after diarrhea and antibiotics. i've been going down the whole anti parasitics, anti fungal, probiotics road for the past few years and i've had no die off reaction that i'm aware of. heck i didn't even react to MMS or barefoot's pure oregano oil or dewormer. but i still can't shake that feeling... what if i'm barking up the wrong tree?

I hear you. Its very frustating to try all these supplements and then realise that problem is somewhere else. I have been through what you are going through. My digestion has definately improved and no I am not taking any supplement whatsoever. I eat a good combination of cooked and raw. I also drink milk and eat chicken occasinally. I try to drink my lime juice once a day. I also indulge in potatoe chips once in a while as they are my favourite. Everything in  moderation.

Cost is one huge concern when seeing the chiro. My chiro came up with a plan for me. He charged me lumpsum for the whole year and gave me huge discount on that. So for me it comes out to be very cheap plus its all covered by my insurance. So money wise, I am covered. Plus any time I decide to discontinue with his treatments, I will get a refund. So I am not locked in.

I also noticed I used to get very cold feet in winters. but this year, my feet stay warm. So thats a bonus. I didnt ask for it, but I got it..:) yay. good luck to you.


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