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Re: Atlas Adjustment
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Atlas Adjustment

The old rule of thumb on blood pressure was 100 plus you age over 80-90. If you Mom is 60 and her B/P is only 140 she's doing fine. Doesn't need any drugs at all.

The medics lowered the parameters for B/P to sell more drugs.

Keeping the upper cervical spine in good shape does indeed keep B/P within it's normal parameters. A good atlas adjustment does calm you down. A couple other things that help B/P include good ole chocolate. The dark kind not the milk chocolate and Vitamin B2. NOT synthetic. If it has high Mgms dosages its synthetic. Standard Processes Cataplex G is best for that. Spinach salad is also great for all the B complex vitamins.

I've posted my exercises for low back problems here before. You can look them up by clicking on the "R" above but I'll give them to you here again.

The key to keeping the lower back stable is to keep the normal forward curve in it. The key to allowing that to happen is to keep the hamstring muscles lose. If the hamstrings get tight that pulls down on the back of the pelvis and causes the lumbar spine to flatten out.

So, every night before bed make sure the hamstrings are nice and lose. You do this by putting your foot up on chair or stool and putting your hands on the top of your leg right on the thigh and gently push down. Keep you back straight while doing this. You'll feel a pull on the back of the leg. That's the hamstrings. If you feel a pull down behind the knee you're stretching too far. If you feel it pull up to the buttocks you're stretching too far - just the back of the leg. Hold for 10 seconds and do the other leg. Go back and forth a few times. If that doesn't get all the ache out of the hamstrings wait 10 minutes or so and do it again. The point being to get the hamstrings nice and lose before you go to bed. Once in bed roll over on your stomach and arch your back a few times. Nothing real strenuous. Gentle, real gentle.

Start doing that little routine everynight and you should notice a difference in the low back achy's within a couple of days.

The treatment people can do for a so-called slipped disc is all the above PLUS the toe pull.

Lay on your stomach on your bed, put a pillow between your chin and your chest, the head must remain straight down for this. Hook your toes over the end of the mattress and gently pull up. While you are pulling with your toes gently rock your butt back and forth. Hold for about 10 seconds and repeat 4 times.

Those two exercise regimes do wonders for the chronic low back pain. It'll take some time but stick with it, things will improve.

No exercises where you're laying on your back hugging your knees or rolling your knees back and forth. This leads to disc problems. Yoga is great but be careful, I've had to fix quite a few people over the years that acquired their low back problems from doing yoga. Careful - slow and easy.

The hamstring stretch before bed gets the best results.

Tell you Mom I said "Hi". Moms are special people, I hope these exercises help her. And don't worry about the B/P, 140/80 is actually good for her age. The medics just want to sell more drugs.

Doc Sutter

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