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Re: What to Do Now?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: What to Do Now?

Try using a ultrasonic humidifier with coloidal silver in it.Read the article below.
=================================================================== HEALTH2US.COM NEWSLETTER FEBURARY ISSUE #5 2000 Editor Fred Peschel ====================FEATURED STORY======================= A RESEARCH REPORT BY FRED PESCHEL (ED:) An extremely effective yet easy lung/bronchial/nasal treatment, which clearing up sinus infections and thus many allergies: After I fought off the recent Flu attacks but wound up with a bronchial/lung problem, I decided to experiment with a home made nebulizer, based on the excellent suggestions by DR. Brooks Bradley. (He treats patients at his clinic with Colloidal Silver vapors breathed from a nebulizer with oxygen feed, for "you better go home to die" lung problems, very successfully, with a few 1/2 hour sessions! They don't die.) For instant gratification, I went to Goodwill and bought a used ultrasonic humidifier for $7. I added a few ounces of 5PPM Colloidal Silver and by breathing the mist directly, I got prompt improvement and the instant gratification I looked for. The mist may be a little too heavy (my girl friend tried it and said "Oh it went down the wrong tube") but by breathing the mist over a foot from the exhaust (before it vaporized into thin air) there was no feeling of discomfort (your natural cough reflex)! Two days of 5 - 10 minute sessions cleared me up just great! Since I have always had a sinus problem, I decided to do double duty and breath deeply in thru my nose and exhaust thru the mouth. That allowed my taking the full blast of the heavy mist without discomfort and in less then a minute Cs was dripping from my nose, indicating I was probably bathing my throat and bronchial tubes also. Now, a weeks later, I have the clearest sinuses I can remember. Cs or salt spray used to help, but never came close to the total clearing I now have - it certainly got into the sinus cavities! I presume there would be excellent sub-lingual (sub-nasal?, sub-bronchial?) absorption also. Like many a harried healer, I did not use a full ounce, as Brooks suggested, but more like a tablespoon/use, or 10 minutes a day of use. It certainly fixed me up quickly, plus solved a persistant nasal problem. I am decidedly less allergic to strong perfumes, which used to get me stuffed up and sneezing immediately, then the drips, then the sneeze,....! One thing to remember, is that the rapid cure may fake you out, as stopping the treatments may allow a flareup, so with any infection be sure to continue treating for a week or longer, to be sure all pathogens are dead! A nose specialist told me we all have damaged areas where pathogens reside and thus many allergies are sinus based. Be sure you get an ultrasonic humidifier! A steam unit would be hot and also void of silver! You will need 5-6 ounces of Cs which we sell for $15 for 8 ounces. Make sure you clean and flush the water chamber with distilled water first! By the way, if curious like me, do not put your finger on the tip of the white vertical cone of water, (just above the water level) where the vapor emanates from! Felt some what like pounding a nail into your finger bone! It is the same process used to shatter gallstones. ED: Fred Peschel

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