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Re: Ultimate Zapper VS others

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Published: 11 years ago
This is a reply to # 1,095,357

Re: Ultimate Zapper VS others

>- To justify your evasive tactics you claim to be short of time, so you can’t answer everything. But that is obviously not true because you have the time to post to at least 20 forums, according to your own admission and to maintain over a dozen websites, according to information you have posted on curezone.

Yes, I find those more important than responding to your hyping of your site and product. It often takes an hour or more to respond to your repetetively lengthy posts.

>- It is clear that domination of this forum for commercial purposes is your purpose for being here. Your claim of helping people is just a means to that end. It is designed to make you look good.

Again, You distort the truth. I do not even mention zappers in 90 percent of my posts. I do not sell zappers for use on humans and have not recently promoted ParaZapper for sale on this or other forums. While this does not mean that no one buys ParaZappers for their use, I am not promoting it for that purpose.

1. You just ignore the bad stuff

>- “Your statement about dual zappers producing better results is undocumented and unsubstantiated.

I posted information supporting this 3 or 4 years ago on this forum. Sorry, but I do not have time to look it up now. You can look it up if you want. I believe that it was in a discussion with vtool but I am not 100 percent sure. When I have the time, which may be months, I will look up that information. As I said, that is old stuff.

>- Anyone who takes your "authoritative" statements at face value only has to look a bit deeper to find out what is really going on. Your statements about only providing the truth on this forum, that you are only here to help people get accurate information, and that you have no commercial ax to grind are obviously false and self-serving. The more you try to hide the truth, and the more this is pointed out, the clearer it is to see who you really are: just one of many zapper makers who is trying to sell his zappers.

Ken, this description fits you perfectly. As you stated in your post previously, you came on the curezone to defend your zapper. To this day, you have not presented any valid information to refute what I have posted about your zapper.

>- >- Firstly, you emphasize the price advantage of buying dual frequency zappers. Your statement is totally false. Some dual frequency zappers available are less expensive than single frequency zappers, some are the same price, and some cost far more.

>- Actually, my statement is absolutely true. I have looked at dozens of zapper models from different companies and yours is more expensive than almost all of the dual frequency models that I have seen.

Yes, I have seen what the insides of those cheap zappers look like. Most are pure flimsy junk. As Eksanga and other on this forum have posted before, ParaZapper products are rugged quality built products. They use more expensive components and well designed circuit boards that are securely mounted. We have so few failures that we do not need or have an actual service department.

>- Like your claim of producing the best, completely unsubstantiated, also very manipulative.

Actually, the information is presented as received and is not manipulated at all.

2. Unsubstantiated Claims Part 1

>- Without being challenged you would be able to continue to pass off these kinds of unsubstantiated statements [about the ParaZapper being “tested at a major US university] as being factual, which I find manipulative, as I have pointed out before on this forum.

The truth be know, this information has actually been verified by the FDA. They took the folder with all the information, reviewed it, and contacted the people involved at the university. This is one of the reasons that they classified ParaZapper as a CLASS III product while the UZ is only considered CLASS II from what I have read. If the information had of been false, I would have been prosecuted by the FTC.

>- This posting resoundingly contradicts your claim of “Better, Better, Better”.
He states, “The ParaZapper take a little long to notice the effects, (90 minutes).
The UZ is surprising faster (around 45 to 55 minustes.”

You fail to mention that the ParaZapper he used is an outdated version of the cheapest model. This version that he has was discontinued 5 years ago. All old customers were offered "FREE upgrades" at that time. So you take pride in comparing yuour $169 product for our first and cheapest model that sold for under $60. Wow, what courage. If your product is so great, then why do you not want a 3rd party comparison to the CCa or to the MX or MX-2 or even better the M2? I am willing because I know that these products can at least give you a run for your money if not beat the pants off of the UZ.

You whine about unsubstantiation. Put your product where your mouth is! You do not even have to compare it to ParaZapper products. Compare it to the Quad Harmonic or to Dr. Lloyd's MultiZap.

3. Unsubstantiated Claims Part 2 – Dual frequency zappers

To quote Dr. Lloyd's statement to me "Regarding the idea that the Ultimate Zapper being the best, it may be the best single fixed frequency unit.".

>- ParaZapper
“non-best choice” 2 $67 to $167 only 2 models are
less expensive than
The Ultimate Zapper
“best choice” 2 $185 more expensive than
The Ultimate Zapper

Again, this is another of your misrepresentations. This price includes a lot of accessories that yours does not. The ParaZapper CCa is priced at $108 US. Anything above that is bundles with extra accesssories such as the copper pads. The only thing that the UZ comes with for $169.00 that ParaZapper does not include for $108.00 is the $10.00 wall wart power supply.

All 3 ParaZapper models are significantly less expensive that the badly over priced Ultimate Zapper.

4. Zapper technology

5. Ken Presner vs. David Etheredge
Helping vs. the posting game and
the New Pathways hoax
6. David Etheredge’s support of Kevin Trudeau

>- One of the major complaints about Trudeau's infomercials is that he makes only vague references to scientific studies

So, Ken, please list all of the valid scientific studies that referenced the Ultimate Zapper that you have to support your claims posted on your web site.

My only support of Kevin Trudeau is that his books have helped many millions of people become aware of the problems with American health care, the agencies managing it, and the companies that benefit from it. His books have helped more people than any other book ever published on this topic.

About his book:

Yes, his books are limited and he made a lot of money off of them.

About his dealings with peoples money:

If he was guilty of all that is posted, he would be in jail for fraud again. Do not believe everything that you read.

7. David Etheredge’s pot shots and hype

From the mentioned posts:
>- I agree, but I have only take shots at one product that I consider to be seriously inferior and it is strictly due to the CMOS chip that they use in their product.

>- Personally I applaud their efforts to provide a cheap zapper to the market, but not at the cost of reduced effectiveness.

I do not hesitate to point out serious deficiencies or misrepresentations of any product. That means not just zappers. I also am willing to comment on supplements (which I do not sell), other electronic devices(which I do not sell), chemo-therapy products (which I do not sell), and alternative cancer therapies(which I do not sell). Just because I sold zappers does not mean that I was critical only because of economic advantage. There are many zappers that I did not disparage because I did not find fault with them. I also do not object to cheap zappers entirely. There is one that I support strongly as far as $10 zappers go. No, it definitely is not the one from zapperplans.

The $10 zapper from
is a quality designed and built, rugged cheap zapper. It is not perfect, but I do support it as an introductory unit.

8. David Etheredge’s attitude

>- You pride prevents you from admitting mistakes.

I have stated before that I make mistakes, including spelling errors and I am sure that one that you constantly harp on will not be my last.

9. What others say about David Etheredge

I noticed that you only piched the negative and spent a lot of time looking for it. You left out the hundreds of times that I have had thank you's.

>- a scathing indictment about you and your ParaZapper made by a third party,

Yes, that person never tried any ParaZapper product and was within short time gone from the curezone.

They said >- A few sentence before this you said “As for Ken Pressner's ultimate zapper ( which I tried with a 9v battery ) I have not complained about it. I do not like it plugged into the wall though.”

I did not criticize the UZ, but I still do not like any zapper plugged into the wall. I could have easily offered that with ParaZapper years ago but did not because I do not like it!

>- “According to whom? I have not seen any competent independent lab studies showing this to be the case”

The actual oscilloscope comparisons are posted on the website. It is visual proof that the shoebox zapper has a stronger output than the standard Hulda Clark Zapper.

10. The Ultimate Zapper website

Completely false claims:

>- ParaZapper
“non-best choice” 2 $67 to $167 only 2 models are
less expensive than
The Ultimate Zapper
“best choice” 2 $185 more expensive than
The Ultimate Zapper


>- You state, “Your website postings about Dr. Lloyd's supposed admiration of your product are clearly incorrect.” Are you are calling me a liar? The fact is that they are absolutely correct and true. They were cut and pasted as received from Dr. Mondo. S.’s report after he visited Dr. Loyd.

I do not need to call you anything. To quote Dr. Lloyd's statement to me "Regarding the idea that the Ultimate Zapper being the best, it may be the best single fixed frequency unit." Dr. Lloyd does not think that your zapper is best and he specifically states that the credentialss you have posted are wrong.

Have you even bothered to contact Dr. Lloyd and ask him what he thought? No, you want to continue using the false information because it makes your product look better.

>- Nitpicking and false claims? Are you saying there is no substance to my criticisms of your zapper, your site and you? You have to be kidding. The evidence is overwhelmingly in my favor, as this detailed posting shows, incontrovertibly.

Yes, you went to my site once, found a few pages down and was happy to post that for years without ever going back and checking. This in addition to above is proof enough that you falsify and distort the information to promote your product. Based on that, how can anyone trust your testimonials? How does anyone know that you did not write every single one of them?

>- What in God’s name is a website for if not to promote your products? Do you mean that you don’t promote your products on your website? Do you mean that you do not promote your products on this forum and on about 20 other forums, which you have posted to for years? David, you a complete hypocrite.

I promote zappers. Go to my website and click on any product to but except for the book.

No products are available on that site except for the book which is what I sell. It will tell you another site that you can go to to get ParaZapper products.

Post scripts???

>- P.S. # 1. David, you talk about Wayne Green of “magazine publishing fame” on your site on the technical information page, in very small print. If he is so famous why is it that you have to tell people he is famous? Why, because no one has ever heard of him. Not one in a million has ever heard of this small-time radio publisher, I am quite sure.

I am sure that you and others here have never heard of BYTE magazine, one of over 20 magazines that he has published. Yes, he published 73 Magazine for ham radio operators.

>- P.S. # 3. From your site: “Batteries last longer in the ParaZapper™MX than other advanced units.” “ParaZapper provides a stronger output than many other zappers and uses less power from the battery thereby making the battery last longer.” I think this will come as a surprise to Arthur Doerksen of the Auto Zap. One of you two electrical engineers must be wrong and it’s certainly not Arthur Doerksen. I guess there are limits to the benefits of being an electrical engineer, David.

Actually not, I have talked to Arthur on several occasions. I have tried one of his units, but he has not tried the MX.

Also, I said "advanced units" referring to units with a computer chip inside of them to generate more precice and stable frequencies. This would include such models as the Super Zapper Delux which, price and features to price and features, is a far better deal than the UZ IMHO. The only thing that I do not like about the SZD is the use of wrist straps.

>- was able to create a better zapper than you were able to create.

So prove it!

Ken, "there is a backfire effect that happens when you try to deceive people."

If you wanted more, I am sorry, but I have spent enough time responding to your problems. I am going to go do something more important.

In closing:

There is not one single bit of evidence that I have seen to see that your zapper is any better than the Terminator. I have definitely seen things that convince me that the Super Zapper Delux is better than the Ultimate Zapper.

From what I have seen, the Harmonic Quad is much better than the Ultimate Zapper.

I have not seen anything to show that the UZ is any better than the CCa. The UZ has more voltage but the CCA has current boosting to compensate. The MX is far better than the CCa and the M2 is even better than the MX.

If you want to show the UZ is better, the only way is a third party double blind study or third party round robin.

You say, third party is ??? what ??? Sorry, only an independent third party can give a unbiased result.


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