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Absolutely incredible!!! Biggest instant iodine improvement ever
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Published: 12 years ago

Absolutely incredible!!! Biggest instant iodine improvement ever

I know Trapper says only to do enemas if you have a REASON. Well, I did a Liver Flush on Tuesday, and figured I'd try an Iodine enema, to aid in healing up any damaged areas in the colon since everything was clean and clear after the flush.

I don't do enemas often, but recently I've been doing them in a bath tub, because the water relaxes me, plus it adds some buoyancy to make some of the odd positions a little easier and more comfortable when trying to get the enema fluids to different parts of the colon. Well, for the Iodine enema, I did 3 cups water plus one full dropper of Lugol's 5%. I figured that amount would be OK for me, since that's what I take when I drink it down without problem.

I take HOT baths, because I need it to try to warm and relax muscles enough so I can sleep, especially when it's cold. And I soak until the water gets just to where it's cool enough to start getting uncomfortable; that's when I'll soap up, rinse, and complete the bath. During the soak I'll read a book, with my glasses off (they get steamed up otherwise). My eyesight is pretty bad. Left -6.75, Right -5.

When I did the Iodine enema, I noticed after reading about 25 pages that my eyesight was better, that I was able to hold the paperback book 2-3 inches further away!!! I'm a fast reader, but was reading a bit slower because this book just isn't easy to comprehend, so I figure I'd retained the enema about 45 minutes. Had fought about 5 waves of peristalis before I finally had to give in and evacuate. It didn't appear to me that any iodine came out, so I think I did absorb all.

I had today off for a belated Christmas holiday, so I tried sleeping in, couldn't really so I just lazed in bed, and did manage a small nap despite the cat walking and rolling all over my back. When I finally gave up and got up to fix brunch, I put my glasses on. But the left eye seemed hard to focus. I repeatedly checked the lens to see if I'd smeared it. Nope. I flipped the glasses 180į so the right lens was over the left eye. Much better! Both my eyes feel more comfortable without the glasses today, but I'm still pretty blind without because I was so nearsighted before. I'm going to try to avoid the glasses today as much as I can, since I don't have to work (job requires LOTS of eye work ... reading and computer work are basically my job as an editor). I'm also going to try one more iodine enema tonight to see if the improvements continue.

As it is, if the improvements from last night stick. The change in my left eye is so much that I will definitely have to go in to the eye doc to get a different set of glasses. Can't afford that right now, so I'm hoping I can get more drastic improvements that maybe I can get by without glasses at all for mundane things.

I WILL keep you updated on my progress. I can't say that this will happen for any of you. This is just my experience. I'll let you know if there's any other unexpected improvements elsewhere, too. And I do advise caution, since some of you don't seem to be able to take the larger quantities of iodine. Plus, I don't know how frequent is OK. I'm going to try once a day for a week, but after that won't do more often than ever 2-4 weeks (too frequent enemas aren't good) only while I see health benefits from it.

I've been wearing glasses since freshman year in high school, and it seemed to me back then that it kinda happened overnight, and it's been getting worse every year since (just turned 39). This is absolutely thrilling for me!

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